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Tour This Lake House In Minnesota With A DIY In Every Room | Handmade Home Tours

[Music] six months you’re stuck inside here in minnesota so you better like where you’re living hi my name is kate and this is my handmade home in northfield minnesota my husband’s name is mike and i am a mom of two little girls i got into diy design pretty much when we moved into this house i had been looking for two years for a house on a lake and i looked in the house and i was like this is it it was old it was smelly but everything that i saw looked cosmetic and things that i could easily fix so we just kind of diy’d our way through the house so this is the entryway i wanted a big piece of artwork for this fall but i didn’t quite know exactly what i wanted until we took a door out from one of the rooms on the other side of the house we also cut down trees in the backyard for a septic system so i had mike cut these wood rounds for me and i put them on the door and here is a big piece of artwork for the entryway natural and free i used to work as a waitress and somebody was like you need to go on instagram so i started to do it and people started following me and um i just kind of snowballed from there here is the living room this is the first thing that we did when we moved into the house it was like a red brick and so i painted it white and then it really set the tone for creating all the spaces that are adjacent to it my style is kind of a mix of a lot of different styles i like modern design but i also like vintage a lot of people say that i have a lot of masculine touches to my spaces like literally every room that you can walk into i have made something in we wanted to get an art tv and it was a little expensive and i said oh well we’ll just make a frame and i can buy a tapestry and cover it up when it’s not in use so if we want to watch tv we use full [Music] and it’s on magnets and then i can put it back up too i love bringing outdoor elements inside and something that you’ll see scattered throughout my whole house are like just bowls of moss or dried hydrangeas or dried flowers things like that so here is the other side of the double-sided fireplace this one goes into the dining room this is another thing that mike made me recently a frame just to hang above the mantel but i wanted it where i could easily interchange artwork on it and this is a old piano reel and then i have all of these books displayed here i like to put the spines back because i like the look of it people ask me all the time why i display the books this way i think it’s pretty and if i need to go search for a book i will go and literally search for that book i love walking into a space not looking at it to demolish it but finding pieces in the space that can be enhanced to make it beautiful again when we moved in there was a stained glass window above the sink all the cabinetry is existing cabinetry the footprint is exactly the same as it was when we moved into the house i had a vision of one big shelf in the space with lighting it’s not supposed to be functional it’s supposed to be pretty because we have other functional things in here and then i found these rods from amazon for like ten dollars and they came with the hooks but i wanted to add a little leather detail so i had these strips of leather in the house that i just cut up and hole punched and stuck the hooks through and it adds you know warmth to the space and then this is a shelf i had in my daughter’s room and we just recently redid her room and i didn’t want to waste the shelves um i don’t like to throw things away and so i added some leather straps to it and now it’s a tray for the kitchen free we’ll only tackle one room at a time i never have a list of things that i’m gonna do i just kind of spur the moment create this room had the stained glass window that went into the kitchen and then there was a window right here that looked into the main bedroom um so we took out the window we just cut a door frame out and then we put the wood paneling up on this wall and mike built these built in and i wanted a nice cozy reading space having mommy time in here so i love a moody room i think that adding a dark space to your home gives the room depth and feeling and i love it all right now this is the main bedroom we decided to put up some wood paneling as a headboard there are eight foot pieces of pine boards that i uh nailed into the wall and then stained and it was super inexpensive and then we added an acrylic frame to give it a little modern flair we also made these nightstands and i added a little leather element to them as well i think of design as art i’m constantly creating different elements to a space this piece i found um i think i bought it for 40 bucks and it was like a light oak color and i wanted to change it up and so i painted it i think i did one coat of a matte black paint on it and then just sanded it in random spots i wanted it to feel really old as old as the piece was um but give it kind of that modern edge to it and so now we have this new display cabinet for 40. this is probably one of my favorite rooms in the house it’s literally walls of windows for you to look at nature and i mean i get to look out at the lake and see people doing all the fun stuff that they do snowmobile ice fishing snowshoe just the other day we had a coyote sitting in the backyard this room used to be a really really light wood paneling it wasn’t necessarily my style so then i was like okay i’m gonna grab a little bit darker stain and espresso stain grab a paint brush and i started painting it on but i love how it turned out i mean it pretty much looks black but there’s a sheen to it and you can still see the knots in the wood this is the covid basement when we first went into lockdown i was like okay well we have time i wanted this wall to be a huge focal point for the room so mike built me these huge built-ins and he did a phenomenal job with it tons of storage on the bottom and then i made these leather pulls for all of the doors and there are some that i made for the bar area so it all coincides i have two small kids and they are only allowed to have their toys in designated spots for them to be them and to be creative so i decided to turn a closet into a secret hideout kid’s room and just made a little kitchenette for the kids to play with and then we found some led string lights and mike and i drilled holes and then we stapled them in very carefully but it looks like a night sky which is what i wanted for the kids to be able to play with in here this is the creepy room we had this paneling up here and we left the basement how it was for years um and then one day i said hey mike can we rip the paneling down and there was this cutout in the drywall and i was like oh that’s weird so i was like there has to be something behind it let’s take it out so we unscrewed the drywall and there was a sheet of plastic here and so we cut into the plastic and we peeked in and there was a room back there and it was so creepy it had this tin red ceiling that was rusted and water had gotten into it and so it had like dripped rust on the walls and it looked like blood was coming down it was so creepy so we’re like what did they use this for and then i found a bobby pin who’s bobby pin is best like did somebody was somebody trying to get loose what what was this room what happened and so i didn’t pick up the bobby pin for months while i was doing the room i would find bobby pins randomly from then on i went to work on some dressers that i had gotten and i was refinishing it and i opened the drawer and there was a bobby pin where is the bobby pin coming from so yeah it’s scary and mike technically wanted to board it back up and i said no you can’t board up space in your house we have to do something with it so i was like wine cellar so that is what we did we made a wine cellar come on in the first thing that we did i painted all the walls and then we put new tin up on the ceiling um and mike ran the electrical to go into two different sconces that i wanted to flank all the display of the wine i was like i am going to buy wine now that can actually go in a wine cellar and that can age how much of this do you think is that wine i have maybe like six models i want people to feel comfortable and relaxed when they’re in my home i like it to be unique and one of a kind and i think it provides more meaning i don’t have an aha vision of a space it’s layering different elements one at a time until it all feels right and i’m always changing things around and things are moving into different spots and my husband is like it wouldn’t be a day if you didn’t have me move something if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe to handmade for more home tours like that [Music] you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IK3DTaulcKI

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