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VICE In-house Chemist Hamilton Morris On The Dangers Of The NBOMe Hallucinogen

everyone is talking about this one weird static drug called n-bomb that’s being sold as acid and so everyone’s seeking it without even realizing visually everything was morphine and I feel like I was melting kinda the clouds that were kind of violently kind of mixing with each other and then crashing down onto the ground to me it felt like the drug itself had was giving me anxiety you put it on under your tongue here your whole mouth and tongue started getting numb and metallic it can give you really bad nausea so it’s starting to feel sick from it these are chemicals that don’t have an industrial purpose they don’t have a medicinal purpose there are only manufactured to get people high and they’re very dangerous when you have 17 deaths and 11 states in a very very short period of time we see that as an imminent threat to public health and safety and we’ve got to take action one of the most tragic cases is that the romaine brothers I spoke to Greg remain young guy his brother died after taking my stomach just absolutely dropped I knew that something horrible happen so what makes an bomb so dangerous few people know more about it than devices in-house chemist Hamilton Morris hey how are you so let’s start with the basics what is n bomb NV ome stands for and benzyl methoxy ome is o there oxygen and he is which is a methoxy group and it is a class of the Nephilim and derivatives that are for the most part very potent psychedelic drugs their research chemicals in the sense that they’re used in actual scientific and medical research and they are research chemicals in the euphemistic sense that they are gray market chemicals that are sold not for human consumption for recreational use so the problems associated with advanced –all Fenella means seem to be a result of people making blotters that are not dosed responsibly they’re too strong or they’re inconsistent in their potency and people accidentally overdose [Music] dr. David Nicholls was the first person to make an vom in America back in 2007 when he was leading a research team at Purdue University he was trying to better understand certain aspects of the brain serotonin receptors this research could treat conditions like depression anxiety and schizophrenia no one’s died of an LSD overdose or a psilocybin overdose or a mescaline overdose but they’ve died from in boom and the question is is it an overdose or are some people just super sensitive to it and nobody’s answered that question for me so these people are dying but no one knows could you tell me a little bit about the history of endo it was part of the PhD work of this guy Roth Heim so we Stu synthesized it and put it into our assays if we understand what it does it might be possible to use that same strategy on therapeutic drugs and make them for example much more potent or much more selective so it’s not just understanding how psychedelic works it turned out that a number of things in my lab had made their way into the street drug scene I was shocked the first time I was contacted by a woman in North Dakota whose son had given some of this drug to friends and they had died overdosed so you struggle with feelings of responsibility I wouldn’t say I feel responsible someone asked well do you have to publish your work I said well that’s the paradigm in science you publish your work so people know I just feel sad that that people would make those kind of decisions or do responsible things that lead to those kind of tragedies new strains of chemicals such as an vomit are being created so quickly these days that the law has a hard time keeping up we have a responsibility under the law to look at that substances drugs chemicals that pose a direct and imminent health threat and if we see that and we can illustrate it and we have cases to back it up we can actually schedule it on a temporary basis for up to three years and that gives us time to research it further for the medical and scientific community within the federal government and outside the federal government to do research to determine if it should be permanently controlled n-bomb was temporarily restricted by the DEA in 2013 from my perspective and all I know in the field I’m not sure what advantage research with M Boehm would be other than to understand why it’s so toxic quite doesn’t kill people [Music]
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