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Upper Body Assault! “The Expendables 3: Workout 2”

[Music] what’s going on nation we’re back with some intense expendable style workouts to take your home training to the next level this is going to be a five part series which means you can follow along and make this program your weekly workout each routine is going to consist of exercises that target different parts of the body to ensure maximum results [Music] upper body assault it’s going to be exactly how it sounds with each and every door you have to push or pull open tomorrow you will be reminded of this workout nobody said becoming an expendable was going to be easy so let’s have you give it everything you’ve got today push through the end and work hard now for this exercise routine to going to be completing two rounds of four exercises you’re going to be doing each exercise for as many reps as you can in one minute and then you take a 30 second rest period in between exercises and rounds so let’s get started right away with the first exercise which is going to be push-ups let’s get down into plank position three two one go [Music] remember guys but nice steady pace with these push-ups you got playing it’s time to do a lot of rest [Music] he’s gone I should set it don’t have those in place close it come on don’t give up one said you listen I know that dress is hardened oh yeah this is what happens guys okay whoo those really start to get top halfway through good job if you made it take a little rest move on to the next exercise grab your dumbbells some dumbbell bent over rows 10 seconds rest it up 3 2 1 go [Music] now yeah guys nice steady pace is there when you skin and sit back into between your legs keep your knees bent bullets in your arms all the way back bring them all the way up each repetition you got plenty of time brought out your last oh yeah 37 30 more to go keep it going bison from fire let’s start explode 20 seconds don’t give up he’s pushing it guys hot drop your head three to keep those dumbbells in your hand getting into the next exercise shake it out grab some water if you need it guys gotta go into an alternating dumbbell curl to toe raise three two one let’s do it down that toe raise guys make sure you go all the way up as high as you can nice steady pace biceps are running the last exercise right now your biceps are already on fire you down boys are ready to explode I said you know what – won’t work some cats already 20 seconds keep it going ten seconds boo control is negative don’t just lay your arms blah all right the last exercise grab a bigger dumbbell you know standing single arm overhead extension give 30 seconds per side rest it up really take your time on these rest periods don’t jump around conserve your energy going to need it in five four three two one let’s do it now if this exercise makes you go all the way down pull it set the top really push those triceps 30 seconds keep pushing 10 seconds yeah switch yeah Oh fifteen seconds ten seconds five four three two one now here’s the time to see if you’re pretending or expendable get ready for round two all right plank position three two one how are the full extension and all push-ups no half reps nice steady pace guys doing this for a minute a basic floor [Music] Oh oh yeah now dr. burns keep wesen 30 seconds ah hello yeah alright guys shake it off grab those dumbbells go into dumbbell bent over rows I wasn’t kidding it’s gonna hurt tomorrow every door you push you pull open you will remember this workout 5 seconds alright get over it that’s all over positions and go again guys next database fully extend your arm like every single rep Oh [Music] thirty seconds in question and I was all the good that was on fire instead course [Music] five four what pull those dumbbells ah I know you want to drop them I do too let’s not do that hold them in your hands catch your breath shake it out fifteen seconds got to go into third exercise second round finish up strong guys alternating dumbbell Crump toe raise and go nice steady pace you’re almost curls Paul oh yeah all the way down no momento keep these movements separate [Music] Noorie seconds come on you guys let me extend them all over ten the ball let’s go keep president 15 seconds ten seconds three what and go all right guys 20 seconds last exercise so will you empty your tank get everything you’ve got push those reps out all right grab your dumbbell swing it up three two one let’s do it now remember thirty seconds per side fifteen seconds that was watching Sachs at 10 seconds guys [Music] and switch yeah philipot 20 seconds push it guys keep pushing it three two one congratulations you made it through two rounds I might be able to call yourself expendable now let’s watch you guys take a little bit of a break grab some water you’ve earned it that concludes today’s training with don’t worry nation there’s plenty more expendable style workouts coming this week be sure to post your photos and hashtag ex3 and don’t forget to pick up your copy of Expendables 3 coming out on November 25th in blu-ray DVD and HD digital coffee Oh [Music]
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