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Tour Of SIDI BOU SAID, TUNISIA’S Most Beautiful Town? 🇹🇳

hello good afternoon good evening and welcome to city boo Syed a town famous for its blue and white buildings which are painted extensively around this clifftop village overlooking the blue Azure waters of the Mediterranean only 20 kilometers away from the capital city of Tunis I’m spending golden hour exploring in this short video so without further ado I’m going to head to the pedestrian streets with no traffic just behind me here is quite a famous mosque not far from one of the main roundabouts a few cafes dotted around but this is more of the town centre the real charm is in the streets just ahead so this is the color that you’re going to find absolutely everywhere dotted around city boo Siyad and these beautiful doorways working my way up the street now to the main touristic area of City boo Syed kebab shops cafes tourists souvenir items as you can see by some of the paintings and shops behind me city boo side has become synonymous with art and creativity over the years many famous journalists painters and writers used to live here and gain inspiration from the village [Music] you can see the main street here men selling flowers tourists it’s a very calm atmosphere especially to walk around in the early evening there’s some really nice souvenir shops around here Wow you can see the interior here well and this is just a souvenir shop look at that it’s not every day you come across a souvenir shop just like this very impressive just off the Main Street stepping back out through the evening streets walking my way to some of the view points further ahead you have various cafes all around the town at the top of some of the beautiful buildings a mix of ottoman and anda lúthien architecture great evening vibe here so let me tell you a little bit about the history of city boo side and how it came about it was named after a 13th century Sufi Saints who actually prayed at these a tuna mosque which is the one I showed in my previous video in Tunis some don’t I say I’ll get back to the history in just a second let’s check out some of these donut street foods cool Bam balloony so 0.8 of a dinar for a bamboo loonie bomboloni here which is kind of like a fried donut hmm very soft and doughy then you sugar so it’s definitely satisfying you can’t miss it walking through the main street of the town you’ll definitely spot this donut place if you want to give it a try really amazing evening vibe here even in October which is arguably out of season I’m so lucky with the weather at the moment this is filmed in mid-october I’m not sure how long it’ll be until it’s uploaded maybe you’re watching this in it’s November or December mid-october though not too many tourists here in Tunisia in fact it’s really comfortable amount and the weather is perfect 25 degrees it’s now the sunset time and it’s very cool but also warm as you can see I’ve got my shirt on here and I don’t feel like I’m gonna get chilly at all so perfect weather [Music] all these rugs and carpets souvenirs to pick up while you’re here continuing onwards so there are three different viewpoints that I want to show you and I’ve just made it to the first one right now so let’s see how it all opens up in the far distance is downtown 2 News and here we have obviously the Sun setting the Mediterranean beautiful color at this time of day beautiful color usually most times a day tourists here but just not too many people perfect and still warm [Music] [Music] so as I was saying sadaebu Sade is named after abu saeed who was a sufi who came here in the 13th century he talked and prayed in the zoo tuner mosque in the center of Tunis but fell in love with the location of City booth say I’ve now reached the second viewpoint the gulf of tune is right in front of me some beautiful landscape in the distance somewhat covered by clouds soon is in that direction city B side on this side this place used to be called jebel l Minar and that was because it translated to fire on the mountain the fire that would have been on these cliffs helped guide the ships coming through the Gulf of 2news hundreds of years ago and that’s why it had that name before it then changed to sidi bou said abu saeed then spent the rest of his life meditating and praying here until his death in 1231 which was then Jebel elvenar as I’d mentioned and then it was renamed [Music] [Music] making my way to the third viewpoint hopefully just in time before the Sun disappears for good and we’ll take some of the quieter back streets to reach it what a beautiful place this would be to live there are a few guest houses I think three or four in city brew side that you can stay at I’m not staying here I’m staying in La Sucre which is around a 15-minute taxi journey away between the airport and the coast there’s also some other interesting areas not far from here Carthage lomasa and as you like nightlife gyum off I’m now here just beside what is the oldest mosque and where I believe the shrine dedicated to abu saeed is you can see down into the center of the mosque there I can’t go in because I have shorts on but the call to prayer is anytime now the Sun has nearly disappeared in the horizon as you can see [Music] [Music] here we are at the third and final viewpoint you can see almost the entire city of tears in this Aryan distance [Music] [Music] having left the third viewpoint you can see around here the town kind of comes alive a little bit in the evening hours you can see in one of the cafes have your dinner in one of the restaurants the souvenir shops are all still open it’s really charming just rolling through on my way back down and I’m gonna end this video here thank you very much for watching I hope it gave you a good idea of what this very quaint and picturesque town is like it’s definitely something not to be missed if you’re here in Tunisia only 20 kilometers away from Tunis it’s not far you can do it interested in afternoon or evening and I’ll put my Instagram down below if you’re interested in seeing my stories and posts from Tunisia stay tuned for more videos in the country and I’ll see you in the next one [Music]
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