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[Music] i think of myself as this weird mix of willy wonka martha stewart and oscar wilde kind of olives if they had a baby together hi my name is jason and welcome to my handmade home in minneapolis minnesota you know i’m a little left of center and i like to do things that are driven by imagination and creativity i love the victorian times and and things that are historic and beautiful but i also really respect you know what martha’s brought to the world in terms of hospitality and having people in your home and treating them warmly i refer to our style as classic maximalist so it’s taking classic design or historic design and putting that on top of things on things on things it really fills my cup in terms of like what i love about history and the origin of things whenever people walk in the first thing that they notice is the kitchen we designed our kitchen to emulate a pre-war apartment in new york we’ve got this really wonderful entertainers corner and this was a big change for us because it used to be a breakfast nook so what we really love is that we’ve made everything visible to all of our guests who come over so that they can help themselves when i think about hosting i think of it as creating a moment or atmosphere for people who are coming to be with me or with me and my partner cooking people’s favorite dishes or putting on your grandmother’s tray or any of those things like someone might have given you a candle and we all have that shelf of candles that people have given us but like i’ll really try to take note of who gave me those candles and if they’re gonna be there that night to put it out and light it to me that’s what intentional hospitality is all about we had these hutches designed specifically for our kitchen and we wanted some really great details like this fluting on the side we wanted really nice open white spaces and we wanted lighting within so that we could highlight all of our great pieces what i really like to do is add a little bit of color and a little bit of cat in order for us to be able to get this so franklin’s the troublemaker of the house and if there’s anything he’s not supposed to be in or anywhere he’s not supposed to be that’s where he shows up what we love about using these cabinets is that we’re mixing together our white ware with a little bit of color this really helps as you’ll see as we move into other areas of the home to carry color through in a kitchen that has a lot of glass and a lot of white green color in is one way to help people really see the differences in what you have in your cabinets so i’ve done it in a few ways one way is by using flowers which are really important to me so here i’ve dried some roses i have a straw flower and a little leaf bringing just a little bit of green and a little bit of pink into the kitchen for spring your sofa your tables those things go through what a friend of mine calls the patina of life they just get schmutz on them like they get messed up and they’re things and they can be replaced but in our home you don’t touch the walls because these things are cherished one of my favorite pieces on this wall is this press for champagne button let’s give it a shot not working today clearly because there is no champagne now my mom would have loved that joke and here she is so this is a painting of my mother when she was 19 years old and a summer camp counselor this was a black and white photo that my friend nick painted into a beautiful color portrait and we’re thrilled to have it on the walls here and she’s sitting right above how he imagined me as seven years old i didn’t wear glasses when i was seven years old but this is how he imagined me with my former cats alexa that yes was named after an antidepressant so many things in our home have a story almost everything in fact we kind of don’t give something pride of place in our home unless it really does have a story even if it’s silly and kooky this gallery wall was assembled by myself with the help of a friend because you always want a second pair of eyes when you’re doing a project like this things don’t have to be perfect in your home if you think they have to be perfect it can be really hard to do a gallery wall i just try to get them well spaced and level and if i’ve done that that’s success in a time where we’re so bombarded with so many things and serious things i just love that i can kind of turn in any direction in my home and see something that puts me at ease and kind of creates this sanctuary that we live in so this is our prized 250 year old whale vertebrae we picked it up on a sunday afternoon as all of you do as well and we brought it home and gave it a perfect perfect place here in our home what’s really cool about it is a piece of natural history but it’s also a piece of art and it’s really great conversation starter i share this space with with chad my partner of 10 years who i love so much he um isn’t here right now he’s working and yet he is also here because this painting this cuba style painting over my shoulder is a painting of chad and so while not planned by any of us today he is truly here with us at this moment which i think is fantastic we also have some other favorite artists that we found on etsy and other places and tying in other subjects a subject matter of nature so i really love that we’ve got the antlers and then playing into the floral elements we’ve got some plates some irregular some symmetrical but they’re all bringing that sense of bloom to the wall my favorite spot in the home is a corner gallery wall that we have in our living room sometimes people don’t think about doing a gallery wall that wraps the corner but it’s a lot of fun creatively to think about that so there’s some things that i’m especially happy with over here my favorite things to do is to frame some dry botanicals which you’re seeing up in the back over there but i also really love to arrange with dried botanicals got some dried roses some peonies some amaranth and these incredible tulip magnolia branches which unfortunately didn’t bloom but i still found a use for them in the long run to give some really great movement and gestures to this arrangement i think having a really nice large piece is fantastic even amongst all the other layers that’s what classic maximalism means to me you can have layers on layers and it just builds interest and it gives people a reason to come over and look at all the details this particular bowl i love it’s from afghanistan and it’s been repaired many times over the years it’s a really old bowl but it just reminds me that we can get more use out of things than we would really think and so this bowl who knew it would end up in my home as a decorative piece holding some african trade beads but it’ll be something that i treasure and i’ll make sure to pass it on to somebody else it’ll have a very long life in the long run and speaking of long lives my very favorite bowl of all this little guy is from a shipwreck and it was bought from the bottom of the ocean up for us to enjoy it was part of a collection from a store named prize in kansas city that i love to go to and i was able to pick out one of these very expensive investment balls that came from the bottom of the ocean you know we all have our own personal style i’ve been able to kind of pick and choose these things that feel really me velvet is one of my very favorite fabrics it comes and goes in popularity but i love it all the time and then you know it’s fun to throw something less expensive and fun like this monkey business into the middle of all of it it isn’t really about being serious all the time but if you have a unifying fabric like velvet and some unifying trims like this camel color and the gold and the gold trim on the pillow all of it works together this main bedroom is the most recent thing that we’ve worked on and we’re really happy with how it turned out it took us a while to figure out what color we wanted this room to be but i love green and i especially love aged green and then we’ve added to the green levels of gray green and gray are really interesting because they actually cross a lot in a lot of colorations so just like all of the other rooms we have a gallery wall in our bedroom and this one we wanted to approach in a slightly different way we have a very dear friend and her name is mary jo hoffman and she’s an incredible photographer and what she does is every day of the year she takes a beautiful picture of nature on a completely white background we decided to tie together mary jo’s photos and the subject matter of the photos with different styles and types of art to really play that out across the whole wall so she shot some beautiful pictures of eggs in a nest and we have similarly gone after a woodcut piece of art from some we found on etsy that is the same subject matter she also did this beautiful photo of a thistle and within this collage of different types of botanicals we see the thistles are prominent as well but it doesn’t stop there each piece has a relationship so if you look at the wings of the butterfly i looked at the density of the black and white in the pattern and if you kind of squint your eyes and look at the wings of the butterfly and look at this beautiful picture here you’re getting the same kind of effect it’s these little tiny details that i think about and that i care about that maybe somebody else doesn’t notice but it’s what makes this while intentional and special to me and to me it makes my home a warm place that people want to be this has followed my journey as i have grown from a career in consulting to visual merchandising to designing for a fortune 50 company and now i have a side business called warm house story and that is about hosting warmly living beautifully and making moments together the place that this came from is the life that i live here which is making an intentional place where people feel welcome and they can come and enjoy their time with me and my partner and i’m really excited to share with others tips on how to achieve a great atmosphere one that lets people know that you see them and you plan for them and that they have a place in your home or in your life when i look at my style i feel like i’m being seen for the full person that i am people can choose to love it they can choose to just acknowledge it maybe it’s not for them but it doesn’t matter because i know that it’s what’s important to me if you like this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe to handmade for more home tours like this [Music]
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