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Total Body Pilates ♥ 10 Minute Workout For Results | Amazon River

welcome to the beautiful amazon jungle of peru we are here today along the amazon river to bring you a quick and super effective pilates workout that will challenge your body in every way together in this class today were going to tone and strengthen your core create definition in your arms and sculpt the lower body so if you’re ready all you are going to need is your mat some water and 10 minutes of your time to work your entire body this workout today is sponsored and brought to you by Skillshare skillshare is an online database of over 20,000 educational classes and tutorials that include all kinds of creative arts and online skills Array when we started Boho Beautiful we used sites just like this to learn how to do everything from shooting and editing videos to photography and website skills were excited to be giving away a free 2 month memership to the first 500 people who click the link in the description of this video so if you would like to learn how to take creative skills to the next level click the link below with that said lets get back to our workout roll out that mat grab your water and lets begin
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