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Ugly Thrift Store Challenge Ft. Bestdressed

[Music] can I wear this to a wedding [Music] what’s up guys my name is Kelsey hi my name is Becky where the circles and this is actually I even actually from the channel best dressed and she does amazing fashion stuff and a lot of lifestyle now a lot of graduation about lifestyle you think I just like turned into that girl needs to make useful videos and now I just blown about myself kind of just feel like a spicy piece of trash today on our channel we’re going to be doing a little bit of a thrifting challenge you guys liked our video where we picked out questionable thank yous from the thrift store and turn them into something different in today we went ahead and picked up three questionable shirts that we need to style for a wedding so interesting [Music] so usually these shirts are like a theme for a wedding so you pick a shirt you get the theme that goes along with it and then we got a head though so start making it a bit work yes got it do you want to be first up yeah okay mm-hmm wrap baby baby oh oh boy I got it beach splash destination wedding which is like is very appropriate with this like beach themed fishnet and that’s great I don’t know what I’m gonna do okay no lucky okay oh that’s the way yeah okay this one is a bath or a garden themed shirt okay so that leaves me with the formal outfit with this I don’t know what this pattern is it’s like tufted sheep so with our newfound pieces we’re gonna head to the thrift store and try to complete some looks yeah why don’t we have your attention on Ashley’s channel things are happening he helped you make a clothing rack here you’re a new part of it so if you want to see how it yeah I like that stay tuned to the end okay look up let’s go [Music] okay so I think my first step is to find some shoes because then I didn’t take my whole outfit I think I have to start in like dresses or skirts I think because bTW you think of like flowy and breezy and like easy to wear it’s probably hot I think [Music] my initial instinct was to go for like a white pants enter combo for that full like Technic 30 year old mom look but then I realize it’s a wedding and I’ve never gone to a wedding except when I was like 10 years old so this is gonna be a whole new challenge for me because it’s got to be like fancy but also picnicky will see [Music] I want to tell you guys what I’m trying to look for just so I can like put it into the universe and maybe we can link manifest it and I’m looking for like a skirt or a dress that I can like wear this shirt over top if I guess can I wear this to a wedding yeah yeah [Music] I feel like a barbecue dad just ready to click those burgers it’s so grandma oh my god this is gonna be so much harder than I thought now the only challenge is finding accessories that will make this book less like a very old matronly woman this is kind of cute was it a successful haul bags full bags my bags we’re back how’d you guys do oh right yeah right okay should we haul these things let’s haul halsy these things okay so for my outfit I have the really ugly pink top I’m straight up I’m gonna say it I’m not calling it questionable I’m calling it um I’m sorry if any of you have it so you guys saw I’m you trying on like a bunch of skirts and stuff I know since I have to do the fancy thing I needed it to be like I can’t wear pants but I ended up finding this long dress which I’m just gonna treat it like it’s a skirt almost like a two-piece I’m gonna shorten my top just a little bit so it has that right kind of like two-piece look and I do wish that this skirt was a little bit shorter to hit more of like upper ankle not like any cool but I thought I still think it’s pretty cute and this dress was $8.50 and I paired it with some fun shoes some fun polka dot shoes these shoes were eight dollars um I had the choice to go with a plain black shoe I had lots of shoe options but I thought since my dress is just like a simple pink dress that I want to do something a little bit fun for the shoes so that’s where that logic came in honestly when I first got this shirt I was like there’s no way in hell that I will ever wear whatever I end up coming up with to a wedding but I actually did my final and I think I would wear it to a formal wedding [Music] so the print on my gingham shirt was pretty loud and also a bold red and white so I felt like I had to go for solids for the rest of my outfit I know the one rule of a wedding is supposed to be that you’re not supposed to wear white but in my defense it was really loud if I just did a bright red to match the bread and white almond gingham along with the game print so I felt like white was the best way to tone it down I found this skirt it’s like a miniskirt that’s kind of vintage inspired it has these buttons I am gonna alter it a little bit because it’s not quite fitted around the waist and especially because the top is so poofy I feel like I have to have a defined waist line for accessories I really went all out for this red and white theme so I got these little peep toe wedges from Marks and Spencers these were eight dollars and these are like a little bit cheesy maybe ideally I would have had like the perfect white wedge that was a little bit of a higher height than these but these were pretty much the only wedges available and since it’s a garden wedding do you want to make sure you have a wedge and not like a tiny stiletto so you don’t sink into the grass and I also got this cute little purse this is my favorite thing from the entire haul it matches the red on the shoes and the gingham top and I think it ties the whole outfit together and gives it that like vintage look [Music] okay so I had like kind of a hard time with this one I will admit because I’ve had a lot of really cool pieces in the thrift store that I was like oh I’m totally wares to wedding so cute and then as soon as I put that macrame angle on it was like grandma hello and it was an issue but I did pick up this one piece like literally on my way to the change room I was like maybe this will work and it’s great it is actually this like can’t jump suit off off the shoulder well actually there are no shoulders to top jumpsuit thing and I think the reason it works is because it is like so simple it’s like a solid color and it doesn’t interfere with like the macrame crochet effect at the top at all it just lets it do it thing and I think this is really great for a beach wedding because I’m assuming if you’re on a destination Beach it’s probably hot you don’t want to be wearing a lot of heavy things and this is extremely flowy plus the aspect that it’s a tube top makes it great and I’m thinking that although the crochet top is like really light it might offer some sort of shoulder protection if it gets cold at night might do something for you so this jumpsuit was 8:49 which isn’t bad and it is a little big on me but I think I’m gonna make it work first she was I picked up these nude expert drill little wedge shoes there were eight dollars I was on the same scam pot as actually as if you’re on a beach probably sandy you don’t want any stilettos because you’re gonna sink in the sand and it’s just me and I were to walk anywhere so wedges are great because they’re flat on the bottom and like this whole espadrille effect is like so beachy and like makes me feel very nautical which I think works great for this theme and then because the jumpsuit was a little big I thought that maybe adding a belt might help to cinch it in and I picked up this belt which was 399 and I think like the woven fective it works kind of in a similar way to the espadrille where it feels like very beachy and summery and light and one thing I really wanted to do is because the jumpsuit was so dark and navy I think adding a lot of light accessories like the shoes and the Bell really gonna brighten it up and make it feel nice and summery overall I love how this outfit turned out I think that it actually worked really well with my original shirt that was a little bit questionable but I think all together this works great for a summer beachy wedding I hope you guys liked today’s video I had a lot of fun styling so Memphis I think we did so well you guys this is like a hard a hard ugly challenge to do goldstar did a good job most articles are you got a gold star um and if you guys aren’t already subscribed to actually I don’t know what you’re doing but that’s okay because we can always fix that cut on over to Ashley’s Channel best dress and give her subscribe and if you hear from Ashley’s channel feel free to let off some less less lip would bless us bless us with your subscription on my channel we built a clothing rack a double decker clothing rack whose I like if you could see what we’re standing in is just a pile of clothing though they’ve been very nice to frame [ __ ] talk upwards so you don’t see that mess so go check that video ID see it how we did that yeah thank you guys so much if you like this video and she give it a like if you love it make sure you stop at the next time ie it is viewer appreciation time in our end slate and I’m loving this overhead chandelier inspired by our College try series where we did a little DIY chandelier this is killer keep on sharing your DIYs using hashtags or a girl squad and taking us on Instagram and we’d love to repost you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDL8j713aV0

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