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VERSUS: Barbie Loft Bed & Desk VS DIY Loft Bed & Desk PLUS Unboxing

today on unbox daily we are taking a look at Barbie doll and furniture set this is a loft bed with a desk underneath we found this at Walmart for $19.99 at the bottom of the box you can see the house from Barbie Dreamhouse adventures it looks like the bed can be made longer this playset is for ages 3 and up on the back of the box there is a picture of the doll and playset at the bottom you can see other items in this collection let’s get this out of the box for a closer look [Music] out of the box the included doll has the basic five points of articulation with movement at the head shoulders and hip she wears a pink and white short sleeve top jeans skirt they are all one piece and velcro in the back and she comes with a pair of white sneakers I like her face she’s adorable The Loft bed is pretty simple it’s about ten and a half inches tall has a white frame on the sides this side looks like a ladder and the other side is just there for support they use tape on the back to hold the desk in place once removed the desk can be flipped to be a bed for Chelsea in fact in its current state it is a bunk bed for Chelsea sized dolls but if this is a room for Stacy or skipper the top mattress slides forward to make a bed long enough for Barbie it comes with one blanket so she can be warm and cozy let’s take a look at the desk there is a printed mat on the desk and a built-in tray it comes with a lamp that can be secured in three places on the desk and four places underneath in case you need a little storage it also comes with a tablet the image is printed onto the plastic and it looks like she’s watching a game show and it has an orange chair so the doll can sit at the desk you know what I really want to make one so let’s turn this into a vs. this place that cost $19.99 if we subtract the doll your average Barbie fashionista cost about $9.99 so we have to make ours for $10 or less we can save a lot of money by recycling so I’m going to use recycled cardboard cut it into half inch strips and remember to always have adult supervision when crafting each one is 10 inches long I have a total of 12 then stack and glue three together I got scrapbook paper at the craft store it was $0.50 a sheet on second thought let’s go with a lighter wood glue the scrapbook paper onto the cardboard to make the beams for our loft cut four inch strips stack and glue them together cover with scrapbook paper and I’m not worrying about the ends because it’s gonna be glued between the beams make nine glue them between the beams I glued six on one side and three on the other cut another piece of recycled cardboard that is five and a quarter by 12 inches cover with paper this is computer paper I had a whole bunch of this upstairs cut a second one cover with fabric this is a remnant that I got at the craft store for $0.50 I purchased two fabric quarters for a dollar each cover the cardboard with the solid gluing it around the edges glue the two large pieces of cardboard together glue the wood beams underneath cut another piece of cardboard to fit underneath cut another one for a small shelf cover with scrapbook paper glue them under the bed to make the desk and the Shelf take a Barbie fashion pack cover with paper I covered it with computer paper to save a little money left one side open glue a scrap piece of wood grain paper to the front cut a toothpick glue it to the front glue it underneath the desk so the opening is in the back let’s add some LED lights place the battery pack in the open shelf tape the lights to the bed so we have working lights above our desk the lights cost three dollars which was a huge portion of our budget but I think they are so worth it use leftover fabric to make bedding we still need a chair and I have to stay under budget take recycled paper board cut it into squares stack and glue it together roll a paper tube carefully fill it with hot glue cover the paper board with computer paper cut scraps of cardboard cover with fabric on the smaller one i glue a scrap of black paper to the back unfold a paper clip bend it in the center bend the bottom forward glue on the covered cardboard I tried to be kind of neat with the one that’s visible glue it to the paper tube and the paper board to make a chair for the desk I am looking through my beads to see if there’s anything we can use oh that one’s cute glue an artificial plant inside for a touch of green add our printable school supplies then our printable laptop to complete a DIY loft bed we had a ten dollar budget we used a lot of recycled material like cardboard and household items like paper clips to keep the cost down we used three pieces of scrap of paper that were 50 cents each the fleece cost us 50 cents two dollars in fabric and the lights were three dollars bringing us to a total of seven dollars which isn’t too bad ours has working lights a full sized bed and if you clear the desk you can use that one for another bed underneath you just have to add more bedding and you can store all of the accessories in the hidden drawer stability wise they’re about the same but Barbies is factory made the lines are straight my desk is a little lopsided and this is a lot faster you just go to the store and by one this took me around three hours to make the barbie one is smaller and can be easily stored mine is a little bit larger let us know in the comments down below which one is your favorite thank you for joining us for this vs. like comment share and subscribe don’t forget to ring the bell and follow us on instagram at my froggy stop and the frog vlog and we will see you next time [Music]
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiS4GcaEXy8

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