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working your upper body helps maintain good posture and stability today we’re going to show you a 10 minute workout that helps you score a better upper half I’m here with Suzy and Anna and let’s get right into this so we’re going to start with bicep curls to an overhead press so use five to eight pound weights tens as well get into a bicep curl overhead there you go nice and easy keep your elbows press to your sides as much as possible I love this for my arms you know this is like the ultimate arm workout it gets it all all points going just a stable upright as you feel my ABS working when I put my arms over my head like I need to stabilize they’re absolutely going okay now we’re going to go into side arm raises keep your arms a little bit forward so you can actually see your hands we’re gonna go up go you’re using your shoulders using your upper back really stabilize through the core I like this angle that we do too because that keeps the shoulders safe exactly you don’t want to over extend your arms either just a nice slight slight bend in your elbows ill-mannered beyond the bedroom in here shake right over there maja me yeah small weight feels heavy in this exercise Oh push through it just a couple more all right now moving on to front rows we’re going to keep our weights together I like to do it this way and you’re going to pull up elbows out and down up down there you go you’re really working full shoulder muscle here like you’re zipping up a jacket exactly those elbows high and this is that like perfect t-shirt muscle isn’t what yeah good in there short up try not to strain your neck you want to keep nice and loose you’re working for body here yeah that’s easy to do when you work the shoulders yeah is to use the neck hmm just keep looking ahead more awesome ladies now Suzy’s going to take us to the next move all right we’re gonna do some overhead presses for the triceps we’re gonna put your weights behind your head and you’re just going to exhale and lift the let arms up and arms go up really think about squeezing the tricep move the back of your arm as you lift keeping the abs nice and lifted – don’t forget about your Center here I really think about pointing my elbows up towards the sky – with this one that’s a good one all right we’re gonna do three more here two and last one feeling it all right yeah now we’re going to go into some scarecrows so this works your rotator cups you’re going to start here and then you’re going to rotate your arms down coming up and rotating down so really focus on the arm bone rolling in the socket to really work the little muscles called the rotator cuff nice we’re all around you’re the shoulder socket yeah those stabilizing muscles are so good for joint integrity keep that shoulder nice and healthy yeah I’m going to keep it strong and stable now if it’s too hard with the five pound weights you could just modify and just really focus on the range of motion going up and down yeah yeah feel that okay let’s just do two more here all right now we’re going to go into the bent over row so you’re gonna come over keeping a flat back we’re going to keep our palms to the back and you’re going to squeeze your shoulder blades together and then release so stroller blades together and down squeeze and down so you’re really working your mid-back here I like how the low back stabilizes too so it’s a good lower back stability exercises definitely these are really good if you sit at a desk for too long or drive you really want to open up your chest and strengthen your back you don’t want to crank your neck off you want to kind of look yeah or keep a nice neutral neck great we’re going to do two more here great excellent work now I’m going to pass it to Anna and she’s going to have us do some push-ups you guys don’t need your weight for this one we’re going to come right down to the floor we’re going to start with a push-up and scapular squeeze so you want your hands about shoulder width apart you can either go from your knees or toes depending on how strong you’re feeling today we’re gonna slowly bring the body down all the way to the mat you’re going to pinch those shoulder blades together and then press back up through that pushup so lowering down slow is really key here pinch and then press so we’re working that back chest and shoulders as one whole unit getting that whole upper body working good job ladies I really like the modification nice C good going from the knees excellent modification it’s more important to go through that full range of motion in the right form good and press nice job ladies now let’s turn it down we’re going to go on to the back for a PEC fly so grab your weights again and lay flat on your back alright so take your weights you guys bring them right above the chest you want to keep your feet on the ground low back is pressed into the floor we’re gonna get a nice slight bend in those elbows you’re gonna lower down slow opening up the chest and then squeezing those hands together so you’re getting a nice open stretch through the chest and shoulders slow on the way down squeeze it at the top keep those abs tight so that low back stays on the ground and we’re engaging the core muscles nice job feels good I like this one really targets that chest and shoulders complements that push-up last one here and we’re going to hold those arms straight up we’re gonna keep those elbows pointing up towards the sky Bend those elbows bringing the weights towards the ears and then extend out straight so you guys are gonna get the back of those arms a try that nice those are the good tank top muscles right z right good you guys Bendel’s and elbows and extend so you really want to keep those elbows pointing up towards the sky keeping those elbows nice and narrow and the focus is the work right exactly it focuses right in on those triceps I am feeling it good let’s get a couple more here guys look awesome good now you’re gonna marry those weights at the top kind of making them one weight okay you’re gonna take your arms you’re gonna go full arm lengthen straight now touch the floor and then bring it over towards the belly button so you guys are gonna feel your shoulders here and then your lats and triceps really stretch out and you’re bringing that weight long straight arm overhead extension nice work I really feel my ABS working as my arms go back today to engaging the core cuz you’re really supporting that weight as you lengthen up over the head nice work big exhale as you pull it over the body you guys want to make sure you keep breathing last couple here good one more lengthen good and then bring those weights to the side nice chattin guys now bring those to the side we’re going to go into a dip so we’re still working those triceps okay hands are forward you want your knees Bend you’re gonna lift those hips up off the floor that you’re gonna bring your butt down to the mat by bending the elbows so you’re getting those triceps to flex at the top extend and flex good you can lift your hips up and add a little bridge if you want to most importantly you’re bending those elbows and then extending so that we I know it’s a small movement but you’re stabilizing with your shoulder getting those triceps to work that’s an extent good keeping the weight on those heels good guys feelin alright yeah nice arm workout good drop it down squeeze good last one I’m feeling it and relax yeah flip it over let’s gonna finish in a push-up walk alright so we’re going to be working those shoulders working that core you want to go on your hands and your toes you can also modify this if you want to we’re gonna drop down onto that left elbow right and then up on the left up on the right good down down up up killer move I love it this one’s great because you’re working a lot of things at once those shoulders chest triceps as you press up and through and we’re going to have to lead with that other arm here okay so the other side down down up up good abs are tight don’t let that body rock side to side too much and you can also go from your knees when you get tired right this is a great one to finish with because we’re warm we’re feeling good what a fire out those last couple good nice job ladies Hey good work with that upper body got fired up if you wanted to take a nice stretch in your shoulders be an excellent way to just give yourself a little relaxation through the upper body switch it up you’re counting those shoulders they got worked definitely I feel like my back my shoulders my chest and everything and then a nice one would be the triceps so get that elbow pointed up towards the sky nice work last ones which one sighs yeah job ladies nice work
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