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DOUG: Wow. BRITTANY: I’m blown away. I love it. – All right, so
what are you hoping to spend on this project? – So we have about $150,000
to spend on this remodel. – OK. So what do you like
about the house? What are you hoping to change? – For the outside, really, I
just think it’s kind of ugly. [LAUGHTER] – There you go. I think we need to open
out this front porch and create a wraparound
porch with a new roof line, just to give it a
little more charm. I’m envisioning a
traditional farmhouse meets 21st-century look. – So here is our home. JENNY: OK. – One of the cool
things about our house is that most of the rooms have
10-foot ceilings above these. – Oh, wow.
– Yeah. – I was going to say, yeah– – It’s only 8 now? – Yeah. Yeah, my grandfather lowered
them maybe 50 years ago. JENNY: OK, entryways are
so important to a home, because they give
that first impression. So I think we should change
out the front door, paint, lift up the ceiling,
and then obviously keep this flooring and create
a better entryway for y’all. BRITTANY: Correct. JENNY: OK. – So this is the bedroom
that we have remodeled. Doug made this bed. DAVE: Oh, cool. – Oh, wow. That is cool. – Even though the
bathroom, you’ll notice, is kind of stuck in the ’90s. – I take a bath
every single night. It’s, like, my thing that I do. JENNY: OK. BRITTANY: That is not
the most ideal bathtub. – Right. Do you need two sinks? DOUG: No, we’re
actually fine with one. JENNY: We need to
add new flooring, add a bigger window,
cabinets, new countertops, new paint, new lighting,
and then finish it off with a beautiful tub. BRITTANY: Sounds amazing. DOUG: Awesome. – All right, let’s head
to the living room. JENNY: All right. BRITTANY: This is the
biggest room in the house. JENNY: OK. BRITTANY: Our kids
are homeschooled, so our living room
kind of functions as a living area and
a homeschool area. – I want to make this space
more functional for y’all. We’re going to take the ceilings
back up to the original height, keep the floors. We’ll paint, and then I
want to create a custom homeschool area for your girls. I feel like what would
be helpful for me as a mom is a space that
you have everything, but it can also be concealed
when you have people over. And it also would help
break up your roles. – 100% agree. – Because that’s a lot, to be
mom and teacher all the time, so to be able to give you
that definition and the space. Is this the bathroom
the kids use? – Yeah.
– Yes. – So it will have
to be kid-friendly. JENNY: Yeah, so
essentially the plan is new everything– new
tile, new vanity, new sink, new shower, new lighting. But we’ll keep
your girls in mind, and also just a fun space for
your guests to use as well. DOUG: The kitchen. – This is where I
spend a lot of my time because I cook
three meals a day. JENNY: I think we need to
just completely rearrange the layout in here– new
flooring, new cabinetry, new countertops, new lighting. And I think, like
Dave said, we open that wall up going
into the living room, so those spaces flow better. I think that’s going
to really help as well. DAVE: Now this is a backyard. JENNY: This is amazing. So I think out here,
we will give you some beautiful French doors,
going right from your kitchen to a beautiful screened-in
porch, where we’ll give you cozy space to sit and hang
out, but then also a dining space as well. – That sounds amazing.
– Mm-hmm. – Bye. We’ll see you soon. There’s a lot of memories
tied into this home. So now it’s our turn to come
in, take their dreams, and– – Make them a reality. – Oh, bam. [MUSIC PLAYING] – Look at that. Is that an old exterior wall? And look at the groove on that. I’ve never seen
siding like that. JOE: Yeah, tongue and groove. – All the way up. I know Jenny’s is
going to love that. [MUSIC PLAYING] JENNY: Hello. DAVE: Hey, what’s going on? – Hey, you guys got
a lot done already. – So we have good
news and bad news. – Always. – I’m just giving
it to her, Joe. Just going to get
it out of the way. – Good.
– So the good– ceilings go up to 10 feet. They’re good.
