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Tour Of BABYLON, IRAQ, Largest City Of The Ancient World 🇮🇶 بابل

hello and welcome back to iraq today i’m leaving the capital baghdad and heading south currently in my hotel lobby here waiting for the driver we are going to start with babylon this morning which i’ll give you more details about once we’re there [Music] so currently here just by the entrance to the babylon historical site as you may know traveling in iraq you will have to go through various checkpoints at different times which is why i am touring around the country with bill weekend with my own driver and tour guide salaam alaikum you want to say hello hello this is my driver and so it just makes the whole process much easier smoothens out a lot of the things when they hand over your passport in the different checkpoints and just kind of gives you that bit of leverage oh you’re with a tour you’re paying you’re a tourist whereas if you’re on your own perhaps you might get more questions as the new visa on arrival thing is still a very new thing anyway the link to bill weekend is in the description as i mentioned in the last video i will show bits with my guide here in babylon and later on in kabbalah so after going through a couple checkpoints we are now here at the entrance to babylon itself here a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate is behind me here the blue and the patterns which are so iconic to babylon it’s a unesco world heritage site and there is just so much history 2300 bc it’s one of the most ancient places in the world i’ll talk a little bit more about it as we go inside and explore this is the stargate and this is the procession histories that we’re going to see and these are a few temples and zikr that babylon used to have right now most of the city is not excavated yet it’s like it’s a few meters down the floor so as we enter into the site this here was the main procession street of babylon and behind me here all of this was built during the 70s and 80s to give you an idea what it looked like although of course not being able to fully recreate the true great extent of this ancient city this here was the original location of the ishtar gate ishtar was the mesopotamian goddess of love and war here we can see some original work contrasted with the 20th century bricks that have been added to support all parts of the temples and structures so here we are down below beneath where ishtar gate was the present day street level compared to where it was incredible carvings the details on the animals on the sides here with space to step aside to let important people or the emperor pass when he needed to a dragon uh the legs of a lion an eagle and a snake and this represents the god the main god of babylon a lot of the bricks here at babylon contain the world’s oldest writing system cuneiform even poor marks on this particular one looking close up today we can see the inscriptions of nabul kadnezza he went to the trouble of writing his name and the achievements of his empire on every single brick the lion of babylon an iconic sculpture here to warn off any potential attackers or invaders that if you try to take the city you will have the same fate of this man as the lion of babylon will be what gets you this was all located in central southern mesopotamia from around the 18th to the 6th century bc it was at its prime you could say here we have the northern palace which was excavated very recently only in 2002 on the hill just here i mean the other side is what it would have looked like before then and you can just see by digging down below almost anywhere around this site you’re going to uncover lots of archaeological ruins [Music] this is the main hall and there is a hole right there the hole right there has the gaze on the side this hall has the gate in the middle and the reason of this is to make an echo in order for the emperor to have a speech here everybody can listen this right here is the throne hall and likely this is where alexander the great passed away we know that he died at babylon we can only imagine what it would have looked like these bricks give us some idea to the scale [Music] so there’s a great big iraqi family here eating lunch and i just wanted to take a quick shot of the dolma because i haven’t seen any in iraq so far but uh salaam alaikum i’m sure you’ve gifted some to me so hi the dolma come on hi malcolm within [Music] you have to give one place at least as a good uh what do you call it a goodwill gesture exactly could you just show how much dolma they ended up giving us so i’m not like that’s mad isn’t it i actually told them to get give me a very few and that was very few we are now here at the top of the hill overlooking ancient babylon wonderful views and just behind me is saddam hussein’s palace he spent a couple of billion dollars building opulent and elaborate palaces for himself all over iraq and this one is arguably the most well known by building his palace at this site it is a classic piece of appropriation taken right out of the dictators playbook to compare yourself to other great members of a previous civilization and just stamp your authority on the present day which is what he did if you look on the bricks in babylon you will see his inscriptions which have his name just like the ancient kings did so this is the head of saddam and on the left you can see some the the lion that we saw on easter gate and the ashore and some things from babylon and the arabism and it said that saddam actually only came to stay here for just one night but all the staff had to be ready with the food and all the employees had to be prepared because at any moment he could turn up but for years and years he didn’t and in fact this place was more or less just built for the purposes of iraq in his eyes rather than a place he would actually come on holiday or to relax it was more for the impact of showing his authority i would imagine [Music] um [Music] here you’ll see two letters of the arabic alphabet sardinha representing saddam hussein all the way up it goes you’ll see the markings in his name absolutely everywhere dotted around the palace today the remnants of graffiti still inside they haven’t yet decided whether to turn it into a museum or what to do with it but i think for historical value that should probably be the best course of action the swimming pool right there and some more shots of the outside after 2003 this place of course was destroyed the people came and damaged everything and stripped it bare as you can imagine and it’s quite a thought to think that today you can now walk around this palace fairly freely when once it was only accessible really to one person who was believed to have been above everybody else [Music] having left babylon we are now here in the town or small city of hiller and we are going to have some lunch before then heading on to kabula so sat down here in the non-family section here with hussein and muhammad the driver and what have we got here by the way we have mendy which is rice and they don’t have the chicken they have the meat mandi okay which is uh lamb yeah meat and of course the hummus the lemon [Music] and some soup here and now we are waiting for uh we’re waiting for the kebab yeah all right because we cannot start okay we can we can stop we can dig in let’s dig in yeah and of course we cannot end the whole thing without the iraqi bread of course more food has arrived they are enormous [Music] there’s onion yeah lemon tomatoes basil leaves yeah [Music] following our lunch at hiller we took the journey here to kabula which took i guess between 30 to 45 minutes and this is my hotel there is a balcony and i’m not sure if there’s much of a view let’s find out originally i was thinking of putting babylon and karbala into one video but i think i’m going to make it two separate videos let’s see a bit of a sunset over there not the best view in the world but a slight skyline of karbala now this is one of the most sacred sites for shiite muslims in the world which i’ll get to in the next video but in terms of babylon i’m going to end things here so do stay tuned my instagram is at jasonvillam travel i’d really appreciate a followers i’m trying to reach 50k followers but anyway i hope you enjoyed this video of babylon and seeing saddam’s abandoned palace and lots more coming i’m going to take a nap for an hour or so take a shower and then we’re going to head out and see the famous shrines here in kabula and visit some of the souks i’ll see on the next video peace [Music] now you
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