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TOP 7 Chest Exercises Ranked WORST To BEST! || STOP WASTING TIME!

you know guys sometimes you don’t have the luxury of sticking to all the exercises in your program maybe you’re traveling a lot like me or maybe your gym has become so packed lately that you need to mix things up just to finish your workout so i thought it would be fun to create a series taking the seven most common exercises i see people in my gym training with and rank them based on how effective they are building muscle mass now if you’re new to my channel you should know that i have hundreds of videos to help you correct your form on a multitude of exercises on my website they’re all organized by body part and level of difficulty and so before we dive in know that at any time you can click this link right here for a free 7-day trial of my website where you can watch those videos gain access to my custom meal planner and try any of my 12 week workout programs now let’s get started alright so kicking things off with number seven is the plate press or sven press and this exercise does have its uses but building muscle mass isn’t one of them tick-tock would have you believe otherwise and that the inward pressure on the plate will help you build your mid-chest but all you’re really doing is helping your brain to build a stronger mind muscle connection as you feel chest fibers activate that you may have never felt before remember to build mass you need a combination of heavy weight and volume so unless you’re warming up supersetting with a heavy press or have time for a finisher exercise i’d leave this one out of your routine number six is dumbbell flies now despite the fact that pulling the arms closer together is a pure pectoral motion the major hang up with the dumbbell flies is that you lose tension on your chest toward the top of the movement as the dumbbells are brought together you’re also limited by how much weight you can safely perform the movement with as you need to maintain a slight bend in your elbows too often i see guys turn the dumbbell fly into a press variation because they’re trying to go too heavy with the movement however an advantage of this movement is that because you’re performing it on a bench incorporating flies into a superset with a dumbbell press would be relatively easy to do and help you maximize bringing more volume into your workouts without extending your training time by too much number five is cable flies and now the reason why these rank higher than dumbbell flies is because they’re more efficient when it comes to keeping constant tension on your chest during your reps this is because regardless of which variation you’re performing the cables are constantly creating tension in your chest muscles as long as the weight stack remains elevated also if you’re having a hard time maintaining your balance when moving heavy weight you can always introduce a bench for back support and still keep that constant tension in your chest as long as the bench is placed properly the only real drawback here when compared to the dumbbell fly is that depending on your gym setup it can be tough to find a bench to bring to the cable machine and you most likely won’t be able to snag a pair of dumbbells to superset with presses if your gym is packed but if you can’t make it happen nothing makes a superset more intense than a scoop of pre-workout you guys know eno explode has been my pre-workout of choice for the last 11 years and the new vaso formula hits hard with a massive pump and that tingly feeling that makes you want to lift all the weight in the gym so be sure to check it out i’ll drop a link down in the comment section below now on to number four on my list and that’s machine presses and most gyms usually have a flat decline and incline variation some benefits to using them is that you can really overload the weight and don’t have to worry about needing a spot if you fail also the machine is a fixed range of motion meaning that it would be very hard for you to perform the exercise incorrectly however because machine exercises are all about a standardized or fixed range of motion that takes away all the balance and stabilization that would normally be required to perform the movement with a barbell or dumbbells now this can be great for beginners but may hold back someone who is a bit more advanced looking for more muscle fiber recruitment but as long as you properly adjust the seat height and pack his shoulders tight you should be able to train your chest hard number three on the list is chest dips but first if you’re unsure of the difference between chest dips and triceps dips i have a video you can watch right here for form instructions but what makes this exercise so great is that it’s one of the few movements that allow us to place a lot more emphasis on the lower chest and you can utilize bands your body weight or weight belt to progress from beginner to advanced however a major setback here is that if you have poor shoulder mobility you could experience pain or discomfort as you perform the movement now if that sounds like you this doesn’t mean abandon the exercise either way you’re gonna have to work on your shoulder mobility for your own safety and overall shoulder health so my suggestion would be to start with body weight or bands and in between your sets perform shoulder mobility stretches and exercises to help loosen up your shoulders because let’s be honest i rarely see anyone hitting dips hot in my gym so i know that station is always open number two on my top seven list of exercises is the barbell press and as we know if you want to build muscle you need to lift heavy and the barbell is going to be your best bet to move the most amount of weight you can focus on overall chest activation with the flat bench place more emphasis on the upper chest with the incline press or focus on gaining more mass on your lower chest utilizing the decline press but no matter which variation you choose as long as you maintain proper form you’ll be able to overload each set without fear of failing as long as you have a spot up but in terms of overall chest activation for building muscle mass in my opinion we still fall a bit short of the number one exercise on our list due to the fixed range of motion caused by your hands having to firmly grip the barbell during the movement remember that the chest is responsible not only for pressing but i’m adduction as well and adduction can be only achieved with the use of dumbbells so it should be no surprise that the dumbbell press is number one on the list but it’s there for a few other reasons as well having the freedom to abduct your arms as you press the weight up also means that you need to recruit more muscle fibers and rely on stronger surrounding stabilizer muscles to not only maintain your balance on the bench but keep your arms moving in the same up and down movement pattern during the entire set also because there’s no barbell going across your chest you’ll be able to achieve a deeper stretch the bottom of each repetition which will compound with the heart of flex at the top of the movement due to being able to bring your arms together however there is one major drawback to the dumbbell press when compared to the barbell press and that will change person to person and that drawback is how heavy the dumbbells go in your gym at some point especially if you train in a traditional commercial gym you will outgrow the dumbbell rack for example my gym only goes up to 100 pound dumbbells and i’m currently hitting sets of 12 to 15 repetitions and that’s after already pre-exhausting my chest with a heavy incline barbell press so i guess what i’m saying here is that depending on your situation we could see the dumbbell and barbell press as equals always remember that the seat growth you need heavy weight and volume so if your gym only goes up to 70 pound dumbbells and you can hit them for 20 repetitions abduction and a deeper stretch at the bottom becomes irrelevant and you need to make your way back to the barbell bench press be sure to like and subscribe as that really helps boost the youtube algorithm thus supporting the channel and helping more people find my videos and if you’d like to try any of my 12 week muscle building programs all you have to do is click this link right here and as always more good stuff coming soon see you guys
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