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Yeah Hi everyone my name is Chelsea and my name is Becky and today We’re going to do something kind of new it’s called the urban outfitter. What am I calling it?… We’re calling it the urban outfitters thrift challenge? So this challenge is inspired by Sarah Robinson who went to the thrift store and tried to find items that were inspired by Urban Outfitters Items we’re gonna Take it a step further and do a challenge where we have to take full outfits from the website and try and make those full Outfits from the thrift store- wish us luck -so first thing We’re going to do is hop on the website and select the outfits that we want to recreate at the thrift store Dibby dibby dibby dop, Ur-ban outfitters dot com (.com) All right, this is a good option because a lot of this stuff in it is fairly basics But it’s a kimono and those were easy to make out of like large scarfs If scarfs scarves scarves if I can’t find the exact one like this could be interesting to recreate um This one I pulled because it’s a men’s shirt which is easy to find although the jeans are a bit bleached So it could be a DIY aspect there, but I don’t know depends, and oh yeah this one I liked because it’s like an army green jacket which I feel like the thrift store always has those and And then it’s a denim skirt and the rest like could be easy to find Maybe not a shirt that see-through but like something along that vibe I could do Think I’ll go with those And we’ll print them out and bring this to thrift store and see what we can find Okay, so I think I’ve narrowed it down. I’m going to do This set of overalls. I like the white sneaks, and I don’t think it’ll be too hard to pull together I think even if I get another kind of color overalls it will be fine. I think this baby Doll dress is really cute and because it’s patterned and I feel like if I just found like any patterned dress it could work And it’s like this Outfit adds up to a lot when it doesn’t have to and it’s not a lot of pieces So see if I can try to replicate something like that and lastly. I really like this front tie shirt I feel like at the thrift store it would be easy to find something that I could make work for that The flare pants… actually there’s usually some flare pants at the thrift store because those are like an old style coming back Yeah, so I’m excited to see which one of these I can find at the thrift store. All right, we are on our way to the thrift store What are we going to find, nobody knows. Not even us. Feeling optimistic doe yes, yeah? Usually this would be a good thing, but at the thrift store It usually means it’s gonna be more crowded and stuffs gonna be sold out Not having it Uhh, it’s a little busy. Wait where the car where the carts at I can be your hero, baby Thank you. I wish there was something with a sun-hat, there’s so many good sun-hats here. That’s good. That’s true cute oh Oh my god Close but like not at all no….. Something is up you guys All of the like mom jean shorts like Levi’s dial vintage shorts are gone It’s like the bougie thrift store came and stole them all cuz they can resell them for more money Seriously, there’s like none. It’s all like really short booty shorts, which is not the vibe. Okay this I would have to cut but is totally the right color Interesting I think these are the right vibe for one of the outfits. Maybe they’re too small These shall they work for this outfit off o For the skirt Outfit the skirts a little big, but it was literally the only one that I think will work and she’s wearing a see-through top, and this was the only like see-through top I could find, but it’s Super not really the vibe of Urban Outfitters, so I found another shirt I can try that’s more vibey but less see-through so this is the shirt and for jacket options We got which I think is too small… It’s more of a shirt Low-key heartbroken. I can’t find one pair of overalls Maybe I’ll go check like the kids like extra-large. I would love to make that overall outfit work So no overalls in the kids section either. I am personally offended like no overalls in this entire store That seems suspicious Okay so for two of my looks. I found really good shoe options But as far as the outfit goes, they came a little short like Are you kidding me, I wanted this to work so bad, but it didn’t so I’m gonna have to DIY this obviously Checking out now and that was legitimately so stressful we stress we stress store was very full But uh we got some good stuff to show you guys so we’re back. I think we did a pretty good job There’s so many good options, but I ended up getting this dress which It’s pretty much the right pattern I mean a different pattern, but you can’t really tell, but I do need to do something shorten it take off the sleeves There’s some things to do there and then I Got two scarves because I couldn’t find a scarf that had the right green and the right pink so I’m going to kind of like Hack these together to make a scarf that is the right color you heard me struggling about there was literally no mom short jeans ever So I got these like regular length mom jeans that I’m gonna cut and do like a half bleach Like the Urban Outfitters ones and then for earrings she has these giant hoop earrings So these are the giantest hoopisest earrings I could find, but obviously not with these beads so I’m going to take those off And then I think we’ll be close Oh cue DIY montage So let’s see how these outfits stacked up both in cost and the way they look Yeah, okay for my babydoll outfit This is what I was trying to replicate from Urban Outfitters this outfit from Urban Outfitters cost a total of 205 dollars Which is a little bit steep for one outfit and low-key. I don’t know about those shoes I didn’t end up finding shoes was too similar, but I do think I did a pretty okay job at replicating the outfit so from the thrift store I had to use two different scarfs to make the same color scheme as the Scarf she was wearing I had to cut up the dress the shoes I thought were a platform shoe, but they weren’t they didn’t have the red strap, and it works a little bit better in my opinion And then I found some chunky earrings They weren’t as simple as the ones she was wearing But they were really cool-looking and the total cost for my thrifted outfit was fourteen Seventy seven $14.77 are you kidding me? It was 50% off day Which is a huge savings of the thrift store so it fits I think pretty cute or at least? I think I really did a really good job of replicating it so for mine here was the outfit that I was going for You saw me at the thrift store couldn’t find shorts So I found these mom jeans that I chopped up and dip dyed to be bleached I found this men’s loose giant oversized shirt but when you tie it up it looks similar to the Urban Outfitters ones I Found these platform shoes which are very similar to the original one awesome. Yeah, actually they’re cuter I think both of our shoes are like a little bit different cuter than the original ones And I found some hoop earrings that I did have to modify to make them much more simpler But now that they’re great They look pretty similar to the Urban Outfitters one so in total this outfit from Urban Outfitters Would have cost me two hundred and fifty three dollars, which ain’t kidding for one outfit? two hundred fifty three dollars? And that’s not with tax so it might be close to three hundred dollars if you actually went and bought all these things And that’s American so Canadians, just like you’re crying right now… watch out. And then when I bought it all from a thrift store it only cost me $11 and 46 cents. Are you kidding? Um we will link everything below guys We’re gonna link our original three inspo outfits As well as all the things or at least all the similar things we can find for the outfits in case you do like one Of the pieces you want to pick them up add it to your closet Um, but yeah, this is a really fun challenge. Yes, if you guys do something like it definitely tag us Let us know What outfits that you’re gonna do oh my god you guys should comment in the comments below who you want to see do this challenge? Next like what youtubers oh my god It’s like we’re just help well Sara inspired us, but we’re like a helping launch this this new challenge. Yes alright Thank you so much for hanging out with us today on a Thursday Yeah, if you guys like this video make sure that you give it a like And if you love and make sure you sub it, and we’ll see you next time bye Subtitles/Closed Captions done by Lakiia Hartmann
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGuminFB_Dk

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