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[MUSIC PLAYING] The kitchen we are
almost done with. We had to open up this wall
to change some electrical, and it’s just been
like this because we don’t know what to do with it. Our house is not
one giant project. It’s death by 1,000 cuts. It’s like a million
tiny little things. Are you sure that
piece is gonna work? It looks jagged. Yes, it’s perfect. They love do-it-yourself,
and they’ve actually gotten pretty far in their house. This is our office. It’s been like that
for over six months. The problem is they can’t
point to a single thing and be like, yeah,
that’s a project I did, and I finished it. We’ll show you a couple
more unfinished things. And from what I’ve seen in
the videos they’ve sent me, the en suite bathroom is
their biggest problem. So we did the framing,
and now we’re stuck. We really don’t
know what’s next. OK, you guys, so it looks
really nice in here. Thank you. The thing that immediately
strikes me– what is this? What’s going on here? We were hoping that we could
put a couple of extra outlets in here to make this more
like the hub of the home. Are you guys comfortable
working with electrical? Because I’m not.
No. Yeah, I’m not. I’m not an electrician. Absolutely not. Really, your eye doesn’t
go to the new kitchen. It goes to this giant hole. All in all, this is a
really beautiful space. You guys have done a
lot of work here, right? These cabinets we actually
assembled ourselves. And then, we spent about
25 arguments and two weeks putting them together. You put them together? Yes, we did. I’m impressed! It was like a sprint
until the baby. Walk me through everything
in here that is not done. Some of the cabinetry
is messed up. You can see that it’s uneven. We have light switches
for pendant lighting that don’t go anywhere. Doesn’t work. We obviously don’t
have a backsplash, and we are splashing
around a lot. So at first glance, you
walk into this house, and it looks like it’s done. And you’re like, oh, this
is a really nice house. Everything’s fresh
and clean and new. But it’s not safe,
and it’s not done. Your family room, right here– in design, we add
what’s called layers. So I feel like you guys have
definitely got the first layer. I’d like to add a
few more layers. This is the bathroom that you
sent me a video that you share and, if you have guests,
the guests share. And thus, you don’t have guests,
’cause it’s just too small. We can’t. This is the bedroom. What’s going on here? This is my closet. When we moved in,
we really couldn’t keep the doors that were
here, so we just removed them. I would love to have a
mirror closet door here. OK, I can help you with that. Oh, wow, you guys. OK, so you got the bathtub. Looks like the framing is done. You need some plumbing. You need a lot of things. Yes, there’s a lot
that we still need. Walk me through how you
use this yard right now. We don’t use the yard. At all? Yeah, we never come out here. I think that this space could
be something that we could reclaim as an adult space. We just don’t know what to do. We don’t know how we can fix it. So first, we need to
finish the electrical. Then, I want to
close up the walls, and let’s finish the
tub with a marble slab. Then, add some luxury tile
and fixtures to the shower, and I want to define it with
a glass shower enclosure. Over here, to save some money,
let’s keep the existing vanity. I want to do double mirrors,
light fixtures, and faucets to keep that luxury feel going. I want to make sure that it
all ties together nicely, so we’ll do a rain shower. It’s already plumbed for it. That’s nice. I had the guys come in
and break up the floor so I can figure out how
bad the plumbing issue is in Kevin and Heather’s house. And what we found
out is that it’s bad. I feel like we went
backwards a little bit. What? Right? This was their one bathroom. Oh my gosh. We had to pull everything out. The water is flowing
the wrong direction from every single fixture. In no area between the
half bath and the full bath is anything installed
correctly or even up to code. Kevin and Heather
definitely need more baby storage
and a dedicated dog space in their living room. So I’m bringing in Brian. He’s gonna help me
organize the space, and it’s not gonna
break the bank. They had two beds for the dogs. And I’m thinking it might be
really nice, instead of just having the beds
thrown on the floor, to actually tuck them into
the entertainment center. So I had an electrician
come in and make sure that all these outlets
are now working and they’re properly done so
we can close up this wall. And now, this is gonna
be that great workspace that they originally wanted. It overlooks the kitchen. It’s perfect. Inside, it’s all about
the kids and the toys. When we have people over,
there’s nowhere for the adults to hang out. They need another outdoor
living room, almost, or an outdoor dining room. Another space. So let’s give them all of that. We’ll get rid of the vines
and this hazardous fence. And once we push the yard out
6 feet to the property line, we can build a solid wall, which
will give them lots of privacy. We can dress it up
with landscaping. This area will become
an outdoor living space with a pergola, a fire pit
with outdoor seating over here. And then, over in this
corner, we can do a game area over the concrete slab. We’re gonna make this fun, then. Exactly. Heather and Kevin never
use this back yard, and they asked me
to design it so that they can actually use it
with their family and friends. What’s really in right now
are outdoor yard games, so I’m actually
going to build them a cute little bowling alley. Shower glass is here. The items on our
punch list– they’re getting knocked off there fast. This project– it probably would
have taken them three years to complete, and
I’m about three days from finishing the
project, getting them out of Heather’s parents’ house. Can’t wait to give
them that call that they can come back home. But I can’t stop. We have to keep this pace. We’ve gotta get it finished. Eric? All right, I got the goods. Wonderful. The reason that this was
late is ’cause it’s custom. Heather and Kevin haven’t
had time to do a photo shoot. And now, since I’m here
working on their house, and they don’t have
to be, they’re like, we’re gonna go do
our photo shoot. So they sent me the
photos, and this is what’s gonna go behind their tub. But then, the
other wall actually just has the rest of the
image, almost like a landscape. It’s special. It’s different. It’s also a giant sticker, so if
they ever want to take it down, they can. One wallpaper down, one to go. This wallpaper was hard to
pick, because their style is so traditional. I was able to find something
that has that vintage feel. Get that fire. And it coats it on the wall. Oh, man, I could never
do what you guys do. I knew there was gonna
be a spot for this tray. Look what I did. [GIGGLES] It’s for the doggy. If I was a dog,
that’d be my spot. Yes! I love that they would
never know this is here. Our bathroom budget went
up with the plumbing issue in the bathroom, which– I didn’t have a choice. I had to take care of that. So I had to get scrappy
in the back yard– the pergola, the bowling
alley, even the fire pit. And those items are things
I wanted to include, but I had to really be creative. I think the challenge
for Kevin and Heather was that this to-do list
was just so overwhelming. But everything’s fixed. Everything’s done. They’ve got style. They’ve got a finished kitchen. [EXHALES] I think they’re
gonna really like it. OK, how’s it feel to be back? Good, for sure. A little scared. I’m not gonna lie. So you guys are
ready to go inside? We are.
Yes. Awesome. I’m going to let you
guys go ahead, in, and then I’ll come
find you in a minute, after you have a chance
to take it all in. Cool? Yes. Are you kidding? Wow. Oh my gosh. Look at these built-ins. Sit here. Oh. Why, thank you. [LAUGHS] And they put a dog door. Oh, wow, It’s a little
house for the dogs! That’s cool. That looks really neat. What do you think? We love it. It looks so good. Does it look like your house? It looks like a dream house
that’s now, I guess, ours? Yeah. This is great. Ah, the backsplash! Oh my gosh. It just looks amazing. Everything looks like– It was meant. It was custom-done. It was meant to be that way. Wow. Awesome. Oh, they made a closet door. Yes, those are great. Wow. Wow. Wow. Oh my gosh. Wow. I love the glass. It’s so cool. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRA3WBIfgBQ

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