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Unexpected Ways To Add Color In Your Home, With Dani Dazey

[Music] i would say my home is daring colorful and playful but also elevated i’m sorry i did four words but it needs four words to describe it hi my name is danny daisy and if you saw my most recent home tour you know i love places packed with color and i’m going to show you some unexpected and exciting ways that you can add color to your space [Music] cabinets are an amazing way to add color to your house they’re also very good for beginners all you have to do is take them off the wall we recommend using a sponge roller and i personally recommend using a bold fun paint as you can see we went with green in our kitchen i believe this color is called pesto which is very fitting for a kitchen once we put these babies back in switched out the hardware it really popped and brought life to a kitchen that was once kind of sad one of my favorite ways to add color to a space whether it’s myspace or a client space is with murals an easy way to get started with the mural is to do something simple and geometric this one’s actually pretty easy believe it or not it’s just a half arc and a circle they cross in the middle and then painted each a different color and then the pink where they intersect a lot of people get very intimidated by murals the edge work can be a little bit tricky but you just have to keep a steady hand and make sure you have the perfect amount of paint on your brush and you got this if you like a statement like i do tile is the way to go tile can add so much pattern color to a space and really make a bold statement which i obviously love to do i loved this tile so much and i’m going with a little bit of a circle theme in the house that we ended up using this on our kitchen counters and on the steps outside of our house on your way in another great thing tyle can do is tie in the different colors in a room as you can see here we have the black yellow and pink which you see throughout our living room and it’s really a great way to bring it all together and have it make sense one of the most forgotten surfaces in the home is the ceiling i mean look up this is a statement ceiling me and my fiance wallpapered this ourselves it was a labor of love but i think it was well worth it i really wanted to draw eyes upward because this house came with amazing bones and these cove ceilings so by adding light fixtures and a statement sealing it really draws attention to those little details if you don’t have the patience to wallpaper your ceiling you can maybe do a fun mural on your ceiling we have a very graphic statement one in one of the rooms at our house and just painting your ceiling a fun color can do wonders for a room another room another statement ceiling but we did something very special with this one originally the ceiling was just all white with recessed lighting and it didn’t feel special or interesting or have any character so what we ended up doing was painting the ceiling adding this trim border ourselves wallpapering it and switching out the canned lighting so many people don’t realize you don’t have to have recess or canned lighting i find it to be the ugliest lighting in the world and there’s so many ways you can add character and interest by switching that out as you can see here we went with a semi-flush mount that is absolutely gorgeous it’s really a shame a lot of new build homes decide to take away the character that ceilings or lighting offers but you can really bring it back in a major way by switching out the lighting we ended up switching out almost all of the recessed lighting in our house for something really cute and something special and i think it made a huge impact in our kitchens our bedrooms and here in the den area as well i feel like a painted accent wall is baby steps when it comes to adding color to your house but if you want to change it up a little bit i love doing a half wall split you can finish it off really nicely with these trim pieces that are basically just nailed into the wall philip and i did this ourself then we just painted the top green and the bottom pink that way we get a few different colors in the space and i feel like it’s more of a statement half fulls have been one of my favorite things to experiment with lately in my house and in client spaces sometimes i like to even do like wallpaper on the top and then a paint color on the bottom you can flip it you can have so much fun there are so many endless options this room is a perfect example on how color can actually make a room feel bigger this was an all-white very small room and when we painted the walls the ceilings you walk in here and it’s a grand statement and the room feels big and colorful and bold the three main colors in this room are yellow this sort of called spanish peanut is the color but it’s sort of like a brownish red that’s really beautiful and then a pink as well when we were originally painting this room the yellow and the reddish color needed lots of layers some paints just require more layers than others and that can be a very much trust the process moment a few layers in i was scared i was like i made a terrible mistake designing this room with these swacky colors but after we finished all the coats and added this pink trim accent to break it up in the middle it really worked and now we have the colors really playing together and flowing very well i was very afraid at one point that it kind of had a mustard ketchup vibe but it ended up working out in the end and you really have to trust the process when it comes to paint this is my message for people who are afraid of color you can always paint it back paint is not permanent it’s actually the opposite it’s extremely easy to paint something yourself and then to paint it back if it doesn’t work out if you can’t tell whether it’s my clothing line or my interior design i am a sucker for coordinating moment and the best way to achieve that in a room is doing some artwork on your own that way you can add whatever color makes the room work and ties together as you can see here we painted this mural in our office and i did this original painting for the space as well and it all matches and flows and looks great together it can be a little intimidating to put paint to canvas or paint on the wall but if you have an artsy friend of yours that you can ask for help it’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of that i think going for an abstract art look is great because it leaves a little room for error because it’s abstract anyways a lot of people tell me they’re afraid to do a mural or a painting and i felt the same way for so many years until i actually just decided to do it and then i realized it’s not as hard as it looks and it can be a really fun enjoyable process and then you’re so proud in the end because you did it yourself something i recommend if you’re a little afraid to go right to the wall is to actually draw it up first whether it’s on a piece of paper or on a tablet that’s usually how i do most of my artwork and then i transfer it to the wall when i’m feeling good and confident about it thanks for watching and i hope this inspires you to be a little more daring with the design in your home what are your favorite ways to get colorful let us know in the comments below if you like this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe to handmade for more videos with decor tips just like this catch you next time [Music]
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5L14AQc5IA

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