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Warrior One Yoga Pose – Yoga With Adriene

okay so for warrior one veerbhadra Sano one we’re going to begin in the runners lunge if you are new to runners lunge we have a video for that you can learn it with us and then come back to warrior one so here I am in my runners lunge I’m making sure that I’m on two parallel lines rather than one tightrope and from here I’ll inhale radiate the heart forward exhale just stretch the front of the right hip crease coming into my runners lunge okay and now prepping for warrior one I’m going to take my back foot and I’m going to plant the entire foot on the mat in this case I’m pressing into my right heel and my right toes are pointed towards the front right corner of the mat or the front right corner of the room okay I’m going to really pay attention to the outer edge of that back foot so none of this that’s horrible on the knee we’re going to spread through the pinky toe pressing into the outer edge of the foot and then just like I do in my Mountain Pose or my Tadasana I’m going to press into the foundation and then draw energy up from there so no loosey-goosey but really pressing into the mat and then drawing up through the leg lifting the kneecap toning the quadricep here as I lift it all the way up to the hip same thing in the front leg pressing through all four corners of the feet I know for my runner’s lunge that I stack my knee directly above the ankle and then Here I am ready I’m really pressing into my foundation I’m drawing energy up through both legs here right working with integrity working from the ground up which is a great great note from beginners there’s no rush take your time work from the ground up find what feels good I’m pressing in from here for a beginner I recommend hooking the thumbs behind taking the hands to the waistline pressing into your foundation we’ll inhale roll the shoulders forward up and back and then let that movement allow the heart to lift up as we come into our standing posture warrior one lots of action points here this pose is a beginner’s pose a foundational pose but I’m always cracking jokes at this post is challenging this is hard so be kind no toxic thoughts just take your time my legs are working super hard here I’m breathing into the front of my right hip crease I can take that thumb that left thumb and peel that left hip crease back slowly encouraging my hips to come square off now remember I’m not on a tightrope for beginners you might want to take your left toes and your left heel walk them out a little bit just give yourself a little space okay I’m also going to take my hands the power of touch the power of touch love touch taking my hands to my ribcage I’m going to soften them down and then just sometimes I literally take my belly my gut and just use my hands to move it in the right direction this takes time okay the hips won’t square at first they might but this takes time so breathe and don’t stop paying attention to the outer edge of that back foot and pressing into that back heel my whole back leg is super engaged right now sinking into my front knee working from the ground up lifting up mula bandha from the pelvic floor we’ll talk about that more on another day but I’m lifting and lengthening up and out of the spine at the same time opposition right I’m squeezing my shoulder blades in together and down grounding through the back heel sinking into that front leg so as I lift and lengthen through the crown of the head and the heart I’m also grounding tagging a little weight in the elbows finding that opposition starting to build a little bit of a sweat tears I peel my left hip crease back rotate the hips forward I can stay as a beginner here in warrior 1 with hands on the hips no problem just strengthening the legs the last action point that I really think is important that I’d like to share with you is just squeezing everything in east to west north to south almost as if I were trying to pull the front edge of my mat in the back edge of my mat together so I’m really working hard here building strength from the inside out integrity in my posture to go into the full warrior one I’ll inhale smile exhale ground through the heels and then inhale with the fingertips spread reach forward up and back opening the shoulders we can interlace the fingertips here or if you’re a little bit tight in the shoulders you’re feeling a little bit cramped go Flying V give yourself the space that you need especially in the early stages of our asana practice you can see I’m getting a little belly dancer here the point is to find what feels good to move around so again we don’t want to come here and be static in a posture and that does us no no good no benefit we want to breathe we want to create space keep going through action points keep sinking into that front knee and then we arrive warrior one in kids yoga the affirmation here we say is we say I am bold and it is a bold posture extending through the crown of the head relaxing the shoulders down pressing into my foundation and then seeing if I can just grow a little bit soft in the the face here find that ease as I work hard marrying the ease to the effort warrior one mmm to come out of the posture I can open the shoulders by exhaling sending the fingertips behind me just nice chest opener here hello feel good and then I’ll come back two runners lunge by melting the belly to the thigh fingertips come to the mat and then I can either either step my back leg up by lifting the heel up to forward fold whoo hallelu or often just a little a little sneak peak I’ll plant the palms and often in hatha yoga all from here step it back to downward dog which was our video last week okay so that was warrior one or veerbhadra sana one in Sanskrit it’s the first of the standing warrior series if it’s not easy that’s okay keep keep at it give it a try and practice practice is what it’s all about practice and all is coming as they say I love that for more about the posture and other things yoga with Adriene related visit yoga with Adriene comm subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already have a happy happy most blessed holiday namaste
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