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Tour Dani Dazey’s Color-Filled Home In L.A. | Handmade Home

[Music] i would say my home is daring colorful and playful but also elevated hi my name is danny daisy and this is my handmade home in los angeles california [Music] hi my name is danny daisy i’m an interior designer fashion designer textile designer i do too many things and this is my colorful maximal home in los angeles come on in this is my house of color when we moved in here it looked nothing like this this was nothing but a white box so there was not a lot of color going on and i think we really turned this house on its head uh we wallpapered the ceiling we changed out this lighting fixture for something really statementy then we did this fun accent wall i love to put an accent wall on the very first wall you see when you walk into the house and it really gives that pop of color we picked a really fun tile again i tied in the black mantel the hearth right here and the dark floor so we did this fun circle motif tied in the pink that we have in the room as well as the black and yellow so a lot of people ask me all the time where did you get your couch this is a modular couch this wasn’t like a tri-color multi-color couch it’s a modular couch and we just ordered each section in a different color and i think it makes a total statement piece and it’s a definite furniture buying hack that really worked out i think paint is the most powerful tool in design what it can do to a space is it’s just so impactful one thing you’ll notice about this room is there’s still a lot of white walls and i’m not mad at a white wall i think that white wall can actually be really nice and bring in a lot of light to a room but it’s really about having those pops of color and something that i really known for in my design is having something a little different on each wall this is another really easy way to start introducing color into the wall this is just a circle mural all we did was put a nail in the center of the wall took a string a pencil drew the circle using the nail as an anchor point and then painted it in and this is actually a floor rug that i just stapled on the wall which is another fun way to add texture and different elements to the wall and rugs are a lot cheaper than a textured art piece so another wall that you see when you walk in the living room flows into the dining room so i added a fun little statement here so when you walk in you see yellow you see pink then you see the green of the kitchen which we’ll get to in a moment favorite piece of the house is this table how cool is it it’s different colors of marble all inlaid together and as an artist myself i’m all about finding artistic statement pieces for the home it’s so special and so unique and it’s really a big room given the size of the house so i needed to find something that was going to fill it and kind of be the centerpiece of that room and i think this statement table is something that so many people like notice right away so i designed all of my interiors on photoshop first and this was a wall i was just planning on leaving white but then when i finished this space it just looked so odd and i feel like i needed to add something so i ended up doing a really simple mural and if you can see behind here basically it’s just like a half arc that intersects with the circle and then it’s painted in the middle where they intersect and then i put this really fun macrame art piece on top and now it’s a really fun statement wall and it ties in to the ceiling and it ties into the table with the color and the rug also ties in all the color and really makes it make sense even though there’s so much color going on in this room and if you divert your eyes up we have a pink ceiling i love that this house had original ceiling coat ceilings it has really great bones which is really easy for me to work with as a designer but adding this pop of color and the wallpaper just really brings your eyes up and shows the cool detail in the ceiling and another one of my favorite hacks is switching out the canned lighting so all of these cute little lights that you see with the brass face and the alabaster this was just a candle lighting we used a candle lighting converter kit and swapped them out and it was super easy and instead of having boring recessed lighting we have cute little statement pieces that actually add to the design and really make the ceiling a part of the art piece as well let me take you to our kitchen look it this is the most fun retro green and somehow it still works with the rest of the space switching out lighting painting hardware is really the best way to transform a space on a budget these were recessed lighting now they’re beautiful semi-flush fixtures and it adds just so much character to a space i feel like recessed lighting i’m like recess lighting’s number one enemy i’m trying to cancel canned lighting you’ll see in our house how much character and fun the lighting switch adds and you’ll see again and again there’s like kind of a circle theme going on in the house whether it’s in the tile the light fixtures or the little accent walls that we do when we first bought this house all the counters were gray i love every color in the world i even love black and white i don’t like gray the counters i knew had to go and i think adding pattern i mean i’m a pattern designer so adding pattern was such a fun touch to this kitchen we actually kept all of the original cabinetry and just painted them green if you use a sponge roller you can repaint cabinets and these have stood up to a year of wear and tear we also switched out all of the hardware that’s another affordable hack we did these really cool brass knobs we switched out everything for brass we even got this gorgeous brass sink happening [Music] i find so many people are afraid of color which to me is so silly i mean color is a beautiful amazing thing as a little kid i’m sure you loved color but i don’t know what made so many grown adults afraid of color this room is a little office slash guest room i feel like ceilings are the number one forgotten item when decorating and renovating and i did not want these ceilings to go to waste i wanted them to be a part of the design and really all it took was a little bit of paint okay a lot of paint um and some fun trim pieces that we added ourselves there’s always a trust the