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Travelling Again During COVID-19. Can You Guess Where I Am?

hello and welcome back i know it’s been a while since i uploaded a video but i am traveling again once more and i thought i would make a video of my journey traveling post lockdown post coronavirus i know it’s not over but countries in europe are starting to open up again to tourists for the summer and as one of the first people probably making a vlog um of traveling during this time i thought i would document the journey taking the train to heathrow airport my connecting flight in another country and then my final destination which you’ll find out at the end of this video obviously traveling at the moment is a decision that each of you need to make by yourselves based on your own health background and the risks i’m on my own i’m fairly young so i’ve decided to go and give it a go but it doesn’t mean that it’ll be safe for you so i just want to make that clear got myself a n95 mask which i’m gonna put on for most of the journey and let’s see what’s gonna happen so i’m gonna head on to a train now and make my way to heathrow airport so this is my first time trying to vlog with the mask on i don’t know how well you can hear me but i’m at the train station now so i’m the only one and probably there won’t be many people on the train the uk government recently made it compulsory to wear face masks or something protective on public transport which they probably should have done a long time ago and we go to london [Music] this station is hunting [Music] [Music] now here at some pancreas station you can see they have hand sanitizers around which is pretty good so i’m making my way to the london underground where i’ll be getting on the tube to paddington and then from paddington i’ll be going to heathrow [Music] now here at paddington i just need to take one more train and then i’ll be heathrow [Music] [Music] there is quite a dystopian feel about everything seeing such a place which is normally packed with people virtually empty signs everywhere repeatedly sanitize your hands keep your distance wear a mask [Music] so a bit of a queue to get inside the airport but now i’m here waiting to check in but there’s long queues and yeah i don’t know how long it’s going to be so i’m going to put my camera away put my gimbal away into my hand luggage and i’ll check back with you if i have time want some on the other side of security what’s up i found a little booth here in a restaurant that is closed as are all the restaurants at heathrow terminal 2 and the only place you can buy food is w h smith and boots which sell sandwiches and wraps and boxes of fruit so that’s exactly what i’ve got a box of fruit and a wrap and uh chickpea curry fried naan so that’ll keep me going i’m about to board my flight in just about half an hour so it’s all coming together nicely got through security checking in for my flight took a long time you have to keep two meters away of course from everybody and it was quite well organized i have to say there’s lots of hand sanitizer around and everybody seems to be wearing masks so you know kudos to heathrow i think they’ve got the hang of it so where am i flying to i’m flying to sofia bulgaria but i’m not staying there i’m transiting overnight and then my flight to my final destination is not until the next morning which is around half seven so i’ve got like a nine hour layover so i have to find somewhere to sleep in the airport and hopefully get some proper food to eat if the restaurants are perhaps open or it might just be sandwiches again until tomorrow morning when i arrive in the country i’m going to so i’m going to eat this food get on the plane and we’ll take it from there [Music] hey what’s up i’m now here in sofia the capital of bulgaria and to my disbelief i’m in the country i’m outside the airport i’ve never had a transfer like this it’s now 10 to 12 roughly and my flight to the country i’m going to isn’t until half past seven tomorrow morning so i’ve got quite a long layover basically overnight i thought i would stay in the airport on some chair or something but somehow you have to go through the actual immigration and passport check to transfer your flight so quick update i am still outside the airport it’s now 2 30 a.m in the morning and basically i can’t enter the airport until 4am when it opens so it’s temporarily closed which means that all the transiting passengers are like stuck outside the airport it’s really bizarre over here there’s a bunch of people standing outside i found a british girl who’s chilling out with me at the bus stop over here um so thankfully i’ve got someone to talk to an hour and a half to go before i can enter inside the airport and then my flights at 7 30. i didn’t decide to take a taxi into downtown sophia because it will be dead in the middle of the night especially during coronavirus and then on top of that i don’t have any data on my phone so it just wouldn’t have been wise i have no euros either so better just to wait out here it’s been an interesting experience a transfer where i’ve actually left the airport been stuck outside had to wait through the night before i can enter again and take my second flight hey what’s up it’s now a little while later and i’m finally in the hotel that i’m staying for tonight the last couple shots you saw were from my iphone that i just took on the plane i was in the middle seat sorry the quality wasn’t very good i just showed us in the air and eventually landing in the country that i’m finally in now and i’m about to head outside and walk around the streets a tiny bit and get some dinner and hopefully you’ll be able to guess pretty quickly where i am i’m not staying in this particular city for very long i’m moving on to a very special place tomorrow morning and that will be included as part of this video too since i arrived this morning all i did was go for a haircut as you can see not particularly exciting thing to vlog since being in lockdown for a couple of months in the uk my mum has done it once but it really needed doing so i did that and because i was