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Total Body Cooldown – Compound Movements For A Total Body Stretch

everyone this is Daniel at Fitness blend calm and we’re going to do a nice slow about six minute long stretch routine and we’re gonna be doing a lot of compound movements so a lot of multiple exercises or multiple stretches simultaneously so we’re gonna go through each one just one by one for about thirty seconds each so let’s go ahead and get started I’m gonna start my timer up here when we starting up with an overhead tricep extensive stretch plus an inside thigh sore so you go out really nice and deep one hand comes up over your head I’m going to drop down and lean back towards that that hip you have that straight leg on actually gonna stretch out the other side so lean away from that bent knee should get a little extra stretch of your torso and on that tricep hold it for a little bit longer and same thing on the other side so just drop it over the hip bring the other hand up grab that elbow and lean across just keep those lungs open constantly trying to push into that stretch just a little bit more you never want to get to the point where you’re starting to lose that stretch as you start to limber up a little bit during the stretch you always want to push into it a little bit more to keep a constant tension and then relax guns stand up I’m gonna do a torso stretch and stretch an arm cross so grab that arm bring it across and then rotate towards that arm so you’re actually gonna try to bring your hips all the way across getting that torso to rotate as much as you can just using your muscles to do that torso rotation the same time as pulling that arm across should get a little extra stretch out that shoulder as well by doing this just hold it there keep those lungs open and let it relax same thing off to the other sides and grab it opposite arm pull across really rotate across keep those lungs open all right next ways when we got toe touch with an overhead shoulder stretch so I can do a left side right side so cross the left foot or your right foot over top of your left bring those arms back up behind your head and stretch it down as much as you can it relax for just second swap those legs same thing over on the other side is it stupid forward stretch it down try to get those arms to pull for as far as you can leaning for that lady’s nose you can nice straight leg and let her relax we’re doing a quad stretch plus a chest stretch so bringing both that leg up both those hands back towards that foot bring that heel up towards your butt pull that leg back as far behind you as you can the same time it’s kind of pushing out just a little bit to pull those arms back behind you to stretch that chest push that chin up a little bit to get will extra stretch that neck same thing on the other side grab that foot push it out pull those shoulders back both of those upper back muscles and you can attention pushing back with that foot I’ll let that relax we’ve got a neck and wrists stretch it’s gonna lean you head off to the side hand comes out in front stretch that wrist out we’re sorry lean that opposite arm so lean towards the arm you’re stretching sorry drop that shoulder down so you get a little extra stretch that neck same thing the other side so stress out other wrist leaning that head off the other side keep that shoulder dropped to get a little extra stretch that neck a deep glute stretch next I gotta lay down flat on your back across one foot up over top grab behind that thigh and pull in just make sure when you’re doing deep blue stretch you don’t grab over top of that knee you don’t want to compress that knee so grab behind that thigh and pull in from there so your upper body completely relaxed just constantly pull on that leg in should be feeling this in that glute of the leg you have crossed over top same thing in the other side cross those legs over grab behind that thigh and pull in again you’re feeling it on this leg one you have crossed over top just keep those lungs open you can go and flip over into a cobra stretch so roll over onto your stomach hands down by the bay see a ribcage arching up really nice and high lock those arms out pull those shoulders back punch that chin up towards the ceiling really arch that back as much as you can just try to get a really good stretch of that torso so it was abdomen there’s abdominal muscles excuse me and that lower back going into a shell stretch keep those knees pulled up underneath you start out with those hands fully extended hold that for just a few seconds left that back release slowly draw those hands in bring them all the way down to those knees and then push into the palm of your hand rounding that back out pulling those shoulders down into those hips just hold it there stretching nice and tight get a good stretch that lower back let it relax alright guys that warm up or cool down has done hope you guys enjoyed it this workout is complete we’ll see you next time you
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