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Total Body Slim Down // PIIT

– Hey guys, Cassey here. I just have to let you guys know. I am so proud of you for
how strong and committed you guys have been through
this entire PIIT process, I’ve just basically thrown
at you, but you know what? You’ve been building up
your muscular strength with pop bodies. And then when we added in
that hit in the cardio, you’re killing it, yes, you are. You know what, I love PIIT so much because it’s literally the thing
that I do every single day, whether it’s morning or at night, and actually one day a week, everyone at the Blogilates headquarters gets together in the gym and we do PIIT and they don’t know this, but I make it extra hard because I don’t have to be
talking the entire time. So, yeah. Sorry guys. Anyway, if you super love PIIT, like I do, then you are gonna be so excited, because in March I am releasing PIIT28. PIIT28 is a program for those of you who want to take up to the
next level for 28 days, we’re gonna be doing a
transformation program and it’s fun. So if you wanna join, just
go to and yeah. I’ll talk more about it later. But today we’re focusing
on your total body PIIT. We’re targeting everything, guys ready? 45 seconds on 15 seconds
off, you’ve got seven moves. You can give me your everything. If this is your only workout
of the day, do it four times, And if it’s just part of your
calendar workout, do it twice. Ready? Let’s go. Okay guys, before we start, I have to demo one move for you because I don’t want
you to get all frazzled, when we get there. The second move is called
Tricep Push up Froggers. It’s a combination move. Now look, a tricep pushup means that your hands are right
underneath your shoulders and the elbows are coming back. Notice how they are touching my shirt and I’m gonna lift up. Okay, that’s tricep push up and then we frog it, just like that. Now look, this is a very difficult move, if you can do it, great, if
not, then all I want you to do, is come on on the knees, just like so, give me the tricep push up, and then you can frog
it and drop your knees. That’s all. There is always work that can be done. You can always get stronger and that’s just something to work out to. You guys ready? All right guys, my timer
is set and here we go. We’re starting in 10 seconds. Your first move is the Single Legged Hops. Make sure your shoes are nice and tight so that you don’t get hurt. Alright, so on one leg, we’re
simply hopping back and forth. Now this is great for
calf work, because look, I’m on the ball of my
foot the entire time. So during this first round, you’re just gonna do your right leg and then for round two, you’re going to switch to your left. And if it’s too boring being in one place, then you know what, you can hop around. You can go wherever you want. But you stay on that leg
and you keep hopping. Very good, you’ve only 19 seconds left. Come on, you feel that calf? Oh yeah, can you hop higher? Then my braid is just
like tapping my back. Well, it’s like giving
me a pat on the back saying “Cassey, you’re doing a great job.” You got five more seconds. Let’s go. And then we got that crazy move. Three, two, one. Oh, my bad you got a
little bit farther, sorry. Okay, Tricep Push Up Froggers. Okay, it’s not easy. I’m gonna put this here
so I know when to stop. Okay guys, ready? Hands beneath the shoulders. Let’s go, keep the back flat. We’re coming down and up in and out. Down and up (exhales) And just like that. Every time you land, I want you to make sure
your feet are flat. The elbow’s coming right back, the eyes right down at your mat. You don’t have to look up. Don’t look at your heels. Look right down at your mat. And your pretty finger nails, not cut jumps up to me, but I got it. it’s leftover colors from
year New Year’s Eve party. I feel like it should definitely
be springtime party now. Come on, you got one more and in and out. (timer buzzes)
(sighs) Very very good. Your next move is Jumping Lunges. Come on guys, you know
this one, easy, right? Make sure that chest is open
belly button in shoulders back. You’re looking forward, here we go. In four, three, two. Jump that lung, here we go. Boom. You’re getting low. You’re not cheating and
staying high, right? Yes. That’s how you do it. Can you jump in? If you are getting tired, feel
free to just walk it back, walk it back. Otherwise, if you got it in you, jump it. This is PIIT after all,
it’s only 28 minutes long. We’re doing all four
rounds and you’re done. Come on, come on. Let me look at you. Yes. Get low. You got 13 seconds left. Those legs are burning. Yes they are. I score it, use those arms. Pump it. Three, two, one. (timer buzzing) Huh! We’ve lighted our own fire. Okay, we’re going to Attitude Pulses. So calm it down, calm it down. Shoulders back, open up that chest. Hey guys, look, arms in front, belly button in, and we’re going to lift it up. (timer buzzing) Attitude Pulse, whoa. Lift your eyes. Your gaze for just tiny
little presses like that. Like you’re the little
thing inside a jewelry box. We call it a ballerina. Come on. I’m just turning around. You don’t have to do this, because I just want you
to see the movement. Relax your shoulders, relax your fingers. Squeeze your booty and
your low back right here. Lift, lift. My heart rate is so high from all of those prior jumping lunges Lift, lift. Come on and find stability, find balance. You’re doing amazing. One and rest.
(timer buzzing) (breathing heavily) Okay guys. We’re bringing it back to
Dancing Doll, our favorite. So again, mindset of the
ballerina and going like this. Long fingers, belly in,
here we go. (timer buzzing) Keep your chest open, your fingers long and cross those legs. Oh man. You know what guys, this
braid is slopping me again. I would not recommend this
hairstyle during this move because shit’s hitting my head. Every time it hits my hand,
probably losing brain cells. Okay, you go on. Come on. Point the toes, then let in
the fingers, think ballerina. Think ballerina. Very good. Yeah, so here we go. Just hopping side to side. You look amazing. You got 13 seconds left, can you do it? Go harder. Dance, perform, you dancing doll. You got it. Nice. Yes. (timer buzzing) Okay, this thing needs to calm down. Okay. Side Plank Crunches. Now look, we’ve done Plank Attacks before, but crunches means
you’re gonna lift it up. Hands on the mat, elbow on the mat. (timer buzzing) Palm up, now what you
do is crunch up and up. Yes, now notice how my feet, the top one has crossed over the bottom. You can look up or you can look at me. All I want you to do is to lift the hip. Lift it, don’t worry about touching here. Imagine there’s something
here you don’t wanna touch it. And every time it just pulls up. Oh wait, oh wait. You feel those obliges that you do? I bet you do, you know what? In round two years,
which is the other side. Let’s not just work one side. That would not be okay. Hip going up. Breathe, breathe. And you’ve got one more move, guys. Come on. Last one. (timer buzzing)
Hold it and down. (sighs loudly) Okay, your last move is your Quick Feet, or your football runs. Now in this motion, I want you to go as fast as you can, okay here, Why did it hit with a park. Hands are braced, hands in front, Just like this, really, really fast. Just like that. Whoa, my pack is moving
all around my back, hope it doesn’t fall. Here we go. Come on, faster, faster. Hands in front, come on. High five, high 10s actually. Just like you see it, super fast. Let’s go. Can you go faster? (screams) Keep going guys. Keep going you see I’m going so fast. Can you hold itself together? Let’s go, hands in front. Come on. You got 15 seconds. Let’s go super fast, super fast. Hands in front. Come on. You got it. Seven. Six. Faster! Two. One. (timer buzzing) Okay guys, well, as you can see, you better have been
moving just as fast as me or fast because this guy,
he couldn’t even handle it. This is the thing that connects right here and you can hear him breath real hard. Okay guys, I hope you
enjoyed that workout. Let me know in the comments below, which one of these moves is your favorite and if you wanna join the
PIIT 28-day challenge, trust me, you do, it’s super fun, go I’m going to get some water and I’m doing this three more times. All right guys,
congratulations and love you. Bye. (lively music)
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