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Traybake Smoky Beans | Jamie Oliver | UK | AD

hey guys i hope you’re well so look i’m filming this from my home on my phone and me and tesco wanted to carry on trying to give you ideas and inspiration to get loads of great stuff loads of veggies into your life so we’ve got a smoky chili bean tray bake with sweet potato and feta really simple and really delicious flavors so let’s do this i have a sweet potato here this does count as one of your five fruit and veg a day just take the ends off and just holding it properly sorry you can’t see in the head i’m just going to put my knife in and split it but look at that absolutely beautiful amazing color so put them in to your bowl i’m going to hit them up with some salt and pepper now the smokiness in this tray bake is gonna come from this it’s smoked paprika really really cool if you haven’t got this spice please please please try it so just shake a little bit onto our sweet potatoes not much a little bit of olive oil so give that a nice toss around now that is a really simple way to get a load of life into a beautiful sweet potato even if you’re serving it as a wedgie now i’ll show you what to do with this later because i’ve got a great trick now on my little gas stove here because we are super technical i am gonna do the base for our beautiful beans so in there i’m gonna add some oil so i’m gonna use three red onions simply cut these red onions into little quarters like that and then into little chunks now of course if you haven’t got red onion you can use white onions you can use leeks spring onions you know they’re all going to work beautifully well and the next ingredient i’m going to use in coriander you could use basil you could use mint you could use parsley no worries at all i’m keeping the leaves here i’m keeping them aside if you just pop them in some cold water the stalks don’t waste them get them in here and then i’ve got four garlic cloves in this climate at the moment the one thing that food can do as well as keeping you occupied giving you a focus is give you optimal nutrition right this will serve four to six people look at that so as that cooks away i’m gonna carry on using some of that beautiful smoked paprika that i used on the sweet potatoes as soon as the paprika hits that tray you can see the color change really nice come on let that toast off for a little bit and then kind of the heroes of this dish the beans beans from a nutritional point of view are just like next level these are mixed beans hot and spicy but it’s not that hot and it’s not that spicy you could use cannellini beans you could use chickpeas you could use butter beans so i’ve got some nice passata here you can use plum tomatoes chopped tomatoes and as this cooks in the oven it will get so sweet and rich and delicious oh it tastes good already so that is literally it it’s now come to the boil it’s blipping away it’s looking amazing so i’m now gonna put that in the oven for about 45 minutes at 180 degrees celsius and it will just get better and better and i’m going to show you a trick of what to do with these sweet potatoes because i’m going to cook them directly onto the bars of the oven so it’s 20 minutes in the chili’s looking good look at that oh so good it’s can you see how the skin has basically has gone crisp but it’s kind of slipping away oh okay you lovely look but here we have it really really pleased with that and look these are my sweet potatoes right just look under there yeah it’s oh i nearly slipped off so in we go with a couple of our sweet potatoes just a little bit of feta cheese so for me this dish is just lovely it’s comforting it’s really really simple so look at the colors guys come on that is a beautiful dish you can tuck into that put it in the middle of the table and one of the things i love to do if i bring up my little camping stove again is some tortillas and with the tortillas i literally just want to reheat them just for a second so that they puff up just keep turning them on a gas hole and of course you could serve this with bread or rice no trouble at all so once you’ve got that let’s serve it up load that with a little sour cream then i go in for the beans look at the contrast oh yes oh the flavors come on guys just finish it if you want with a little shake of smoked paprika and look at that absolutely beautiful that my friends is my tray baked smoky beans with sweet potato and feta this one well that’s for me but this is for the kids so i’m going to serve them up until next time lots of love
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