– Good. – Here’s the bad. There used to be a wall here. So there might be a beam
there, so we may have a beam in the middle of the room. – Well, you just
said you don’t know. I’m thinking positively
that we– it’ll be fine. – Whatever you say. JENNY: We’re wrapping up
demo inside the Brewer house. We’re getting rid of the 1950s
shower in the girls’ bathroom. We’re opening up the
wall between the kitchen and the living room. And we’re finishing up
raising the ceiling height to 10 feet, which will
make this house feel open and spacious throughout. [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] DAVE: Brittany and Doug don’t
love the front of their house. So we’re going to rip
off that front porch, so we can build a bigger
covered porch that will wrap around the side of the house. [HOUSE CRASHING] – That was perfect. JENNY: We have
about two weeks left before we have to have this
house ready for the Brewers. – Does that one go right here? JENNY: The roof is going up
on the new screened-in porch. The tile’s going up
in the main bathroom. And the slate tile
is being installed on the floor in the kitchen. And the custom homeschool
area that Dave built for Doug and Brittany’s
daughters is being installed in the living room. And the galley kitchen
is really coming together with the cabinets, the
new honed granite countertops. And the new French
doors are being installed, which
will give them access to their screened-in porch. This kitchen looks amazing. – Doesn’t it? – Look at this. I mean, it just goes right out. Like, this is phenomenal. Looks so good. DAVE: It’s wide open. – Wide open. I love that you can see the
little peep of the siding. Once we paint it, it’s
going to look so cool. We’re finishing up the
build on the Brewer house. Crews are adding stain to the
back porch and, of course, screens to keep the bugs out. In the main bathroom,
we’re bringing in a classic soaking tub
for Britney to enjoy. In the girls’ bathroom, the
new sink is a perfect fit. And the custom
wallpaper is being installed that will give the
space a fun, unexpected twist. And outside, new landscaping
is going to bring this home’s restored charm full circle. – When Doug and Brittany
walk into this home, I just hope that the
first thing that they feel is that we’ve really honored the
previous generations of Brewers that occupied this house. – I want them to
still recognize it. But it’s like, it’s gotten
a facelift, you know? DAVE: Hey, is that them? – Oh. – Come on. – Ooh! – Whoa. [UPLIFTING MUSIC PLAYING] – I was just gonna
meet you guys. DOUG: Whoa. Are we in the right place?
– Yeah, I know. I was like, don’t drive by.
– Like, for real. – Oh, my gosh. DOUG: I was wondering just
how big the porch would be, and it’s huge. – Oh, my gosh. – Whoa, we can see
the whole yard. – This is awesome. I’m just glad that our house
is just not ugly anymore. – Yeah. Yeah. We had one of the ugliest
houses on the street, and now it’s probably
the prettiest. I don’t know. – Oh, my god. – Whoa, look at the ceiling. – Wow. Oh, my gosh. Have a look. Oh, my gosh. This is nuts. – These are so nice. DAVE: But most importantly,
we needed your door. JENNY: Yes, your beautiful door. We found this in the
shed, and we knew we had to find a place for it. – The door looks
so good in here. – Yeah. – I’m so glad you put it
in here because, like, it was meant to go with the bed. – Holy crap. Look at this. This is my dream bathtub. JENNY: I know.
I want that bathtub. It’s awesome. BRITTANY: It looks massive. JENNY: –lots of storage. – Just one sink was
really all you needed. And taking out that other sink– it’s amazing the
space that you create. – And the window, it’s like– oh, this is awesome. Oh, my gosh, yes. Oh, my gosh. – Whoa. – Oh, my gosh. This is not my house. – Your ceilings– how
much higher they are. BRITTANY: It just– DOUG: It just feels so
much more expansive. – There’s so much space to
sit, so we can like actually entertain in this space. Oh. DOUG: This is so cool. Including the ceiling. BRITTANY: Oh, my gosh. DOUG: It’s so big. – It’s massive. Oh, my gosh. – You noticed. – I love it. I love it.
I love it. I love it. – It’s the original
outside siding. This– we found this,
we uncovered it, and we left it, yes. – Oh, my gosh. I love it. [MUSIC PLAYING] – Oh. DOUG: It’s huge. – Oh, my goodness. I’m not going to get
eaten up by mosquitoes. DOUG: I know. This makes our
house twice as big. – It’s just so much better
than we imagined it. And like, I feel like we’re
just so insanely blessed. And I just cannot wait to
be able to host people here. I’m in shock of our house. It is just stunning. It feels like we’re almost
getting to pass the baton. It was passed to us, and
now we’re going to be able to do that for our kids.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb506LfK4XA

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