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Train Insane HIIT Workout!

– Hey guys, Cassey here. Today we are doing the Train Insane Hit. It consists of seven moves, including things like
your favorite, the burpee or the split lunge jump. I know, I know, I’m so kind. That, along with some other moves, there will be beginner variation. So everybody has to do it. You have no excuses. We’re going on for 50 seconds. You’re resting for 10. And then, bam, you’re done. And if you are not following the calendar, I want you to do this
four times through, okay and you’ll be drenched in sweat and that’s what I want. So if you’re ready, let’s
go ahead and get started. All right guys, I’m kind of scared, but this is gonna be great. Let’s go ahead and start that timer. Hands down. Plank Jacks, here we go. Out and in. Out and in. Getting that heart rate up. This move isn’t so bad. So that’s why I’m starting
out with this one. Make sure the core is tight. Make sure your butt is down
and not sticking in the air. If at any point you are tired. Follow that thumbnail in the corner. Yes, we’re putting the
beginner variations there now. So hopefully that is helpful. Good. Come on. Only 50 seconds on. 10 seconds off. So you do get a break, okay. Now breathe. In and out. Good guys. Come on. Very nice. Wider. Beautiful! 10 more seconds. Out and in. Very good! And time. (bell ringing) All right. Wait for 10 seconds. Our next move is the gecko for your arms. Here we go. Back down. Here it is. Out. Touch. Now, the main thing
here, is that your torso doesn’t twist all over the place. I don’t want to see any of this. I want you firm. Parallel to the floor. Imagine you’re a lizard
climbing up the wall. Just be really careful. And tight with your moves. Everything counts. Sticking my fingers
right there on the floor. Climbing up the wall. Beautiful! Reach. And breath guys. This is an amazing upper
body and core move. The gecko. Beautiful work! You are doing amazing. We’re just getting started. Out and in. Reach. Beautiful! A few more. And last one. Good stuff! Okay, resting for 10 seconds. Okay. This is the split lunge jump. Quads. Hello, here we go! Here and jump. Beautiful work. Now, if you need to walk
it out, walk it out. But if you can start
standing and jumping, do it! Now use your hands, it helps too. Get low. Focus. You guys look amazing. Come on! Higher. Don’t give me weenie jumps. Good. Switch in the air. That burn is real! Come on! 15 more seconds. Try not to slow down. Very nice, keep breathing. You guys got this. How you feel? Is it burning? Yes it is! Four, three, two, one. Legs! Very, very good! Okay. Push up plank. Let’s get those arms. Let’s get that chest. Perkiness. These are burpees. You ready for this? Lift up from that side plank. Let’s get low. Very nice guys. Really open up. You want that perky chest? Then you’re going to work for it, okay! We earn things in life. And that is was what makes
us have that satisfaction. We can reach our dreams. And you know, with hard
work, anything is possible. Come on, low! And lift. Good. Abs in. Eyes forward. Do not look underneath you. Let’s go! Down. And, you’re gonna love
the one after this, guys. You know, it’s my favorite. It’s your favorite too. Come on, 10 seconds left. And up. Work those arms. Get low. One more. Come on! Yes. All right. This is the one. These are burpees. You ready for this? Burpees, here we go! Out and in. I want you guys to be vigorous. Go hard. Jump as high as you can. Come on, you can do better than that. Working that body. Burning the fat. Working those legs. Yeah guys, looking hot! I see those changes. And up. Don’t get tired. Tired is just in the head. Tell yourself, “You can and you will” Lift. Light on the feet. Light body, okay. Think light, and you will fly. Let’s lift. Oh nice! Only 10 more seconds. Go faster. And one more. And you have– Very nice. Okay, the next one is. All right, hip twist. Come on! Both hands on the floor. Let’s go! Twist and twist. You wanna get the hourglass figure? You wanna work that waist? Then twist it for me. Come on, all the way down. I want to see it. Work hard. I know that’s what pop
stars are about, right? You guys train insane. You work your booties off. Literally and figuratively. And I love seeing how hard you work. You know what, because I work hard. and I know what it takes. So let’s do this together. Come on! You’re almost there. You’ve got one more move after this. You’re done. Glab, oh I didn’t mean glab. Grab a drink of water. And then do it again. Come on! Over and over. And twist and twist. We’re good. Breath. Very nice guys! And one more. Boom! Very good. All right, 10 second rest. The last one. Reptile Jumps. Here we go! Make it worth it guys. Legs on the outside. Boom! Out, out. Just like that. You are a reptile. You’re jumping those legs out. Light on the feet. Working those arms. Working that core. Come on! I know you’ve got this! Breath. Nice. Legs all the way out to the hand. Switching the sneakers. Very good! 20 more seconds. And then you’re done. And breathe. Nice! Come on guys. 10 Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. And five. And four. And three. And two. And one. In. Oh my goodness. How do you guys feel? That was incredible! You were incredible! Amazing! I am sweating and that was only round one. You know what? This is the Train Insane Hit. I want you to train insane or else, you’re gonna remain this same. You know how it goes? I tell you all the time. So guys, put in the
comments below how you did, which one was your favorite move, and which move you hated the most. Also, be sure to download
this month’s calendar. Right here, so you can follow it. You can work all your
muscles, melt off that fat, because I come up with
the custom four week plan for you that we change every four weeks to make sure that you don’t plateau. I know! I love you. I love you just like that. Okay guys, go ahead and train insane. Eat clean. And I’ll see you later. Bye now. And then lift up. Now this part is scary,
because you will be wavering. You’ll be quivering. Like I said before, tighten your core. Breathe, breathe, breathe. And you will find stability. You’ll find balance as
long as you believe it.
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