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Turn Your Painting On And Off With Fire And Ice

today we’re exploring heat activated disappearing ink we’re gonna write secret messages and make entire works of art that might just not stick around some of you may have used erasable pens in the past you write a word and you realized oh i spelled it wrong and then you use the eraser that’s included and it looks like you just erased the letters right off the page and you can write back over it now i’ll write it correctly but here’s the thing the ink is actually still there you haven’t removed it from the paper at all what you’ve done is use this little piece of rubber to heat up the paper and ink and the ink disappears when it gets heated in fact you can bring the ink back by cooling it off enough now you can see both layers of what i wrote before erasing and bringing it back so they make these in a whole bunch of different colors and it’s really clever how well it works and today we’re gonna have fun playing around with not just the disappearing ink but also some normal ink and seeing what fun combinations of those we can make here’s the basic idea erasable pens work by means of ink that disappears when it gets too warm today we’re going to play around with that and try making some coded secret messages as well as some beautiful artworks cali is interested in a very direct approach of the heat you said heat i did and uh while while the blowtorch might work i’m probably gonna be using more of the heat gun because it’s less likely to light the paper on fire for example my word spelling spelled incorrectly and my word spelling spelled correctly and then the purple twirly doodle that callie made we should be able to make all of those disappear with our heat gun i bet you i can make them disappear faster with the mad gas torch [Applause] and just like that everything we drew on there has disappeared now the ink doesn’t reappear in normal everyday temperatures it does take something colder if you leave it in the freezer a while you can usually bring it back like that well for the sake of speed we’re mostly going to be using liquid nitrogen because it is much quicker much faster soaks into the paper but then it dries very nicely look at that look at how it disappeared so i wanted to try a few different things especially whether or not you can use this stuff as like a coded message system now okay uh obviously you could write it erase it and then give it to someone like that and then they can put in their freezer use a piece of dry ice whatever method they have to cool it down to bring the ink back and that will work pretty well [Music] [Applause] okay the message is gone okay you could pass this along and unless they know to look for the scratch marks where the pen indented the paper it’s pretty much invisible if you try you can sort of see that there’s something there but then by cooling this down you should be able to bring that message back out just as a test i’m gonna go throw this in our freezer for 10-15 minutes and see how much that brings it back out now along with the just making your message disappear strategy i also have this is a non-disappearing ink pen it’s just regular ink and this is the disappearing ink pen and they are very very similar shades of red so let’s see what happens if i were to say right we have our secret information here that we need to pass along but to disguise it we can take our disappearing ink and just be like oh no we didn’t mean to send that message it will make it very hard to read anything we’ve got there just looks like it was some information that i decided not to pass along got rid of that no one needs to bother trying to figure it out it’s completely impossible to decipher right well take your heat gun or you can just use the eraser built into the pen i’ll i’ll do a little bit with the eraser and it’ll do the rest with the heat gun [Music] look at that [Applause] bam message beautifully revealed easy to see and then if you don’t want anyone to see it again you can cool it off bring back the obscuring ink [Applause] so you want to write a secret message let’s do this the other way where we’re going to have the message that you want to be seen in the ink that isn’t going to go away now we take our disappearing ink i’m changing what it says into something that looks indecipherable so it doesn’t just look scribbled out it looks like an intentional design that you don’t realize even has letters in it exactly nice now you just got some weird sort of it looks like just some kid started doodling around use your heat gun and you’ve got a message so you have a puddle of ink here completely opened up so we’re just gonna go ahead and take this ink now what made me laugh so hard when i was doing this is the ink itself wasn’t in a cartridge it’s just uh hanging out in this pen it’s just sealed in there i’m gonna take it off the styrofoam plate just smear some on the top of this little glass candle jar we’re going to see if it’ll just disappear in a larger quantity sure enough takes more time but it seems to be disappearing now it’s more opaque than i thought it would be and i assume it’s kind of drying as it disappears that’s just we got like some pink not just clear it will but it’s going to be this more sort of an opaque color which is interesting [Applause] wow little bits of it left behind in a couple places uh almost a sort of orange burnt tint to it at least with some of the ink i don’t know if all of it’s doing that so it’s not a hundred percent disappeared but it’s like ninety percent it is so cool to watch it come back this was in the freezer came back it’s not as visible as with the liquid nitrogen for instance but it did come back it was gone and it’s returned so i did do one other thing that i thought was pretty fun so because with cold you can make all the pictures up here i have here a nice little mostly empty scenery and the idea is that i’m going to bring back the scene using cold so if you add cold to the [Music] scenery hey your house looks super cold now magically appearing winter scene i wanted to try what you were doing with the larger quantity uh with more of it so i have a couple of canvases and some paint brushes so we can each paint a full scene on canvas that we should then be able to make disappear and reappear so we have lots of these pens okay and we can each kind of decide what we want to put on our canvas and then we can just start painting uh i would like to do like a bob ross style but i don’t think this ink will react the same way as oil paints so it’s gonna be well it’s gonna be like painting with ink rather than painting with oil so this paints a lot of experimenting going to happen right here [Music] [Music] this is going to be interesting um i’m guessing that some smearing happened between the two that’s going to mess with it in places but maybe you know nice [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so the the black doesn’t like to completely disappear on mine [Applause] and there is definitely some smearing happening but you know now it’s like there’s a cloaking shield on the ship [Applause] nice now you just have a happy little background again with a cloaked ship on it all right ooh that works really well on yours with no smearing to get in the way that i was hoping for oh the outline of the moon is that in black no that’s pencil i can take that off oh okay yeah that disappears beautifully so you can see that something is there but it doesn’t have the color to it so it’s just like a huh okay you just drew some really cruddy trees but then we add the liquid nitrogen okay i’m gonna see what i can bring back of mine [Music] you should pour it on the other side so it holds it in [Music] oh it actually got soaked in to the other side because there’s no protective layer over it all right let’s see if we can bring back a night sky [Music] awesome reappearing aliens some of it didn’t get cold enough to come back yet okay that looks awesome like that new favorite now i’ve got just like a comet spatter of color across mine [Music] all right i have now frozen my canvas wow it’s cracking all the ink actually just like got too cold here comes your moon [Music] that is fun that makes me very happy guys this is a lot of fun and if there’s any other things you’d like to see us test out with the disappearing please let us know we might want to try some of this out guys that’s it for today but we’ve always got new great stuff for you to check out hit that box right there to see another one of our great videos and we’ll see the next one talk to you then
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