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Turning My Hand Into A Jolly Rancher

how’s your popsicle it’s pretty good not as good as raid shadow legends today’s video is sponsored by raid Shadow legends in today’s video we are revisiting a past project that you guys really loved can we cast a human body part in candy [Music] guys we’ve got more stuff for silicone molds in the past we actually made a mold of Nate’s foot once you start melting down Jolly Ranchers it tends to slump it sort of changes the composition a little bit given the fact that that’s been there for a couple of months now and now Nate’s just a ballerina a ballerina who had his foot bound from birth we’re not doing feet today today we’re going to do my hand and I’m very excited to see how that’s just gonna after a couple of months which is just melt away I end up with claws here’s the basic idea we recently molded Nate’s foot in silicone and then we cast it in Jolly Ranchers today it’s my turn let’s see if we can make it mold and then cast my hand in Jolly Ranchers our methodology is gonna be pretty much the same thing we’re going to build a box yep that you can rest your hand in and that kind of going for partway up the forearm we’ll mix up a bunch of silicone kick it a little too much kick means add catalyst we’re gonna add a little bit too much catalyst so it goes a little bit faster than normal it will catalyze when we say kick that’s when the catalyzation process starts we want it to start early this is red catalyst the studio that I buy this from is the same studio that Nate and I used to work for yeah we’ve got like a gallon here and that should be good enough to make a good hand mold we are gonna I think try and make it fairly precise around your hands so that we aren’t wasting silicone because the box mold is a very quick and easy way it’s not an efficient way in terms of silicone you waste a lot of silicone but it takes way too much time and effort to you and other kind so we are gonna do that honestly the best sort of mold to use for this sort of process to waste the least amount of silicone would be what’s called ironically at gloves mold you would cover the hand entirely or you would cover whatever object it is that you’re molding entirely but you would paint layers onto it layers onto it layers onto it and then cut up one side and then you’re able to peel the whole thing off and then the the mold ends up being about that thick however that won’t work today anyways because we need the whole mold to be solid so it holds it it’s lonely pour in molten candy so we’re gonna wait some silicon but we’re gonna have a lot of fun doing it [Music] if you’re ever building a box with foam-core if you’re ever just trying to put a maquette or anything like that together with this sort of stuff don’t cut all of the pieces individually if you’re just trying to build walls check this out all we did is score one side and then you can just bend it around just like that so then he’ll hold it there and then what I’m gonna do is I’ll reinforce the edges so yes we are getting these gaps right here but it’s actually still more strong because on the inside there is no there’s no hole in that crease so all I have to do is come in here with just a line of hot glue and it will reinforce it much faster much stronger okay so I’m going to have my hand in this when we molded Nate’s foot he was actually here as well but we had the TV here at the time so he watched a movie I will be playing raid shadow a legend [Music] the last thing I want is it bubble also that is the coolest feeling when you pour silicone you want as thin a stream as possible now what that means depending on what you’re trying to mold if it’s a tiny actual thin stream or this beautiful ribbon stream that Nate has going on here that minimizes your chance of bubbles in the mold itself there’s very little that I could compare this feeling to well Callie is stuck here with her arm and a bunch of silicone we’re in fact he a little bit about today’s sponsor raid shadow legends rain shadow legends is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game it takes you into a world of dark fantasy and realism there are tons of different champions you can collect as you go through the game you get more and more champions as they’re bigger and better and stronger than you can upgrade the ones you already have you build your team and then as you travel through the world you fight for resolutely stronger and cooler bad guys guys there are so many different game modes you’ve got the arena you can do campaigns you can do dungeons I’m in the middle of basically a dungeon crawl right now but you can fight against different bosses and win you artifacts which will help your characters get stronger I really like the variety you don’t have to just stick with like one champion and run them through the whole time because you’re getting new guys all the time you can’t just make your army the way you want it pretty fun I mean if you’re tired of the fluffy little you know playing games that don’t really have a payoff rachad a legend just for you right now there is content that gamers can claim and it is free for Amazon Prime subscribers so log in to raid shudder legends now sign up before March 22nd and you can claim actually three void shards and for superior void potions time is running out before this ends in April but the last drop is coming soon with six six star legendary attack artifacts and three day x peepers guys claim your loot today for Amazon Prime members only you’re almost out of time so go claim your loot now by installing the game from my link so to download raid and claim a special bonus head down to the description and click the special links if you’re a new player you’ll get a bonus of 100,000 silver and a bonus champion hex Weaver guys these rewards will only be available for 30 days so head on down click the link and download so niggling home for the day we’re gonna have to finish this tomorrow but I think we’re good to go so now I have to get myself out of this prison that mate had me taped into which I asked for so I wouldn’t move my hand too much haha wait oh there we go okay now the question is how do I get myself out of this if I were able to touch this and the indent stayed for even a fraction of a second you would not want to start the molding this is this is good to go so first thing I’m gonna do is start cutting off the side that is nowhere near my skin so a little bit less worried about that not even need to [Music] thank you [Music] yes Wow all right we have got a mold and checking for weak points so if my hand had gone anywhere too near the sides we would have you kind of see right here this is a weak point so that means that the silicone isn’t really all that thick normally that’s not a big deal if you’re making a mold say to cast a statue what you cover it with then is plaster and what we call nests which are little nests of hemp rope and that that solidifies and secures everything in place so long as everything is at least I mean honestly you can get away with quarter of an inch but for strength I would have preferred about half an inch so roughly a centimeter and honestly I think we did it looks like a pretty good hand mold hopefully so now we got to melt down a bunch of Jolly Ranchers and fill that so we’re back to our old favorite activity unwrapping Jolly Ranchers [Music] the important part here is to not double their so you don’t end up with these big clumps that you see and up a little bit at a time and it doesn’t take that long so be patient keep melting so I just did radar reading on this this is roughly 300 degrees right now which is why we were being so so careful guys that’s one of the few scars Nate has gotten from this job as he has a mark from when he was trying to do like a slush casting of the Iron Man helmet if you’re doing this at home be very very careful this stuff will hurt you it’s been a few songs I think it’s I think it’s cooled down so the idea now is that we are going to attempt to pull this off what that I like the Hat I’m just D molding some of our other extras we’ve got some Yoda’s Artoo’s d2 so we tried using a little bit of purple and placing it carefully on Yoda’s eyes it worked he looked kind of it works mostly when we did this Nate said are we taking bets on how well it works and I wanted I did it if by winning you mean his iris is firmly on his eyelid like 90 percent which is way better than I thought I was thought we were gonna get like 4% I thought the purple parts were gonna like flow and float and just not even be there so this worked way better than I thought this is called backtracking he insulted me so now he’s back Jack oh it still didn’t work it just worked way better than I thought [Music] oh I’m sorry that was loud not for you guys probably for Natan Marc whose ears are within two feet of me [Music] hang on I want to hold your hand we’ve done a lot of things on this channel that I’m proud of but this is and it shouldn’t be one of my favorite okay I just wanna try I’m gonna start at the back of the art I can never flip you off again are you licking my finger I didn’t like your toe that was your choice [Music] [Applause] cool Nate hmm can you make a hand out of Jolly Ranchers I think we did yes successfully molded body parts what body part would you like to see molded next appropriate body parts and yes if you say anything bad it will be deleted either by the Autobot or by me rollout don’t do it thanks again to our sponsor raid shadow legends to get playing now go ahead and click the link in the description to download the game today guys that’s not all you know we’ve always got more for you to see hit that box up at the top for our most recent video and we’ll see you in the next one talk to you then [Music]
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