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Tranquil Main Bedroom Budget Makeover | Freestyled

we feeling like we’re in a resort in another place i’m blown away today we’re outside of the sanders home john is a lifelong detroiter peta not so much we’ve got a big hometown rivalry hopping up in this house my goal is to turn their bedroom into the neutral zone i’m adair kirkham and i am going to reimagine one room in your home i’m going to thrift paint and repurpose what you got with 1500 and 24 hours let’s go we been in this house since uh 2018. when we moved in we had to redo the floors repaint the walls the bedroom right now it’s like our on like the last thing on our to-do list right now it’s just a place where we go to sleep just super stoked right now to have a day here to finish it out [Laughter] when we were looking for a home this was not like my first choice or anything i seen the potential in it right and i was thinking longevity ranch would be more sufficient for knees no stairs and things like that right i’m thinking about my knees for sure so uh she was opposed to this style home at first but i think we’re she’s probably still opposed to this right now so it’s my goal to make you love it that’s what i want to hear so chicago detroit is that kind of play throughout your design choices throughout the home i would say so a little bit we just got to be mindful that it’s not to chicago or not to detroit right now detroit is like gaudy and chicago is very chicago very humble detroit is not god okay yeah they’re proud they’re proud so i’ll make sure there’s a nice humble proud balance in space and in your bedroom your closets are on opposite sides of where you sleep i just wasn’t going to switch sides the bigger the bigger closet was on my side say no more what do you want for this space i envision uh oasis comfortability retreat like yeah okay so you’re going for spa relaxing mm-hmm kind of get away yeah okay what colors speak to that blue is my favorite color okay yeah obviously i like greens too and okay earth tones and stuff like that i like that as well so okay i’m feeling that herb tones for me as well you guys are green [Music] [Laughter] so how long have you had this furniture in this room since i was in college he’s had it a very long time so okay so it’s kind of special to me because it was my first real grown-up grown upset right not letting it go yet it just needs some updating yeah but it needs like me a little femininity in it you know i like that yeah clearly john and keita have different opinions when it comes to design she’s got really strong ideas he’s just kind of go with the flow it’s important for me to make this space the neutral zone we want to bring spa oasis calm serene vibes to the space wall color has got to go i’m going to switch the arrangement of this room it’s kind of weird that the kid is on one side his is on the other as far as the closets go so i think if we’ve swapped the bed around on this wall we’ll line it up so that they have the right closet on the right side and sadly enough his closet doesn’t even have handles on it six in the morning bend down and he was concerned about his knees how about his back i need lighting everywhere in here for it to feel like a spa it needs to be bright and airy and refreshing right now i kind of feel like i’m in a dungeon clearly these dressers and bed frame are very sentimental to john i’m going to make sure i can do something to them that gives her a little bit of something and just add a little fresh aesthetic to the space with their dressers speaking of fresh the headboard i’m gonna keep the headboard i’m just gonna update it i would love to tap into this new trend that’s happening where there are headboards that have a woven pattern on them and i’m just gonna reinvent that by using their headboard buying some straps in neutral colors and i’m going to just staple right over top of their leather i’m going to go vertically this way and we’ll create a nice little woven pattern it’ll add some texture some dimension to the headboard and it’s fairly inexpensive although i’m sure i look fabulous in the scarf we need to use this for the headboard got some extra materials that’ll fill in the gaps and add a little more texture i’ve never made an apple pie before but this feels like what it should feel like the bedding’s gonna be gray and very john so i’m hoping the blend of the two will make for a nice room for both of them [Music] john has had this furniture set for quite a while and keita is not feeling it my plan is to not get rid of it but just to update it a little bit swap out the drawers add some texture so that it feels brand new and there’s a little more her with the furniture it just needs extra little a dare flair to the mix hopefully she’ll feel like it’s brand new painting these dressers really reminds me of how it all began my love for uh furniture refinishing started but my sister and i were really young and we shared a room together and my mom really let us go to town in that room every other week our dressers were a different color polka dots rainbows our weekend activity was painting dressers and then we got really creative and adventure to the ceiling we tiled our entire ceiling with cereal boxes which was probably one of the coolest rooms in america at the time started off with dressers but we got really creative and outside the box at a young age [Music] now i just have to staple this and uh we’ll be ready to go when you reupholster you don’t always have to take off what exists you could just go over especially if it’s in good shape like this bed was you can always just go over we’re done that is it looks beautiful i love it i can’t wait to get it in the room [Music] i’m gonna do some plants on the ceiling it’ll help with that earthy kind of feeling the shades have got to go they’re dark they’re old they’re dated swapping them out for some bright colored shades nice curtains to soften the space the ceiling fan is gonna go we’ll swap that out i want a piece of art on the ceiling it’s gonna be great sanders you all ready yes ready come on in oh my god wow come on in come on oh my god this looks like a totally different wow house room i’m blown away actually i couldn’t imagine it could even look like this i am blown away are we feeling like we’re in a resort in another place i love the corner i’m so excited this is beautiful do you recognize your dressers do you it got refaced oh my god we wanted to give it that earthy kind of spa vibe so we added all this to the front of your dressers we gave you some nightstands that match perhaps and this headboard over here yes this is also the same headboard we upholstered wow over top of your leather to give it that woven textured look and feel that is very trendy right now i can’t i can’t even spring because what it came from like this is just like what it should have been all along until you feel like home yes you feel like home here in detroit that is my goal i want you to feel at home here in detroit one thing that’s really great to notice is obviously the orientation of the space we swapped it around now we swapped it around because we want your closets to be on the proper size of the bed and then all the doors are painted gray yeah before they were mismatched they were all different colors we even gave you handles on your doors you didn’t even have hands on your door you didn’t even you didn’t even have handles on your doors now you can actually open it without having to go down to the bottom we threw in the detroit and chicago decor here just to remind y’all where y’all from now you’re not gonna forget a lot of this stuff is yours right these are yours these are your shelves we just styled them differently we provided some storage solutions we got you some new nightstands but outside of that this is your furniture with a little bit of creativity you can really make a custom piece using the furniture and stuff that you guys already have and it saves it saves it saves you know it looks amazing i’m stealing it all you would think it was brand new furniture yeah coming here like oh my god this is just awesome excuse me just one second i’ll be right back okay okay so yeah they did a wonderful job yes i’m gonna need you guys to leave for another 24 hours i have a masseuse coming so another 25 hours please i’m going to just another 24. [Music] you
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