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Triple Chocolate Caramel Banana Dessert | How To Cook That

Welcome to How To Cook That, I am Ann Reardon
and today we are making a dessert with a choc chip base, covered with a banana caramel,
a sinfully rich baked chocolate ganache all topped with a gooey chocolate coffee cremeux. This week’s notification squad shout out goes
to Emilie Elizabeth. For your chance at a shout out subscribe and
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done so. Firstly let’s make the coffee cremeux. For that you’ll need chocolate, egg yolks,
sugar, coffee and cream and I’ve written all the recipe quantities on the
website for you in grams/oz/cups and I’ll link to that below. Place the cream and the coffee into a saucepan. And add the sugar to the egg yolks and whisk
those together. Heat the cream and the coffee until it just
starts to boil, then turn off the heat so that it doesn’t boil over. Whisk some of that hot cream into the yolks
a little at a time. And then when you’ve got about 3/4 of it in,
pour the egg yolk mixture back into the saucepan with the rest of the cream and stir that over
high heat until it reaches 85C or 185F. Remove it from the heat and immediately pour
it over the chocolate, now you want to leave that for a few minutes and the heat from the
cream mixture will start to melt the chocolate. And then you can just start whisking. Whisk it all together until the chocolate
is mixed in. Pour that mixture into a hemisphere tin. If you don’t have a hemisphere tin you can
just use a round cake tin here instead. And then you want to put that in the freezer
overnight. For the base you need chocolate, icing sugar,
hazelnut or almond meal, 1 whole egg and 1 egg yolk, butter and … all-purpose plain
flour. Place all of that into a food processor, now
if you don’t have a processor you can grate the chocolate and mix all of it together by
hand. Put the paste into a lined loose based tin
and spread it out so you have a nice even layer across your base. Now you want to bake that in the oven for
about 20 minutes. For the banana caramel layer we need bananas
of course, cream, butter, sugar, a little bit of water, glucose syrup and vanilla. Add the cream and the vanilla to the bananas. And mash them together using a fork until
they are all soft. Place the water and the sugar into a pan over
high heat and add in the glucose syrup. Glucose syrup just helps stop the sugar in
the caramel from crystalizing and you can replace this with corn syrup if you can’t
get glucose syrup where you are. Let that boil unstirred and when it gets hot
enough you’ll see it starts to turn brown, grab your banana and as soon as you see the
caramel colour spread over the whole pan, tip it in straight away. If you leave it any longer you’ll get a burnt
flavour to your caramel and we obviously don’t want that. Stir in the banana and the cream, now that
caramel will clump because of the cold banana but as soon as the banana heats up it will
melt again into it so keep stirring it over the heat until it’s all melted. Add in the butter and stir that through. Now while it’s still warm, you want to pour
that banana caramel onto the cooked base and spread it out again trying to make a smooth
level layer. That looks yummy already. Now for the sinfully rich baked ganache you’ll
need chocolate, 1 whole egg and 2 yolks, sugar, cream and milk. Pour the cream and milk into a bowl and heat
that in the microwave. Whisk together the eggs and the sugar. Then while whisking add that to the hot cream
and pour in your chocolate. Just like we did before, leave it for a couple
of minutes so the chocolate can melt. Then whisk it together until the chocolate
is evenly mixed into the cream. Pour that over the banana caramel and then
we want to bake this in a slow oven for just under 2 hours. When it is ready it will look like this, it
is set but still has a slight wobble in the middle. Allow that to cool in the fridge then run
a knife around the outside and remove the sides of the tin. Take the cremeux out of the freezer and rest
it in some hot water until you can see it comes loose. That won’t take long. Tip it out onto some baking paper and then
place it on top of the dessert. Temper some white chocolate and pour it onto
some acetate and spread it out evenly using a spatula. Lift up the sheet so you get straight edges
and place it back down on the baking paper to set a little more. Once it is firmer but still flexible wrap
it tightly around your dessert. Spread some more chocolate onto a patterned
chocolate transfer sheet and let that start to set. Use round cookie cutter to out cut different
sized circles. Once they are set you can peel them off and
they will have that cocoa butter pattern on the other side. Peel the acetate off the outside of the dessert
and add the chocolate circles where you want them around the outside and the inside too
if you like. And you are ready to slice and eat. Yummmm! Look at the gooey coffee cremeux, it just
tastes amazing. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more crazy,
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