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[Music] hi my name is julian and this is my handmade home in brooklyn new york it’s funny uh growing up in the suburbs my mom and my dad they would always sit and watch hgtv you know my parents were the ones who like inspired me uh to really like embrace the diy stuff there’s no specific roles growing up in my parents household everybody did something you know whether it was the dishes laundry taking all the trash nobody had a set job and so i embraced that as i got older because a lot of guys are a little iffy about like oh making their space look nice and i was taught like you need to make your home your home i had an interest in diy from a very young age but then at the same time i really had an interest for like entertainment and media and you know just being in front of the camera and having that personality when i walked in here it was all white it was truly a blank canvas like here do what you want and like work [Music] so that’s where you see the stencil work that i did all hand painted which i’m very proud of only because i am not an artist i do not consider myself a designer an artist at all and i really just took my time so obviously i started off with a primer just to really have a nice clean base to work with and then i just took some black paint and a somewhat dry hard bristle brush you know i just took my time and just went one by one and i’m very happy with the shapes i knew that i needed something right here because i you know installed this bar car after i did you know the stencil and everything and this was like so so much this base just seemed like so empty so i found this mirror online and there is a color i actually learned about it from hdtv online a while ago it’s called paint blue right and in the south especially on like you know the east coast of like georgia and south carolina the gulagichi culture they paint their porches uh a baby blue so i felt like adding like a hint blue to you know a cloud mirror kind of paid homage to my southern roots a little bit i always thought of myself as a plant guy but in reality i am not i will buy a plant in you know three to six months later it’s no longer with us and i’ll just end up with empty bases in plant pot so that i have that’s what’s happening over here i’ve never been a figurine kind of guy my mom collects tons of like porcelain not porcelain babies but like you know like you know different like porcelain figurines and that’s really never been my thing and as i’ve gotten older i’m like i have like six of these pieces like when did this happen it’s like over the years they just like they literally collect how is it living by the train i love it yeah it’s almost like white noise to me like i can fall asleep with ease my mom she’s really big on rugs it’s like rugs everywhere she invests in rugs and you know i remember having so many restrictions in the house growing up about like you know oh don’t step on that rug oh don’t go in that room without rook and so like once i you know got my own place i’m like uh i’m kind of like over rugs you know but then i did realize like one they do add a pop of color especially when you you know when everything is white it is a really good way to kind of you know add some depth texture and color to your space but also it does serve a function for rugs and any kind of textiles honestly will just help deepen the sound like that again when you don’t want it to come it will just keep going [Music] you know this is a bachelor pad and they’re for a bachelor kitchen um this is all for show [Music] i think the moment where i really started to get serious about just creating you know diy videos and just really trying to experiment was in the kitchen and that was with this backsplash i always recommend like the peeling stick tiles and i’m like that’s a little kid stuff you know i want the real deal so i decided to actually you know like get some mortar and just like slap it on the wall and tile a backsplash but this was my first time doing that and it would be my la it wasn’t my last time doing it too i’m not doing that again it did not turn out as well as i thought however it turned out not bad for my first time all right so i’m really really embarrassed about this like i’m sure like my parents are gonna see it and be like oh dude we talked you better than that you know some frozen fruit mostly for smoothies i had every intention to make i just never got around to it some eggs some water some old hummus some oat milk and one yogurt the bachelor diet you know it’s bad [Music] i have a weird style you know i have an eclectic taste in pop culture and interest but also culture specific to brooklyn um so again that’s where you have like lyrics from like a little kim and pictures of like you know uh jay-z and diddy and obviously biggie up there i would recommend for everyone if they want to do a gallery wall is to start off with an anchor piece whether that is a frame or a clock in the instance for my gallery wall it was a picture ledge i didn’t want to just slap some frames on the wall i wanted to add some depth to it i wanted to be able to show off my personality to it so i started off with the picture ledge and then with because this wall goes up to my room i knew that i could throw a mirror up there on top of my dresser so i knew that the dresser would be an anchor the mirror would be an anchor and then to meet it halfway from the top to bottom the clock unlike downstairs where i was able to kind of like have some fun with it and be creative i kept it very symmetrical not just in terms of like the frames and the layout but also like the color palette i think it all flows really well fun fact this apartment actually used to be a retail store and then my landlord bought in like the 80s or 90s and converted it all into like residential like lofts so there is no built-in closet space in pretty much any apartment but especially this one help there’s not even really full walls uh so which is why i had to create a partition wall i felt quite uncomfortable having like an open wall in my bedroom i wanted a little bit more privacy and i was quite intimidated with this diy i just knew it required a lot of measuring and a lot of cutting and that’s just something i wasn’t familiar with it’s not perfect but it’s a lot better than what it was and i am very proud of you know how it came out especially with these like little cutouts where i could put plants in it my work is very creative from you know writing campaigns and pitches uh but also to like making videos for social and i just really needed a space that allowed me to create despite this being like my office and you know serving a purpose for work and creativity i really wanted my personality to come through somehow my playfulness to come through somehow and i figured you know why not throw a big cat on the wall [Music] when i moved in here the bathroom was horrible it was very pink very retro i i couldn’t even tell you what decade it came from but it was nasty so everything in my bathroom right down to the paint right down to the floor to the hardware i installed like i installed a faucet i’ve never done that before i decided to keep the pink tile um because it just would have been too much to like to paint over also i’m realizing like pink tile is like it’s kind of a rarity there’s a whole community online dedicated to preserving pink towel to bathrooms however i did decide to you know add some depth to it by you know incorporating some black accents and hardware i even spray painted my shower matte black and then i added another gallery wall because that’s clearly my thing that’s my signature and i found out that you could actually paint for tile and there are kits out there available to allow you to do that it’s just very important that you follow the steps and follow the instructions exactly and as mentioned i’ve been doing diys for a while now and that is the one thing that i have learned and i’m a very impatient person i would always cut corners but now i’m at a point where i know not to do that and it paid off because i am very proud of the floor and the way it turned out like this video and subscribe to handmade for more home tour videos just like this [Music]
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRH2VIeSdmc

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