so tired i didn’t really feel like vlogging throughout the day i just came here and had a nap for a few hours which was badly needed so let’s head out now and yeah let’s grab some dinner and see how quickly you can guess where we are any ideas where we might be thai massage there but it’s obviously not thailand german flag behind me here but it’s not germany although you would be right in thinking there’s europe and it’s a country i’ve never been to before perhaps surprisingly well let’s carry on just a little bit more and i’ll find some more obvious clues i’m sure some of you probably got it already look at some of the old buildings wherever it is you can see how quiet the city is at 7 30 p.m on a saturday night are all down these lanes in all this district where i’m in not far from the city’s main train station and it’s somewhere that’s only sort of just come out of lockdown and was particularly affected by the coronavirus in the very beginning i’ll give one more clue and then i will finally spill the beans and put you out your misery hotel marco polo final clue along with street signs with roman numerals via magenta rv yes of course i’m in italy i’m in rome the capital city but i’m only staying here like i said for just tonight and i’m heading north to a very special part of the world tomorrow as you can probably tell it’s really quiet and maybe that’s the area i’m in maybe that’s the time of day there are definitely factors but let’s not kid ourselves i think the reason is because it’s so early on and very few people have started to travel again or come back they’re not even sure if it’s safe and well within their uh rights to believe it’s not necessarily safe and it’s certainly a risk of course um you know i’m here on my own like i said i’ve i’ve come to try and be one of the first i suppose and actually see italy in a time where it’s almost devoid of tourists something quite unique and something we may never see again and of course that comes with its risks i’m looking for some dinner now and hopefully i’ll find a nice little place to grab some italian food you you come back in italy where you came here welcome here i the fly with a lockdown ah okay it’s uh open open okay so i found a place to eat my dinner tonight as you can see i’m the only ones outside here but i’ve got a typical little table which you would associate with rome and you can see the name of the place here trattoria my terrible italian pronunciation food has arrived and it looks incredible i’ve never actually had pasta in italy before but i’ve had pasta probably a million times in my lifetime so here we go first ever taste real italian pasta the parmesan linking with the rich tomato sauce the actual pasta itself is quite um it’s quite hard usually in the uk when we cook our pasta oh it’s usually quite soft but this is um sort of a chewy texture to it and so simple no other ingredients no other meat or vegetables the taste is carried by the sauce itself very rich bon giorno good morning from rome i’m leaving the capital city of italy today and heading north as i mentioned last night after that excellent first try pastor authentic pastor in italy i won’t reveal where i’m going until i arrive it’ll be pretty obvious when i’m there over here is roma termini which is the main railway station here in rome it’s absolutely huge i came in to rome germany from the airport last night small places are open selling food and drinks [Music] including mcdonald’s here if you’re looking to buy tickets to anywhere in italy use one of these machines they’re actually very good i bought my ticket from rome to where i’m going on this machine and um very easy to use and convenient you also might notice that almost everybody inside the train station here is wearing masks and there actually are the authorities walking around making sure everybody’s wearing one because it’s a requirement on public transport here in italy and everybody’s complying which is uh good to see [Music] what do you reckon about the train i think that for second class is very very nice that’s to say this train is five and a half hours long and i paid 52 euros for it which obviously is a fair amount of money it’s the same as a flight across europe in normal times but the quality of the train is impressive and the fact is second class five and a half hours in the uk would be a lot more than 52 pounds or 52 euros i should say so taking that into account i think it’s very good and the seats are really comfy and uh i could easily sit here for a long amount of time so i’ve now arrived after a long train journey and i’m now going to walk the 25 minute or so uh stroll to the b and b that i’m staying at i’ll show you some shots of where i am if you haven’t already worked out where it is second time we’re playing the guessing game in this video if you haven’t guessed it by now i would be amazed yes that’s right if you didn’t get it already i am in venice have you ever seen venice like this before i mean i’ve never been here before but judging on stories what people have told me and everything else it’s usually a lot more busy than this right navigating my way through the back streets is kind of fun so i’ve now arrived here in the bnb i’m staying at finally after such a long journey this video has been going through europe and uh bulgaria for a night and then rome for a night and uh now finally here at the place i was meaning to visit um to properly see for the first time i’m staying in a place called alo squado which is a beautiful little bnb with canal views here not a bad view to wake up to in the mornings is it and on the other side i’ll leave the link of aloe square in the description two links actually one will be the website and the other will be the google maps location of this place so you can look at some of the reviews and what people are saying join me in the next video to see a much quieter venice and one that you’re probably always dreaming of until you come here in say september and find it overflowing with tourists so i’ll see you then thanks for watching and until next time you
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