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UNITS, TENS AND HUNDREDS | Educational Videos For Kids

[Music] hello friends welcome to a new happy learning video [Music] today we’re going to learn what the units are the tens and the hundreds it’s going to be so much fun [Music] do you know what a unit is it’s very easy each element is called a unit it could be anything for example a toy a tree or an animal the units are represented by single digit numbers one fish is equal to one unit so if we have two units we represent them with the number two three units with the number three and so on up until the number nine [Music] wow so many fish one more and we will have ten ten units do you see what happens with the number ten we now have two digits the one and the zero we have a ten because ten units make a ten [Music] remember a ten is a grouping of ten units let’s leave our fish tank here because here come two more fish if we count them all now we’ll have [Music] 12 units 12 fish or in other words air 10 and an additional two units i write it like this the units in the first position starting from the right and the tens in the second position always starting from the right now imagine that the number of fish is increasing and now you fill two fish tanks and each tank has ten fish we would have two lots of ten the tens start from ten and go up in tens ten twenty thirty forty and so on up to the number 90. one more ten and we would have 100 100 units 100 fish oh how wonderful that would be equal to ten tens or a hundred there are so many fish i wish we could keep them all the number a hundred has three digits the hundreds are written in the third position starting from the right [Music] for example let’s write the number 135 which is equivalent to five units three tens and a one hundred let’s try with some other numbers [Music] three hundred and sixty seven now it’s your turn how many units do you think there are very good there are seven units the units are written in the first position counting from the right how many tens are there [Music] yes very good there are six tens the tens are written in the second position counting from the right and thirdly how many hundreds do you see [Music] exactly three hundreds the hundreds are written in the third position counting from the right now you know what the units tens and hundreds are you can practice with more numbers because units tens and hundreds are essential to be able to add and subtract and it’s a lot of fun too [Music] by the way should we release the fish into the river awesome now they can swim freely and in peace goodbye friends see you in the next video [Music] you
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