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Trendy Vs. Traditional: Ice Cream • Tasty

welcome back to another episode of trendy versus traditional where we do two different versions of the same dish and it is so hot today that we are both craving the same thing we’re craving ice cream today i’m just gonna be making a really simple straightforward traditional ice cream from scratch and i’m very excited for the end result i’m also very excited but the ice cream i’m making today i can’t make it here so you’re leaving i am leaving because i need a certain equipment and we don’t have it here so i am going to go off-site okay starting to sweat good luck good luck i’ll see you i guess later okay so yeah you’re leaving i have to admit i’m sweating a little bit because inka is very good in the kitchen just in general but i think she’s exceptionally good at desserts i’m not super experienced making ice cream so i’m gonna ask everyone at home to please bear with me as you can see i am in a different kitchen i really wanted to do something special today i wanted to do these things called rolled ice cream i first saw these on youtube videos of these street food stalls in thailand where they would make these ice cream rolls also known as stir-fried ice cream which i thought was super cool that’s why i’m here at -10 ice cream they specialize in rolled ice cream i have my ingredients laid out i’m gonna make the mixture first and then after we make the mixture we can start rolling yeah okay going into the saucepan first is one cup of whole milk i’m also confident that i will not make a mess during this shoot and step number two is it’s a cup and a half of heavy cream and we’re gonna measure out oh baby that’s thick this is just gonna be like dairy soup that’s gonna get nice and thick you can see how thick that is that is like plopping off of that that’s a bad choice of words in terms of ingredients fairly simple we only have four things milk sugar pasteurized eggs and heavy whipping cream so you don’t always need to put eggs in your ice cream but adding eggs makes it creamier it gives it like a richer texture which is why we’re going to do it because i like my ice cream cream is that gross i like my ice cream creamier all right so let’s get pouring so first off i’m gonna put the milk in and then sugar and the eggs this is just pasteurized egg yolks give this a little bit of a stir just to make sure the sugar is well integrated i think that’s about good so now i’m just gonna add the whipping cream again just mixing that together so now we have our cream mixture boom then we want a quarter cup of sugar said i wasn’t gonna make a mess oh he’s getting cocky he’s getting cocky uh that’s okay i’ll get it later oh god put our quarter cup of sugar into our like dairy stew here this recipe is so simple that i can’t mess up i can’t just gonna pour this straight back into this cup now that i have my mixture done i’m gonna move over to the station where we have our ice cream machine and uh i’ll take it from there i’ve never worked with vanilla beans before and i can tell this is serious business because there’s only three of them in a jar which to me means a little goes a long way this is where some dexterity comes into play getting surgical everyone’s holding their breath whoa the bean is split now it’s time to harvest uh i’m gonna choose a different word than harvest it makes me sound like i’m an alien now it’s time to extract the seeds you only get one shot i don’t think i’ve ever seen vanilla beans and like vanilla for these seeds it smells like really intense vanilla which makes sense we’re gonna go ahead and add that last thing is to just cut this pod in half and we’re gonna drop those into our stew here and then bring this to a simmer there’s a lot of crazy flavors we could do but i decided to go with fruity pebbles so i know i’m responsible of doing like trendy food but this is the first time i’m actually doing rainbow food so that’s pretty exciting i also think like a bit of cereal in your ice cream will also give it that extra crunch it’s like creamy but there’s also like little crunchy bits i feel like it should pair pretty well it’s gonna look really pretty this recipe i’m gonna use four egg yolks one of my concerns with this is i don’t want it too eggy these are some juicy boys take it easy this is a little bit intimidating i’m not gonna lie don’t really have a lot of experience doing this wish me luck let’s do this concentration bit of honey on here hopefully that’s not too much and then in goes our mixture this is the part where we have to go really fast so you have to go fast because the griddle is freezing the ice cream and if you don’t do this it might get stuck to the surface it’s like when you get freezer fern right from your ice creams this is what they did in like the street food videos too so that’s my inspiration it’s like scrambling eggs a little bit ice cream is just delicious and it’s delicious because of the sugar and we’re gonna get another quarter cup of sugar in with the yolks here just to combine all of this ultimately we’re not looking for this to be super yellow and this is getting a little paler uh so i think i just need to keep going on this for another minute or so [Music] oh god i need a gatorade or something the yellowness has definitely come pretty far down it is starting to turn a little bit paler which is what we want oh okay i’m done my forearm is on fire so now i have my little ice cream pile we’re supposed to spread this out now into like a thin even layer you want to get to get it as thin and even as possible because then you can roll it out properly and it has to be even so you don’t get like weird looking chunks is it time to now roll i think it is here we go i’m gonna set this down and roll this baby it’s time to rock and roll okay [Music] boom they said to hold it up tilt this up high really putting my arm muscles to work here welcome back we have let our cream vanilla bean mixture cool a little bit that’s very important because we’re going to be pouring it into our like egg mix and we don’t want the hot liquid to cook the eggs no one wants scrambled eggs ice cream we’re mixing a half a cup of our cream mixture into the egg mixture get that all combined the thickening my arm is going to be so ripped by the end of today if you’re not making this face won’t make an ice cream you’re not doing it right now that our egg and cream mixture are combined it’s not hot it’s just like slightly warm which we’re going to pour this back into our saucepan we’re going to bring the temperature up a little bit just looking to thicken this a little more over some heat here he goes i’m happy to say it is very very good right now it just tastes like a melted vanilla milkshake which to me means i’m definitely on the right track okay so now i have my five little mini ice cream rolls i’m just gonna put this in the bottom gently just pile this on i’m holding it at an angle so then you know it’s easier to put this together so this is what i have this is my semi-finished product it didn’t turn out as bad as i thought it would be i’m pretty happy i’m gonna fill this bowl with ice i’m gonna pour the hot mixture into this and then set that down and we’re gonna like chill it as fast as we can before it gets churned up this is pretty much it i’m gonna pour it into the ice cream maker and in theory we will then have vanilla bean ice cream this is gonna sit in here for about 30 minutes it’s going to turn into ice cream i will then scoop it out and then go find inga so we can figure out traditional versus trendy which ice cream is better before this melts i’m going to now quickly prepare the toppings [Music] i found you i need to finish plating this all right please give me something all right i’m gonna oh okay okay i’ll be i’ll be back [Music] bring it on we have malin and i love ice cream we have to apologize a little bit there they’ve gotten a little melty it’s a little steamy in new york i like melted ice cream too so i present to you my vanilla bean ice cream sundae please enjoy it looks very classic fast casual nerd that is very much my beat and i’m sticking to vanilla i feel like is very american thank you i don’t know why oh that’s really good actually actually despite its appearance it’s really creamy okay that’s what i was aiming for now i’m gonna try this one i’ve never had rolled ice cream before so i’m excited to try it oh you really taste the fruity pebbles yeah yeah crunchy which is like a nice thing in ice cream i feel like the presentation is beautiful yes i love strawberries so that helps i’m sweating and it’s not because it’s hot we will respectfully hold our ice creams given presentation i think angus was prettier but in terms of taste i’m much more like of a classic ice cream kind of person so i think i’d have to say chris’s is my favorite crying crying interestingly this is the hardest i’ve worked on a traditional recipe so i will take that but i think this is a very very fair apparently it was hard this is like yeah but this is good there’s no hard feelings in this battle we get to eat just good food that we make for each other as usual tell us in the comments below what you want us to do next or dms find us on instagram let us know until next time cheers [Music] ice
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