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Total Arm Workout

hey guys you’re watching X hit with me Rebecca Louise now I’ve been getting so many emails and comments about arm workouts so guess what we’ve bought one specially for you today so you need to get your weight or if you haven’t got weights then tin cans of food works perfectly we’re going to do the big 30 okay so we’re going to do 10 going this way 10 out to the side and then want you to lean forward I’m gonna do 10 this way okay that’s why it’s called the big 30 okay okay you want to keep those arms nice and straight keep that back straight that head in line try not to stick it forward you want a slight bend in the knees as well get hold that tummy in that core tight okay give me three more this position okay and let’s take it out to the side you got ten again now you want to make sure that when you lift the arm up it’s not going over the line of your shoulders okay I could start feeling my horror getting up from getting getting warm okay give me three more on this way – and the last one okay now I just want you to bend slightly forwards keeping the weight plate in front and coming out for ten now it should really be feeling it in those arms if you can only pull it to about 45 degree angle up then that’s fine okay halfway through buy more this way as if she’s taking it nice and slowly try not use the momentum to get the the arms to lift up two more but I can feel it last one okay just rotate those shoulders let’s take it onto the famous Arnold press taking those weights out in front of us I’m going one motion all the way up and then bring those weights out in front of us we’ve got 15 that’s it to try and make it all one fluid motion give me a slight bend in those knees as well keep that core pulled in okay she really feeling it tend to go to retrain straighten those arms as you get to the top and you think about making right angles as you get out to the side come on keep it going so we do use those arm muscles you can feel them by to go as it count down with me okay four to go three I’ll sit keep making sure that your technique is right to push up push all that heads in line and your last one push all the way up and down okay when you’re taking into some alternating raises so taking your right hand your arm who’s gonna put it up in front of you and at the same time you do that you’re gonna raise your left arm out to the side and then taking them both down and then we’re gonna swap so the left arm goes up at the same time as the right arm goes out to the side okay we’ve got 12 1 Patrick is nice and slow try not to use the momentum to get you up just want to use those arm muscles to pull those weights up you want to try and get it in line with your shoulders okay keep that back nice and straight head in line five to go four keep counting with me and one more on each side last time and gently down okay let us feel hard onto these weights gonna be using the whole time you’re doing this workout so think about putting your thumbs forward we’re gonna go up we’re gonna bring them down and they just want you to turn your palms outward and we’re going to bring them out to the side okay we’ve got 20 of these so this is one and two okay so just think about where your thumbs are facing as it turned the palms out and taking them out try not move your elbows keep them in the same position again slight bend in that knee it’s gonna help with your core stability how’s it and back straight just looking out in front of you it’s just a small motion we are working those are muscles we’re there to tone up you should start to feel the burn on your arm guys you’ve all been asking for these workouts and now we’re giving them to you it’s got to do them so let me know how you get on okay you’re over halfway so just on the home straight keep it going come on guys excellent job so five five to go okay let’s do one more each side up to the side cool okay let’s again rotate down shoulders now we were working out our biceps here okay so I want you to slight bend in the knees again pull that tummy in back straight we’re gonna lift the arms up and we’re going to take it down and we’re slowly gonna go down okay using those forearms we’ve got 15 of these so let’s take it up for one how’s it try thing about not moving those elbows keep them tucked into your waist and then nice and slow down okay come on let’s keep it going just think of those arms are gonna look super toned tend to go but really think about your posture too want to make sure that we are doing this correctly we don’t want to injure ourselves okay keep breathing remember anytime that you need to have a break have some water just press pause then come back to us we’re not going anywhere keep it going excellent job guys come on stay with me bye to go to spire to go come on keep it going nice slowly down working those forearms keep those elbows in to the waist lots of things to remember but if you do it properly you really are gonna feel and see the definition change in your arms come on two more nice and slow right in last time and down who okay give those arms a little bit of a shape now still I’m sort of concept that we have with the first exercise we did the 30s we’re gonna do the twelve all numbers today when working out these their arms so I just waiting to do for taking it down then slight bend in the knees we’re just going to bring it up to a 90-degree angle once you’ve gone for we’re then gonna bring it all the way up to our shoulders and back down that’s gonna be the next four and then for the last four we’re gonna take it from the down all the way up to the shoulders okay are you ready let’s go so just a 90 degree angle before two more how’s it keep that back nice and straight now from here we’re gonna take it for again 90 degree angle opening it to here two more in this position okay last one okay let’s take it all the way down I’m gonna do four all the way up to the shoulders four three nice and slow – and the last one make sure you make it count taking it down okay I am relaxed three more exercises to go come on we can get through this we’re gonna climb down I just want your back just a little bit you’re gonna keep it nice and straight I just want you to come forward knees bent you’re gonna think about having your elbows into your waist I’m just gonna extend those arms back and then bring them back in again okay we have 15 these are really are working our triceps okay keep it going come on keep that back nice and straight you just want to look forward ten to go okay I know it’s difficult but try and squeeze those elbows to the waist and then extend as you get out to the bag here we go pull all guy just thinking about those triceps this is those bingo wings that we get I know if you pull them out in America but we do in England is that wobbly bit underneath the arm for to go as gonna really improve that muscle to more and the last one okay now we’re gonna swap over weight other than using a fibers wanted to know I’m going to increase it to attend just for this workout so we’re still gonna be working out this muscle here that wobbling bit the triceps I just want you to take the weight over your head and just gonna just dip down okay so just over behind the head we’ve got ten of these okay we are working that tricep okay back nice and straight come on keep it going you’ve only got this exercise and one more to go you got five of these left by hand count down with me oh you see your arms working three two okay one more make sure we’re making it count all the way down and taking it all the way up to the top and release okay you’ll get rid of the weights we have one more exercise for yeah so coming down onto the ground you just put your hands facing towards your bottom we’re going to come up bending those knees I was just gonna dip down okay you’ve got 15 of these to finish that’s number one now try not getting your butt to touch the ground just want to an inch off and this one’s great you don’t even need any weights anytime you got a spare thirty seconds now let’s just drop down and work those triceps come on keep going you got six to go five let’s get make sure you keep breathing all the way through to the end of the workout two to go come on last one bring it all the way up and release okay just get those arms a little bit of a wiggle shake them out and if you need to do any stretches remember when we do do these workouts it is important to cool down too so these are just a few arm exercises that you can do to make sure that we do cool down now this workout was designed because you guys at home wanted it and it’s that easy if you’ve got any questions or there’s a group of muscles when you want to work out then let us know and we will get straight on to it to making a workout designed especially for you now in the meantime exit has got plenty more workouts for you so make sure you subscribe to the channel you can hit this link it’s going to send you a free newsletter – so what’s even better than that my name is Rebecca Louise you can follow me on Twitter at the model pilot great working out with you guys today and make sure you come back and visit X here again soon
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