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Top 10 Weirdest Christmas Car Gifts!

we have compiled for you guys the top 10 weirdest christmas presents for car lovers we went into chinese biggest online store alibaba to find the craziest car gadgets i invented the cruise and breeze the simplest way to get a dose of fresh air while driving down the road wait i’m sorry what did he just say the easiest way to get fresh air into your car while driving a tube yes while his window is down and there’s a gap that big is this guy like a plumber or something he’s just like stolen some piping from under the sink he’s like sweet this will work so that’s number ten i hope it gets better from here okay i think i know what this does easy to install wait for it no way good gurgles that’s all you need you could either buy a lamborghini for 250 000 or you can buy one of these babies for 10 bucks and get yourself a lamborghini sounding car it would be more like but a bit more like one we’ve actually tested this thing out it didn’t actually go that well it just sounds like food poop yeah it’s not even worth the 10 bucks you know what sounds even better than this though the chicken i’d rather that than this on my car i don’t know about you guys what is this it’s a selfie stick oh no it’s not this guy definitely took the inspiration from oh my goodness this is a problem i didn’t even know we had well i read this woman i don’t remember where i met her but i usually seen her somewhere she’s really cool okay watch this it looks like a giant magnet you just go guess where this is from china it’s a cover fear is it gonna fit [Laughter] i bought the size to fit my car didn’t fit i mean it was literally useless like this thing weighs a ton and then the the remote didn’t work like you know it took me about 10 minutes to get the remote working and then finally it started like doing this and then you need to drag it out anyway manually it doesn’t fit the car and then watch it going back in it’s even more useful most rubbish car cover ever i second that she knows what she’s talking about and there’s a solar panel on the top that’s the only good thing about it okay do you know what this is no this is a car heater first impressions if i got into someone’s car and i saw this on the dash i wouldn’t trust the guy it kind of looks like a speedometer i don’t know what’s going on here i just was like yeah i i changed my mind about that it’s fine no right it’s kind of weird looking i want this wretch hang on a minute hang on hang on hang on a minute i think this is the best gadget i’ve ever seen for what okay can we just watch this again i’m sorry in one second flat your windscreen is clear i don’t know about you guys whenever i’m in like cold climate and my windscreen fogs up i can never freaking unfog it i try on really cold and it goes oh it’s working it’s not very good working and i try it on really hot it’s like yeah yes no i can’t freaking do it i would buy this in a heartbeat no what is this this looks like something i would not be able to build that looks convenient just having two massive pipes hanging out hammock why why well if you have a tesla and it can drive itself you just sit in the back and you don’t need the back camera you’re like i see i see you and you can do the bb and your tesla is what you’re doing i just got fired you’re fired oh if you go you take your girl or your boy for a nice date and there’s the end of the cliff and you just watch the view and you just chill down the dates you’ve been on this is either a torture device or a sex swing so have a look at this i mean come on look he looks so comfy he’s having a time of his life look at the foot rest okay you know what we’re not gonna agree on i love that i buy that next oh it’s it’s her again oh the girl i don’t remember it she’s great what is that ugly thing on the top please it’s not that i mean i’ll look at your car look at this i mean [Music] just looking at that now do you know what it’s for yeah to protect the car from bird poop yes exactly yeah no seriously my car gets bird poop over all the time can you take it off you can or does it have to be on the top of the whole time just like no i’m cruising man it’s my wind deflector you know and it’s also my spoiler it acts as like an extra spoiler so you go faster when you’re home but if you go too fast it might go inside out just like the umbrella that’s when it’s too windy that’s when it is used as an air brake it’s very high-tech looks great too doesn’t it it’s horrible so she’s like let’s throw at alex’s mclaren did he actually hit your car oh look oh my god look slow-mo let’s do that that again ready look at that okay so it’s useful it is so we like it if it’s hailing like the golf balls were like simulating hail yeah if it was healing where do you come from all right next week oh i love this [Music] watch this it’s a unicorn let’s see it again this is unbelievable we should have one of these when i first saw this i was like no no this must be like cgi or something because how like how [Music] does this work you got two cars a whole new thing a whole new and it’s really fast i want this so bad my own little car unicorn i think that would complete me and you’re the one who’s worried about me yeah okay but how freaking cool is this we give it yay i love this already wait what this is like the world’s coolest piggy bank i love it you never have to worry about people robbing your house because they’re never going to go for a toy car that is so cool there’s a parts word you have to put in see i see the numbers i love this it’s a police car and a piggy bank 100 yay all right our final our final gig okay led lights leds okay yep colorful cool it’s a sheet you can stick onto your car and it automatically goes up and down by the sound you play so if your music is cracking so will be the picture on the back of you your music is cracking [Laughter] what do you think i love it i think it might be dangerous if you need to see what’s behind you and it will block your view i think it looks a bit cheap i guess you can choose the different picture at the back as you can see there’s wings here yeah wings you can you can have a supercar blondie logo on your account okay right are you talking yeah you know how are you talking yeah yeah that might be quite cool if my music’s cracking it’ll just start with my head lit up and then yeah cause the mclaren is not flashing enough no you’re right all right guys i hope you enjoyed our top 10 most viral cracking christmas presents for car lovers i think we’re out bye merry christmas merry christmas [Music]
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