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Tour This NYC Apartment Packed With A Rainbow Of Colors | Handmade Home

[Music] hi i’m maggie and this is my handmade home in new york city [Music] i am a mural artist and interior decorator i’m not a minimalist in any sense of the word i love color i love big patterns i love big statements so if i have a client who’s letting me do that then i’m absolutely going to go for it if i’m gonna be doing this for a living you know i gotta walk the walk and talk the talk so i wanted to make sure that this space was totally me and totally mine um okay where should we start favorite spot is definitely in the living room i get the best sunlight in there so it’s a huge reason why i love that room it’s flooded with light in the morning hours this is really my safe haven my my sanctuary this is where i work every day when it comes down to it i’m a girly girl and i love the pink in there and it’s bright and colorful and so on the day to day i’m in there with all my plants and my pink wall and i’m happy it actually all started because of the rug that i chose in here it has some really fun colors pinks oranges blues and i figured okay i’m going to just pick some colors from this rug and incorporate a mural into the space i’ve always been a plant lady i’ve had lots of plants in all of my apartments but this is probably the brightest apartment and brightest room i’ve ever been in so i knew this was this is my chance it’s my chance to really make a jungle happen and it’s you know it’s going to be an ongoing continuation but right now i’m doing pretty good [Music] welcome to my hallway let’s talk about the hallway it’s like a rainbow of five colors and those colors actually draw in the colors of every single room in the apartment so you know the pink stripe is pink from the living room the red and the blue are red and blue from my bedroom the black is from the kitchen and the yellows from the bathroom so it’s the central point of the apartment and the colors in that mural are pulling from every piece and so it kind of ties everything together honestly i’ll tell you what it was because i had leftover paints like that was what i ended up choosing those colors for that mural it was because i had paints left over from all the other pieces that i’d done i was like you know what i got tons of paint sitting around let me just use what i already have the reason that i wanted to do the mirrors was for two reasons um first of all to reflect the mural so you can see the mural through the mirrors which is very fun it almost like alleviates a little bit of the work on my end like i could have muraled the entire hallway but that seems like a lot more work than just reflecting it it was all purposeful placements like this round is like reflecting this round edge so like when you look in there you see the roundness of that side and this long one is here because of this like long piece so it reflects perfectly so there are there was a bit of a method to the madness and as you see this there is a little bit of madness going on in here um and probably in here too somewhere the other reason is that the like i said before the reason i love that front room is because it gets tons of natural light and so especially in the morning as the light is shining in really bright it brings a lot of the light into this part of the apartment so when i wake up if i’m in this room i still get some of that natural sunlight from the front room carrying all the way through because of the mirror and it’s also just kind of nice like there’s this first big mirror and that’s the mirror that as i walk out of my bedroom so like if i need to check my hair on my way out the door or whatever i’ve got a mirror there [Music] welcome to my bedroom i really wanted to create like kind of a relaxing more relaxing sanctuary i love that my space is so colorful and lively and i want people to feel excited but i did want to feel relaxed when i come to bed at night so i chose some blue tones to kind of make it feel calm so i did the headboard here because it’s a tight space and i couldn’t fit my old bed frame that had a headboard on it and i really wanted to make these sort of fake sconces work and so i kind of planned it all at the same time you can either install them on sockets on a wall that has light sockets or you can leave the cord um on the exterior which is what i did and i just have these little wire covers so from there i figured okay how do i decide to paint around this i didn’t really want to paint over it because it could have looked weird on the outside of the plastic so i decided okay i mean i can kind of play with the width of this and make it work within this headboard so i came up with this miniature arch series um but i still wanted to work in the blue somehow so that’s where the florals came in this is my jewelry drawer tons of vintage earrings and stuff in here thanks to mom these are from um those are from how 80s are those i looked at those i was like mom can i take those she’s like um yeah i don’t want those like i love them she thinks i’m insane where is one of my favorite things there it is it’s one of those things that used to clip cardigans closed or something but i i use it when i’m wearing shirts like this that have like a little collar because it kind of looks like a necklace lots of fun things [Music] all the light fixtures in here where your typical i’m not sure i’m allowed to say this but as we like to call them boob lights i don’t know if you guys are alive i’m allowed to say that word but anyway i call them boob lights because they’re like round and they have the little screw in the middle so it looks it does you look up and you’re like that’s that looks like a boob on the ceiling it was i mean every single place you see a light there was another boob light so i was like okay this is just not gonna fly and i’ve always just been fine with it in old apartments and i’ve never thought about replacing them but i was like okay it was so worth it and i love how all the lights look it just gives such an elevated look to the space without spending a ton of money so this mural honestly it was kind of a last minute decision i hadn’t really planned out any mural for this space specifically i was open to it it just wasn’t something that i made a plan for until i saw things in place and choosing the black and white was it was really for two reasons i already had black paint and the rug has a good amount of black and white in it and i wanted this room right in the center to kind of have a little bit of that neutrality knowing that there was going to be a lot of fun colors happening in all the other places and i wanted the rug to be the hero the statement in the kitchen is this rug which is a rug i bought when i went to morocco a few years ago i love this rug it’s like keepsake for life and it has a lot of amazing colors in it so i just went with a black and white you know simple geometric situation you know and it just kind of connects around the window a little bit and it kind of leads you into the bedroom by ending right here in the corner this mug my friend rachel gave to me and it’s the goddess of the home her name is hestia which my business name is called nestia it’s about nesting and feeling settled in your space as i have obviously done i have really nested into this apartment and so that was where the business name came up so i love having her on display because she really was the inspiration toward you know the business that is now my my career so it’s a little inspirational corner whenever i look over here i know that she’s watching over me the goddess of the home like this video and subscribe to handmade for more home tours just like this [Music] get this girl a tv show woo
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KemIrB1Pm6E

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