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[Music] this morning when i woke up and went for a walk it was so cool that i thought i wish i had a little long sleeve but you’re here because it rem it’s like oh wow it’s yeah it’s warm and humid kathy and esau he’s hawaiian but they’re moving here from the northwest oregon i’m freezing in oregon i have arthritis we’ve always been told to move to nevada or arizona and that’s dry there they don’t want dry heat we got all the wet heat you can stand and more and more and then some yeah you’re thirsty walk outside the fukuda sent pictures of the style that they love and it is very hobbitish i like hobbit i like fairy tale i mean if it had a round door i wouldn’t even have to look at another house but also they want historic southern charm in a house and have a budget of 200 000 to make it all happen so it’s going to be interesting it’s going to be awesome let’s talk about the odom house here oh okay so this is an 1875 victorian and it’s the odum house because mildred and woodrow odom bought the house in 1948 and then lived here for almost 50 years she ran tom’s driving that’s cool yeah it’s three bedrooms three baths 1800 square feet and they’re asking 65 000 for them it’s pretty i like that thing on top it’s a victorian home and it probably originally had more of that i like the porch of course it’s really cool i want to show you what it would look like as the fukuda house oh that’s pretty you like it i do very nice a victorian house typically has lots of vibrant color something the color of a pair of old blue jeans the thing i don’t love about this house the columns look really chintzy what i would like to do is actually make new columns that’s perfect because those look like sticks here’s the living room yes what’s that on the ceiling acoustic tile right now we’d pull it down because there’s a bead board up there and i want to get the fireplace working again be so pretty and refinishing the floors you can see the original floor in the foyer so this is real but just real fake real fast this is real fake yeah and then in the dining room you can see there the ceiling’s lower yeah so we would want to move it up into the attic you almost hit your head very low and then this light is a very i mean a dinner table light should be lower but this is extreme that’s exciting yeah so here’s the kitchen i love that stove it’s a cool stove the problem we found was like we’ll see a cool vintage stove and it’s beautiful and we wish we could keep it but then like the electrical liability of it sure bad bad is the lion’s scare do you like the uh stainless countertops i do i should spray paint they’re not wood so bedroom not a lot of stuff changes in here but it’s all a little awkward the layout bathroom sort of a hallway and then laundry yeah okay so if we lose this wall and in the hallway nook thing then you get to have all of that real estate for your bathroom so then we could have a really great double vanity against this wall then that laundry room becomes a closet and laundry room once we close off that door to the dining room and it’s perfect like i could just like fold laundry and then yeah no baskets yeah yeah you got fireplace you got your bathroom and then on the mornings when it’s nice outside you want to go outside and have a cup of coffee perfect i’m a little jealous whose style is the whimsical hobbity you yeah okay it’s not really your style but i think we could bring that in with the furnishings and the way we style the house and everything that we’re talking about doing here would be at about 115 000 so the house as a whole would come in around 180 thousand dollars good so this is the hughes house aydah and urban hughes built the house in 1938 and they lived here for like 40 years afterwards it’s three bedrooms two baths 1900 square feet and it’s listed for forty thousand dollars i like the brick yeah yep i like the entrance too i like these pathways i do too all this brick is beautiful out of it sort of hobbity it’s sort of hobbity yeah the color yeah not so much so speaking of hobbity this lot it’s one of the biggest lots in the whole historic district here’s what i think oh that’s adorable that’s beautiful i love the green it’s my favorite color just kind of a deep dark english green and a cream color on all the trim i just want it to feel more like a storybook cottage something you would see in the english countryside oh that is perfect the house is just so beautiful it’s just got it’s got some bad color going on yeah oh oh well it’s horrific it smells like a pet shop inside there’s no flooring there’s rot it just kind of basically feels like you’re in a horror movie set okay so are you interested in seeing more oh yeah well so this is the living room first off i mean you got this big empty wall wouldn’t it be great if you had a fireplace yes it would be perfect so we add a fireplace on this wall those horrible pain glass sliding windows look like they’re about to fall out they’re so bad we would want to come in with a whole wall of windows and one door that swings out open into this amazing backyard and uh the den stays again yes newer better version of it and it would be about 15 grand okay so have an