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Toad In The Hole | Jamie Oliver

hi guys i hope you’re really really well okay we’re going to cook something so scrumptious so delicious it comes up a lot in comments online and that is a recipe for toad in the hole yes you heard it right toad in the hole so the toad theoretically is a sausage and you roast it up with a beautiful batter that you pour inside and that gives you a yorkshire pudding i’m gonna make a beautiful gravy to go with it with some steamed greens happy days first up i’ve got nine beautiful sausages so the first sausage i’ll put the big pan here on a medium heat and then i’ll squeeze the sausage out of the skin and of course the quality of your sausage makes all the difference go for a big one because who doesn’t like a big sausage we’re gonna fry this sausage and we’re gonna break it up with a spoon so let that do its thing the eight sausages left go into that tray i’m gonna give it a little kiss with oil and then in this tray i want about half a centimetre of oil so with the sausage here just toss them up like that so i’m going to cook the sausages for 10 minutes i’ll also put this tray in as well to preheat the oil right because one of the things about having a really good yorkshire pudding is having that heat so in it goes back to this little story here next up three onions i’ll just slice them up like this i’ve gone quite fine but if you want to kind of go a bit more rustic on the onions that’s absolutely fine we can now give it a generous seasoning with pepper i’ll turn them down to a medium heat fry them for about 20 minutes okay i’m crying i’m emotional about it but we want to get the lovely flavor out of the sausage into the onion so we’re going to make the most beautiful simple light yorkshire pudding batter with a twist okay so i’ve got 700 grams of plain flour good pinch of salt then i’ve got 500 mils of beautiful organic whole milk and then here’s the twist 450 milliliters of good beer could be a lager i’ve gone for a beautiful wheat beer nice and fruity nice and fresh so all i want to do now is whisk it up then we’re going to go in with our eggs so in we go with 14 large free range eggs that’s going to give it the rise and kind of come out of the tray and make it fluffy whisk it in until it’s nice and silky smooth we need to get this batter into the two trays in as quicker time as possible safely so what you can do is just pour some of this batter half of it into a jug and now put them somewhere where you can get to it easy when you open the door so last but not least rosemary i’m gonna put some rosemary in each tray so just a little handful like that right let’s do this okay nice and calm nice and quick so in with half of the rosemary like that look at it frying i’ll do exactly the same on these sausages here like that i’ll take this jug first so pour that batter in and around the sausages just like that so that goes back on the top and then for this second tray we’ll go in with the rest of the batter and i’ll fill it up about two centimeters off the bottom and then i’ll put this under here door closed don’t touch it once you close the door don’t go back to it for 30 minutes leave it because you want to keep that pressure that temperature in there and that’s how you get that amazing kind of growth of the yorkshire pudding so the way to take these beautiful onions to the next level is a couple of little tricks first up brown sauce two tablespoons of the sauce goes in grab a little bit of whole grain mustard just a teaspoon thickening agent we’re gonna use flour so two heaped tablespoons of plain flour goes in i’m gonna go in with one chicken stock cube chicken or beef doesn’t matter and then we’ll stir it all in and then i’ve just got a boiled kettle here you want about 700 milliliters to a liter of water i’ll just keep that slowly going over until that’s ready in about 20-25 minutes happy days so the toad and hole is nearly ready i’m very very excited it doesn’t matter how many times i’ve made this i get excited every time i think i’ll take a little ladle this gravy and just pour it in look at that beautiful got the steamed greens come on let’s do this look at that come on yes so here we have the beautiful toad in the hole stodgier bit lower and then this is the reason that i’ve gone double whammy look at this come on crispy gorgeous golden right let’s get in there slice this up i just love this dish so there we go the gorgeous sausage nice little bit of curly kale let’s go over with some of this epic epic rustic gravy and of course as you’re indulging in that then you get in here just rip off a nice little hunk guys double whammy big yorkie toad in the hole mega gravy a few bits of green on the side when you feel really hungry the weather’s a bit miserable you know you get a bit of yorkshire pudding shogu i want to see you guys doing this get amongst it and have a little try happy days
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