process moment when painting because the red and the yellow started to look like ketchup and mustard i was like oh my god did i make a terrible mistake and then we added the pink accent and once a few more coats of paint went on it really started to work and then tied together by the ceiling and the fun lighting fixture we put in i love mixing in the highs and lows of design finding vintage pieces and really incorporating them in the space okay our best vintage finds in this house are the vintage moroccan rugs i just love the high pile of the rugs and the cool color and they’re really like art pieces on your floor and i’m all about making sure every single surface in the house has something fun and interesting and these rugs really bring life to the floors when you live in la you don’t have a lot of space so we try to make the most of all the different rooms in our house so this is actually a pull out couch it is possible to find beautiful pull out couches this one’s from joy bird and it’s really comfortable and we’re able to use this as a guest room and a little office space which is really nice it can be hard to pull off a space that feels colorful and playful but also grown up and i guess fancy for lack of a better word [Music] welcome to our bedroom and when i say bedroom it’s literally just a room with a bed in it because that’s all we could fit we chose the smallest room in our house for the bedroom because all we really do is sleep in here and it’s also really a relaxing peaceful space we went with matching wallpaper to matching sheets as a textile designer it’s always been my dream to have like a fully patterned singular room and that’s what we did here something we obviously also did was added some pops of color we went with an orange i think is really cute and a little bit of yellow as well and i think it just kind of makes the room more dynamic and fun when i was originally designing this room it was like mostly overwhelmingly blue but i think the pops of color makes it feel a little more special a little more warm i think it really ties in the room i think every home needs a pop of color somewhere even if you’re a minimalist you can use a pop of color whether it’s tied into your pillows maybe it’s an accent wall a piece of furniture i think pops of color can just add so much to his face and bring a lot of joy this is what we like to call the green room or the den we decided to go with the smallest room for the bedroom and keep this big room for something we can share with friends this is my pseudo conversation pit area and what’s really cool about this room is it has a hallway right to the main living area so it’s really easy to use as a den and it also has gorgeous french doors that go out into the patio so i found these chairs secondhand and i think they were kind of the biggest inspiration around designing this room these chairs were so cool i knew i had to use them and i was like i guess we’re having a green room in the house i also paired it with pink pink and green is one of my favorite color combinations we picked the fabric on this couch it’s a modular couch we also did another wallpapered ceiling this was very hard to do but i think it turned out really neat and something in this room that was a little different it didn’t have the sort of framing but we still wanted to leave the edges of the ceiling uh just painted so we did our own framing with trim here and these were also recessed lighting that we turned into semi-flush fixtures and now the ceiling’s a beautiful statement when it was just a plain ceiling with canned lights we also added this little bookshelf here another thing about this room is it’s my personal closet because it has the biggest closet and where my clothing line is housed and one of my favorite parts about this room is these gorgeous doors that go into our patio area our patio is probably one of our most used spots in the house it’s a small area but we really made the most of it again california is all about indoor outdoor living so we always have the doors open sometimes we’ll work out here we’re always hosting and it’s really become our little sanctuary in the city some of my biggest inspirations for the color scheme here were palm springs and beverly hills hotel i really wanted it to feel like a resort and like we’re on vacation every day we really made the most of this space with the seating arrangement we have a fun fire pit in the middle that we love for entertaining i think the carpet also really makes it feel like that indoor outdoor living blankets pillows it’s where we have our coffee every morning it’s so cozy we got so lucky with all of the foliage and landscaping and citrus in our yard and i think it just adds a fun pop of color with all of the orange we also have a hot tub me and philip work together at this house we’re here all day long so we need a place to just relax at night blow off some steam and we use it all of the time i think design is incredibly powerful and can actually change your mood and make you feel more bold and more like yourself so this is our adu when you work from home having a separate place to work in even if it’s just across the patio makes a huge difference in actually separating your work and home life it’s also nice because we do rent our house out for photo shoots because it’s very bold a lot of production in la and a lot of video shoots so when we rent the house out for shoots we just lock ourselves up in here and work all day right here is the biggest mural in the house definitely the most creative here’s one of my original paintings i usually don’t end up keeping any of my own art for myself because i get a lot of commissioned pieces and we’re usually super busy but i just wanted to keep something fun in this room that felt creative and it felt like it had my touch on it this little funky couch is actually another pull out couch we moved to the other side of town so we needed a lot of places for our friends to come crash at when we host parties and things like that i’m so passionate about daring design whether it’s my clothing line or my interior design i want to make things that bring people joy feel like they bring out their personality and give them a sense of bravery if you like this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe to handmade for more home tours just like this [Music]
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