open mind wow yeah okay that’s the kitchen kitchen kitchen it’s not a kitchen kitchen wow this is horrible well so technically this is the kitchen this is it however we want to do something different this back here becomes the bathroom this comes down that door goes away that window goes away we put a freestanding tub under the new windows in the front his and hers vanities across from each other and then a toilet closet in that back corner and then beside it a walk-in shower and then a walk-in closet here off of this little sitting room in the window here between your bedroom and your gorgeous bathroom does it feel better now it feels better 40 000 purchase price 150 000 renovation so you’d be all in at 190. i think they’d be a nice nice house this one’s a lot more cottagey and the other one is a lot more southern which i know you guys were excited about southern charm so what are you thinking i like this do you like this one yes you know we can just follow that laurel brick road yeah that’s the one that you want wait are you saying like you want you’re buying this house i want to say yes yes okay what they’re to buy the hughes house this is it this is a huge deal i like it it’s exciting okay already made the decision we could get the ball rolling a lot quicker than we thought let’s do it let’s get this show on the road [Music] starting without us yeah everything must go all right rock and roll let’s do this yeah it’s time to completely destroy the fukuda’s house to make it better we’re going to tear it down and we’re going to build it back i know there was a light with the light fixture hold on a minute let me get out of the way i demoed the light fixture just so everybody knows it’s taken care of i want to get those walls opened up so we can see the new kitchen yeah or at least see how the space is gonna feel follow the laurel brick road yeah look this is what i wanted to talk to you about this has to come down because it’s too close to the house anyway and i had a thought okay okay we have to have a column between the kitchen and the den you wanted to go all middle-earth what if we went totally middle-earth and we cut the tree down and we had it dry like with the bark on it and everything and we used it for the column between their arms it it might take too long to have it dried but i don’t know i’d have to do some research what kind of tree is i don’t know [Music] all right i have an app for this you do yeah here we go chinese parasol tree its robust sonic properties have led to its use in the sound boards of many eastern instruments really interesting it needs to go it’s too close to the house anyway [Music] how about this we have a fireplace sort of i really am starting to love this house it’s hard to see it’s not really quite a house yet but it’s like getting there it took a minute a long time getting here i love it we’ve got studs up we’re ready for sheetrock we’ve got hvac the electrical work that’s being done and the plumbing all of the bones are here and now we’ve got to start putting the meat on the bones the school bus yellow is gone except for right around the door because that’s all going yeah that’s all going away but the rod is gone we’ve we’ve fixed all of the siding it’s got the first coat of paint on it the house is looking awesome ooh is it gonna fit yep i’m loving these khaki colors on the cabinets because she loves copper and earthy colors shire very shire inspired and shired by gosh [Music] you got it yep okay hang damn don’t scratch it this is very special did you make this the this is the fukuda’s they brought it from oregon and they wanted a house with a fireplace so they could reuse it jeez it looks awesome no no doubt yeah whoever did it knew what they were doing we’re gonna do uh cement board around it okay fire safe [Music] uh we’re gonna go right here under this window between two flowers i like it all right next one it’s such a treat for us when we work with someone who has this very specific and strong taste the natural world live edge furniture rustic woods kind of whimsical style like the hobbit and copper giving me all of that to play with made this house so easy to see exactly how it should look ready on the count of three you look up okay one two three oh oh my gosh [Laughter] i love the color yeah i do i love the color wow good oh my goodness this is me this is me yeah this is that’s all i ever wanted how about these leaves [Music] oh my goodness wow wow [Music] how beautiful look at the mantle how long have you all had that in storage oh a long time but this is this is where it needed to be wow look at this wow this is cool huge holy moly this is huge bring everything from oregon and put it all in there look at this oh wow kathy and kathy sinks hers and hers better than the kitchen huh was the kitchen here this was this is the kitchen actually this was like the breakfast nut wow that’s a big shock shower yes you’re a happy boy oh yes i am i love that towel the shower is amazing it’s way better than the kitchen this was a nice trade-off it was a nice trade-off absolutely it is holy moly that this house is thousands of times different than what it looked like before you
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