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Underwater Supercar Garage In World’s Deepest Pool

this pool has a hidden supercar garage underwater it’s 60 meters below the surface and it gets so intense only highly trained scuba divers and athletes are allowed at the bottom this is the deepest swimming pool in the world welcome to explained look you can see the shopping truly the bumper from the mercedes is right here [Applause] but i tell you what the water is pretty warm because they keep it on 30 degrees [Applause] into another world deep dive dubai is 60.2 meters below the surface to put that into perspective that’s the length of two adult blue whales or a boeing triple seven and it smashes the previous record of 45 meters held by poland’s deep spot it also holds 14 million liters of water that’s about the same amount of water it takes to fill six olympic swimming pools but no one even knew this pool existed until will smith made the big reveal a friend of mine told me i had to check out this pool there’s something weird about it [Music] it took five years to construct deep dive dubai and it likely costs over 20 million dollars but how do you even build a pool like this basically the idea is to construct a pool within a pool the first chamber is excavated and lined with concrete this becomes the point from where the second chamber below is dug up and the process goes on chambers usually become smaller as you go deeper and it ends in a long dive shaft and fun fact the whole thing is designed to move and settle into the ground once all the water is added so what makes this swimming pool unique besides its depth it has an entire sunken supercar garage and city inside it but you can’t just dive in there’s a lot of preparation involved when you arrive all guests must have any medical conditions assessed then you handed your fins and wetsuit to get changed i’m about to dive in the world’s deepest pool and my biggest mission first is not to die and the second biggest mission is to drive the mercedes and the bugatti that is right there next is the training and this isn’t so easy for beginners i have a cramp in my foot first you learn different hand signals like okay stop slow down remember to equalize and i have a problem then there’s knowing what the different diving gear is for and how to use it but the most important things to remember are always breathe equalize the pressure in your ears and never ascend too fast because the sudden change in pressure is extremely dangerous and it can make your lungs pop like a balloon and even lead to sudden death in extreme cases but before we go further hit that like button and subscribe for more explained videos finally it’s time to put all that training to practice i’m about to dive into the world’s deepest pool wish me luck the pool is 27 meters long and 17 meters wide it’s divided into different zones and narrows as you go lower snorkelers stay at the surface and divers are allowed at different depths depending on their certifications from zero down to the 25 meter mark there’s an entire cityscape diving beginners can go down to about 12 meters while divers who have basic paddy certifications are allowed down to 18 meters in this zone there are storefronts street lights atms benches and a large tree divers can also sit inside a mercedes-benz clk convertible or hop onto a ducati or harley there’s also a massive glass panel down to the 12 meter mark where divers can interact with their friends and their family in the viewing area then further down between the 28 and 40 meter mark is the post apocalyptic themed city and divers with advanced paddy certification can swim till the 30 meter mark at the 28 meter mark there is an entire apartment it has a living room bedroom kitchen a music and art room but i’m not sure i’d want to live there a shaft connects to the garage below at 38 meters but this is not your average garage it’s filled with cars and motorbikes like an f1 ferrari and a mustang there are arcade games pinball machines a pool table and a bunch of other cool stuff then comes the plunge shaft which starts at the 40 meter mark and goes all the way down to the bottom that’s around the length of a five-storey building this area is about 10 meters in diameter and features brick walls and really funky graffiti but the plunge shaft is reserved only for the most highly qualified divers who know how to handle the pressure at that depth the entire experience is obviously thrilling but is it safe for starters the pool has 164 lights this helps with mood and ambient lighting but more importantly the wave finding lights help divers navigate different areas of the pool and are especially helpful in the plunge shaft then there are 27 speakers that can communicate messages to the divers and provides ambient music [Applause] next 56 underwater cameras help monitor everything that’s going on inside the pool okay guys i just found a station i have no idea what is it for so let’s ask this guy [Music] okay what’s going on there’s a lot of buttons yeah we have so many functions here um this one we can talk to the divers out of the water are you drowning hello he heard me now you need to press the button and at the 6 and 21 meter mark there are two underwater dry chambers where divers can emerge to rest or catch their breath it’s like a safety house and the water so any divers have some emergency situations you can bring them inside here you don’t need to bring all of it to the surface and lastly a massive water filtration system keeps the pool’s water fresh by filtering it every six hours outside the pool there’s a hyperbaric chamber and this is used to treat decompression sickness and other conditions deepwater swimming pools are not a new concept a couple of them exist in other countries but none of them come close to the experience of diving into the deepest pool in the world it was great this used to be my biggest fear like in the entire world and i did it i did it oh my god and i drove a mercedes underwater huh and a ducati that was probably the best thing i’ve ever done in my life so let us know in the comments have you been in a deep water swimming pool or would you like to try it someday don’t forget to like and subscribe see you next time unexplained [Music] you
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