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[Music] not mistake welcome to a dipole I’m currently by one of the lakes in the center of the city my hostel is in a pretty good location I’m about to head towards the city palace which is one of the main things to see here and basically who died Paul is in the south of Rajasthan near the border with Gujarat and it’s known for being one of the most romantic cities in India it has a place in my childhood as I’m a big James Bond fan and the film Octopussy was shot here so hopefully I’ll recognize a lot of points in the city so I’m looking forward to it there’s a Thai food it’s been running along India it hit Kerala and Karnataka and I believe it’s working its way up to Gujarat Rajasthan and it’s supposed to affect the weather here a new dipole over the next two days and that’s why it’s slightly cloudy and mild at the moment I’m actually wearing a jumper which is saying something for a central northern India so I’m gonna try and see as many things as I can today get as much filming done as possible with all the rain hits which is supposed to tomorrow kind of they happen a walk through an Indian city wouldn’t be won without something interesting going on every single say you’ll see a wedding first of all I’m not actually sure what this is they’re all carrying something on their head someone please let me know in the comments below [Music] [Music] so I’m now inside the city Palace Museum the largest city palace complex in Rajasthan belonging to the maro our family check out the view of who died poor from over here different colored buildings as you’ve seen in other cities in Rajasthan [Music] [Applause] [Music] so I’m leaning out the window of the city palace here you can see lake pichola over here [Music] cool thing about the city palaces you’re constantly getting snapshots of who died poor from different angles so this time we’re seeing the city [Music] baby now left the city palace museum and I’m walking just down the road where you can find an imposing white Hindu temple called jagdish temple some steep steps to reach the top [Music] just been inside the temple one of the more original ones I’ve seen but there’s also Artie here I believe for sunrise sunset so if you’re interested in that then come and check that out so I’m not and bright gap which is a great sunset point in you die poor you get unparalleled views of city palace the lake palace hotel and the temple on top of the hill which I’ll be going to in the coming days for better views of who died Paul there’s also a little temple here and you’re gonna find people bathing around sunset which is pretty interesting [Music] hey good morning what’s up its now a couple of days later the backlash of Cyclone oke on the coast of India has meant that a new dope or it’s been raining and windy and quite cold the last few days I just took the opportunity to catch up on some editing but I’m now back on the vlogs as the weather is supposed to be much better today although still a little bit chilly this morning I went to a special kind of show in a place called bag or ki haveli which I recommend you go to every day at 7 p.m. they have traditional Rajasthani dancing music playing puppet shows [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] if you’ve seen Octopussy then you’ll have heard of the monsoon palace and it’s at the top of this hill here and to get there you have to walk through this biological park I’ve made it quite a long walk actually took over an hour quite steep like I said rest in peace Rasha more [Music] Palace itself looks out of use and probably needs restoring second problem the view you can’t see you type or you can only see the outskirts and a few of the hilltops on the other side that are in close range of the monsoon palace not sure whether it’s the cyclone or its pollution but you know what can you do back in you die poor and back on my favorite footbridge as you can see the weather has taken a turn for the better and it’s now sunny again which is nice so I was just walking along towards the temple and I stumbled across this Tibetan market and personal interest to me I did my university dissertation on tourism in Tibet Tibet is a place I have a particular interest in inside there I found a lot of people working behind the stalls were of Tibetan origin you can tell on their faces there are some pro – bettin posters in there showing the people who self-immolated since 2931 in total the dalai lama currently lives in down Azshara in the north of india so thank you India for promoting Tibetan culture and allowing it to show itself and represent itself in a time where it’s currently being destroyed as we speak [Music] [Music] I’m now the base of the ropeway which is going to take me up to the carny master temple on top of the hill the one I’ve been talking about but quickly just a bit of appreciation for this picturesque you here [Music] so I thought it was gonna reach the base and take the cable car to reach the top and I’ve just realized that the cable car is all the way down here and I’ve actually climbed a fair bit and as you can see they’re moving down I’m not too far from the top so the second time today I’m gonna make my way and take your steep fruit now at the top ten pills over there behind me gonna take a look in a second but just appreciate the view on this side of the lake but also what certainly by surprise is to view on the other side of the urban [Music] one of my favorite temples in India so far just sitting on the edge of the hilltop with the sunset view and it’s all open very relaxing and therapeutic temple [Music] [Music] check it out for a sunset that definitely beats the one on amber I got you’re on the video decent views of the city palace I’ve really enjoyed my time in this city thank you for watching this video once again I appreciate all your support and if you’ve been following the series we’re nearly there I’ve got one more video to make tomorrow it’s a special one and I’m heading to Mumbai doing a few there and then that’s it for my trip to India thank you for watching see you on the next one peace [Music]
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