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Wake Up With Me Workout – Best Morning Workout

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, Cassey here and good morning. I’m so excited to be waking
up with you today because we are gonna get ready for
the rest of our day right now. So if you ever feel super sluggish or just not ready to get out of bed. Well, don’t be intimidated this routine is going to
ease you into movement. We’re gonna feel good. And when you’re done, you’re gonna be ready to
conquer the rest of your day. All right, sounds good? All right, let’s go ahead
and let’s get started. Bring your legs out in front of you. Shoulders rolling back. And I want you to slowly
roll down with control, belly button sucking into your spine and bring your hands all the way over. We’re starting with some
roll-ups because this is going to mimic that feeling
of getting out of bed, but also we’ll be working
our abs at the same time. Inhale through your nose and the exhale slowly, peel your back off the mat with control. Lengthen those fingers up to the ceiling. Give me a shoulder roll and
slowly roll down with control. There you go. We won’t have to do too many. We’re just gonna do enough, to just wake ourselves up. Cause if you’re still
sleepy, roll the shoulders. If your eyes are even closed right now, that’s okay, that’s okay. We’re gonna ease into the
morning together, all right? Two more, inhale, exhale,
slowly lift, lift, lift, lift. Gimme that shoulder roll. Now that shoulder roll is
going to release the tension out of your neck. It’s going to release any
tension in your upper back and give you better posture. Lift up and roll. Bring those arms down. Very very good. Now go ahead and face me and
get into mermaid position. Okay, so right here, I want you to place one hand
by your side, one hand over. Then simply slide out there you go. Really feeling your oblique
stretching right there and lift up and feel the other oblique. How amazing was that? Let’s do it again. And inhale coming down, exhale lifting up. See this routine is beautiful. I’m already (mumbles) waking up. I’m getting ready. I’m feeling confident, feeling like I’m gonna
look good in whatever I’m gonna wear right after
I’m done with this routine. Body is getting wakened up. Blood is flowing, it’s feeling so good. Give me one more. And reach those fingers long, big mermaid, and slowly lift up. Now bring your feet together. And let’s mermaid onto the other side. Same dealio. Let’s go ahead and slide down, feel those obliques and exhale. Lift up, curl those fingers. Ooh, you feel, I feel and let’s come down. Now this is also a great
routine to do as a cool down. If you’ve been doing a lot of
pop pilates or pit workouts, that’s fine too but I love,
love doing this in the morning because it’s just like
it’s not intimidating. It’s fairly easy, but it’s super graceful. I just feel like it puts
me in the right mood before I start my day. Plus spending time with
you in the morning. It’s just so amazing. All right, one more now and lift up and give
me just one more reach. Good, inhale through your nose, exhale through your
mouth and bring it out. Let’s go ahead and sweep
our legs over here. I want you to go ahead and
grab one knee right here and grab behind your ankle,
your heel or your calf, depending on how flexible you feel. I simply want you to lift up
that leg as high as possible. Now you may find that
you’re about right here, and that’s cool too. Find your level where you feel like you’re pushing yourself just a little bit. Flex your foot and point your foot, flex your foot and point your foot. Just like that, waking up our legs. Good stuff. All right guys. Now, why don’t you take this hand, hold onto the outside of your foot and simply sit up and reach
over there and look over there. There you go. Do you feel your back? Your back should be stretching right now. Flex that foot. Hold it and bring it back and slowly allow that leg to come down. Huh, that felt good right? Other leg, let’s go ahead and bring it in. Grabbing behind the heel, the calf or the ankle
and lift up that foot. Inhale, big exhale, inhale, exhale. Let’s go ahead and start
flexing and pointing and flexing and pointing. Super good, nice. And one more stay flexed. Switch the hands, bring it to the outside, and we’re simply going to
reach all the way over, feeling that leg stretch. Really also feeling your
posture, get a little bit taller, reach that crown on the head, super high (mumbles) fingers out. Come on a little bit more
inhale, exhale, and bring it in. Slowly, bring it down. Then cross your ankles for me
and transition onto all fours. Just like so. I want you to come up into a down dog. So press your heels down to the mat, flatten that back. Whoo, waken up those calves, right? Now let’s walk that dog
walk it once and twice. And you’re gonna keep walking
around the block, right? Rocking around the block. Keep going, ooh, nice and slow. That feels so, so good. Okay, now stop in that down dog, press those heels down into the mat. Make sure (mumbles) hip width apart. Plant your hands into the
mat and just ease into it. Flatten that back. My eyes are right on my toes. Inhale, big exhale. One more time, inhale, big exhale. And then I want you to slowly
lift your heart center towards the ceiling, right here. My shoulders are away for my ears. And do this up dog now Now you’re gonna take you
get into dancing dog, right? A little bit of movement, let’s go. Lift those heels up. I mean those hips up
and lift that chest up. Very good hips and heart center lifting. Always making sure you’re thinking about lengthening that spine, you
know crushing that low back you’re lifting from your heart. And if you keep thinking about lifting, then you will lengthen. But if you don’t think about that, well, things might get a little crunchy, and all right, go ahead and
give me one more right here. Oh, beautiful. Let’s go ahead and roll
our head in one direction, whoop and in the other
direction and come into plank. Okay, nice long plank. I want you to go ahead and
bring your left foot forward right by your palm. Just hold right there. Good, stretching out those thighs, stretching out those hip flexors. You feeling it? So, so good. Now go ahead and bring
that hand all the way up. Hold right there. And now I want you to bend your elbow and try to touch the mat,
lift and try to touch the mat. Oh, whoo that’s serious right now. Now this is a little bit too much. If it is not feeling so good, you can bend this knee
and do the same thing. There’s always
modifications for something. Hold it and come down. All right, other side, let’s go. Holding it right here. Really allowing that
hip flexor to open up. Now I want you to lift up hold
and bring that elbow down. Good. Open up, elbow comes down, open up and down. A few more times now, feel in this, waking
up, are you awake yet? Are you a coffee person or
you’re not a coffee person? Fun fact, I’m not a coffee person because it tastes super bitter to me. I’m not talking about
black, just black coffee. I’m talking about all types of coffee. I’m a super taster. So, anything that tastes bitter,
tastes real bitter to me. Now go ahead and bring that leg back, hold that plank nice and strong. And let’s set our intentions for the day. Today’s gonna be an amazing day. You’re gonna kill it. Whatever you have going for you, you’re gonna storm out there and show everyone what you’ve got. Yes, yes, is that right? Tell me yes. Okay, now hold that pose strong. Believe it, strong. Abs in, in three, two, one,
bring those knees down. Toes down, sit back into a child’s pose. Inhale, exhale, move those fingers around and slowly slide yourself
back up to sitting and roll those shoulders back and guys, good morning, let’s go ahead and get ourselves started. (trance music)
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