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Total Body Warm Up Cardio – 5 Minute Warm Up Workout

hello everyone this is Daniel from Fitness blunder comm and today I’m gonna be taking you through a total body warm-up routine there’s gonna be really nice and quick three about five minutes long we’re doing ten different exercises and we’re doing each one for about 30 seconds each so let me go and get my timer started and we’ll jump right in so our first one that is going to be a push pull so just nice and slow moving back and forth you press your arms out and back in let’s go ahead and get started so press them out work those muscles against each other slowly squeeze those arms back again as tight as you can behind you press them back forward again and roll those shoulders forward as much as you can contract in that chest it’s a nice slow controlled motion just back and forth really making those muscles work against each other every single second just keep that motion going about ten seconds left to go until we switch out to our next one which is gonna be a high knee March just keep it going a little bit longer and onto high knee March nice and slow just bring those knees up as high as you possibly can this is less about how fast you’re going and more about the range of motion so start something relatively small and then start building into a bigger and bigger range of motion as those joints and muscles start warming up a little bit just keep that motion going like I said start really really trying to force that range of motion the further you get into this trying to get as much range of motion out of each motion as you can five seconds left until we move to our next one who’s going to be an arm circle so nice big circles with those arms and switch it so all the way around nice big circle pause the bottom reverse it nice big circle back around the opposite direction so trying to move at that maximum range that that arm will allow for that entire circle so nice and close to your chest over your head back behind you as tight as possible and then reverse it again about ten seconds left we move five more seconds we’ve got a deep squat coming up next nice slow motion but really really nice deep range of motion so down as low as it’s comfortable for you if you can’t go as low as I can that’s perfectly fine just go as low as is comfortable you want to try to really open up those hip sockets work on those those knees up as well as just kind of getting all the rest of those muscles their supporting muscles warmed up as well nice big full range of motion starts being that motion up just a little bit as you feel more and more comfortable as as muscles start warming up for you you know down relax we’ve got an arm circle rotation so those arms gonna rotate as well as one-legged time so as you rotate out with those hands that leg comes out rotate in and switch hands switch legs that is and back in just keep alternating back and forth trying to rotate as much as you can warm up those rotator cuff muscles and as well as that hip joint those hip flexors just nice and slow rotating back and forth trying to get as much range of motion as you can on each one of these as well what they’ll relax we’re doing a fluid warrior next so starting next string tall hands up out to one side over and down stretch up back to that warrior and back to the center same thing in the other side it’s about over up back warrior and back to the center we’re gonna do it one more time really nice and quick out stretch it back to the center all right let’s do the same thing or sorry we’re doing moving on to the next one which is going to be a torso rotation so nice and slow rotating left to right you want to pick that pick that Nia kind of start pushing it in the opposite direction you’re trying to rotate those shoulders try to push that hip across trying to get as much stretch on that torso as possible this isn’t a quick motion it’s just a really nice tight squeeze nice tight contraction as you rotate those shoulders left to right should be feeling it through that torso primarily gonna let that relaxed or move on up and out so nice quick motion kind of get a little hop going with those feet one knee comes up and over then the other knee comes up and over just all take it back and forth trying to open your hip up as much as you can as well as a bring your knee up as high as possible warming those calves up warm that hip joint up just keep it going nice quick motion we’re almost done just two more to go five more seconds on this one now we’re do just a traditional boxer shuffle so just a boxer shuffle stand up on those toes just keep those feet moving kind of slowly bringing that heart rate up should be starting to feel a little bit warm by now it’s a temperature warm maybe getting a little tiny bit of a sweat going but depends on your ambient temperature how warm it is in the room you’re in just keep it going you got 10 seconds left you got one work sir sighs go to me jumping jacks who’s gonna bring that heart rate up a really nice and high and get you possibly even to the point where you’re starting to break a pretty good sweat and start them up full jumping jack thirty Seconds keep those arms and legs contracted nice and tight nice quick motion speed it up as you can so even though this is a warm-up if you want to go just have slow as it’s comfortable for you but if everything’s feeling nice and limber then go ahead and push it no sense in not getting a few ups of calories burned while you’re doing it if I have more seconds to go nice tight squeeze on all those muscles and let it relax all right that is your warm-up this warm-up is complete so make sure you get over and do that next routine get that body nice and tired see you guys next time you
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