Vikings Season 4 Episode 1 Review (Might Contain Possible Spoilers)

hello dear history buffs it’s Nick Hodges here and man was that a bloody good episode and what’s so satisfying to me personally is to see that right off the cuff they’re already confirming the predictions I made with season four in my previous Viking video so if they’re not going to drag this out then neither am i clearly the biggest moment in the entire episode is when uber stumbles on beyond looking at a map that he found in Paris a map of the Mediterranean the sea with no tides when uber asks Bjorn what is it to him he replies it’s my destiny guys I really think that they’re getting this out of the way this early then we might just see in this season beyond leading a fleet of long ships into the Mediterranean that is of course after he finishes his gap year to find himself what would make sense to me is that after he comes back from that he might talk to the Arab Middle Eastern slaver we saw earlier and the slaver might tell him about the Moors in Spain about North Africa and even tell him about the vast wealth of Rome he would essentially be blond equivalent of the wanderer that led Ragnar to the gates of Paris in season 3 now of course this is only my interpretation but seeing how in this episode we not only see an Arab slaver but also the map of the Mediterranean this leads me to the assumption that we will see beyond either head to Spain or North Africa and fight the Moors there was also an interviewer sort of the cast of Vikings a while back where they confirmed that the locations for this season would be England Frankie ER and a secret location they were not allowed to talk about so knowing all of that this probably means that Ragnar’s death is not far behind in fact I’m almost positive that we will see Ragnar die in this season they already teased it a little bit when our slog speaks the seer in the beginning of the episode she asks him if a woman will succeed to the kingdom of Kattegat and he replies you mean after the death of Ragnar our slog believes he is referring to Ragnar state now since he is very ill and is still suffering from his wounds in Paris but of course as we all know Ragnar will not die of his wounds but in the pit of snakes King Ayla will throw into in Northumbria this is explored even further when we see in Ragnar’s vision or dream then Ragnar is denied entry to the gates of Valhalla since he was baptized in season three time is clearly running out for everyone’s favorite character and it will be sad to see him go Travis Finn wall has done an amazing job as Ragnar and I could think of no one else who could have played him better but to all of you out there who will say that they will stop watching this show when he dies please don’t all I could say is that after everything we’ve seen so far in this show you’ve seen nothing yet Ragnar will be avenged in a series of spectacular events that will eclipse all of his accomplishments so far for those of you who are new to my channel and would like to know more check out my video vikings historical accuracy and season four predictions where i go into much further detail another major thing we saw in this episode was Rollo marrying princess Destler and becoming a Frankish Noble his betrayal of Ragnar is complete when he massacres the rest of the remaining Vikings back at the camp he has truly shed his old identity of Rollo and as far as I’m concerned from this point on he has now become Rollo / Robert the first Duke of Normandy he has always wanted to outshine Ragnar and now he has over the next coming episodes Rollo will begin shedding his old self and adopt his norman identity and the final big thing to happen this season is of course the arrest of floki for murdering Athelstan now of course this wasn’t a big surprise to anyone since this was all shown in the teaser trailers leading up to the season but I admit I’m not exactly sure what will happen it can go either way I have seen articles though on the internet saying that floki that the floki that we know might be loosely based on craft nerf Loki the goddess and okay I’m lucky to even try pronouncing his name that he might be the first Norseman to sail to Iceland which would be very cool and if that’s the case that would mean that floki does not die in this season however I’m not entirely convinced but I’m really looking forward to seeing how this all pans out in any case thank you very much for watching I’m going to try and review some other episodes of Vikings when it comes out maybe even all of them let me know what you think of this episode or maybe you have some ideas of what could possibly happen in season 4 maybe something that I have missed that I could discuss further in future episodes until then thanks very much for watching guys
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c46fJY3ar6k

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