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Our house on Woodlawn is
three bedrooms and one bath. Right. The house has a small
entryway, and off to the right is a good sized living room. And beyond that are three
bedrooms and a bathroom. Straight ahead is a second
living area that leads to the dining room and kitchen. But we just spent
$130,000 on a house that’s only 1,375 square feet. It has three bedrooms,
which is good. But it only has one
bathroom, so we’re definitely going to have to add another. It’s so cute. It is. But if we could keep
this here somehow. I love it so much. Yeah, I think there’s a
couple of light fixtures that are worth keeping. So this is the living room. Yeah, but that hole that
we just walked through is not going to exist anymore. Open it up. Because we’re going to
make this the master. Oh. We’ve got three public spaces. We only need a living
room in a dining room. Right. So make this into the master. Yeah, because we have to
make a master somewhere. OK, so that gets closed. So there actually
will be an entryway. OK. I can’t remember if this is
any good under here or not. It’s so pretty. What did they do? I mean, honestly, we don’t
even need to refinish this. No, just leave it. Next spaces. So we were in the first
living room, which is now the master bedroom. We are now in the
second living room. That door is gone. That door is gone, because
this space is what becomes– This is all master
closet, master bath. Master closet, master bath. OK gonsies. Door is gone. But wait a minute, why
does this door go away? Because that bedroom
is accessible from the back hallway. Into the dining room. Dining room area, we’ll have,
like, a long skinny table. And this is where
it gets bad, like– Yeah. It’s just crumbling there. Oh, look at another
layer under there. I want to go down
to the basement and look a little closer because
obviously something’s giving down there that’s doing this. Go straight back. Cute little kitchen. This has a super low ceiling. But I’m sure we can vault it. Leaning Tower of brick. I wonder what made
it lean like that. Well, that explains
upstairs, right? Well, what made it lean
is because this post is how they fixed it,
which is just not a thing. Of course, we’re going to need
to fix that basement chimney situation and add
new supports to keep it from any further cracking. On the main floor, we’ll
create a new master suite and an open floor plan
with an upscale design to help us sell this
house for top dollar. On the exterior,
we need new siding and have to repair and paint
a lot of the brickwork. OK. So we’ve got
$130,000 in starting. I think our
renovation we can keep between $80,000 and $100,000,
so all in at $230,000. I think we can list
it for $300,000. That would leave us
a profit of $70,000. All right. I thought that was plastic. I apologize. Whoa. It’s going to be fun making you
guys into new switch plates. This is our most
expensive house to date. All right, perfect. But we’re trying to
salvage a lot of things to try to offset the cost. There’s beautiful
hardwood floors, so we’re leaving the
carpet down to protect it. Just take the term off. We’ve got to be careful
if we’re plastering that against the walls.
Yes. Careful with the plaster. Come on, come on, come on. One, two, three. Keep on– It was great,
because it rolled. Watch your power line. Oh, yeah. Chomp. Feel good about that? That’s the spirit. Look at this. I think we’re as
flat as we can get. She’s like a little tornado. She just comes in and wrecks
it all up and then dips out. So walking in, we’ve got
an entryway here now. And it’s opened up to
living room, dining room. You go all the way back
through to your kitchen. The energy flow through
this house is amazing. From front to back, that’s nice. And then the main difference
is this front living room area, we’re going to make
the master bedroom. And we’re going to eat
one of the bedrooms to make the master en
suite and walk in closet. So we have an en suite master. Yeah. This is going to be fabulous. And then in the back,
you’ve got two bedrooms that share this bathroom. There’s a ton of framing work
going on at the house today. And Ted and Austin
are rebuilding the back wall that was coming
apart near the roofline. I came ready today, Austin. I feel good. Are you ready to tool today? So $10,800 minus $3,000
for us doing demo. We’re down to $7,800. Take out the hardwood
floors, we’re golden. Yeah. Demo day numero dos. We recruited a big crew
of family and friends to help us demo the
plaster and lath in order to save us the $3,000 demo fee. The hardwood floors
have been scrubbed, and they look amazing,
and it cost us nothing. And we’re finishing
the bathrooms, and the carrara tiles
are really giving us that high end look that we
need to get top dollar here. And I’m in love
with the kitchen. We’re installing the
black countertops, and they are going to look
as good as I imagine they will with the green cabinets. And the backsplash is
awesome, especially with the brass cabinet
hardware that Mom restored. We’re good. I cannot wait to show
George and Paula what his childhood home looks like now. Ta-da.
Nice. Hi, George. Hi, Paula. Hi. How are you guys? Really excited for
you to see this house. But just freshened
everything up, new roof. Wow. Oh my goodness, look at that. It looks beautiful. It is beautiful. Still looks like
dad’s house, though. Yeah. You guys ready? We are. Come on in. Wow. Wow. There’s that chandelier. I already know this
chandelier was here. I want you to know that I
took that chandelier down before demolition, took it home,
washed every single crystal, so now it’s
completely rust free. It looks great. And all the crystals are clean. I’m glad you’re happy. It means a lot. It looks good. Still a family room. It still is. It looks so much different
being open without having the arched doorways and everything. Obviously we made some changes. We opened up the entryways. There were a bunch of
doors along this wall. And then all the doors
along this wall– There’s doors here. All the doors. We closed all those off, but
just made it a little bit more functional to be
the living space. When we bought the
house, the bones were actually really good. And one of my favorite
things was that we were able to salvage the floors. And we had to patch
them in some spots. But we did nothing to
this except clean it. I think dad had it
covered for 50 years, so he preserved it for you. Yeah, exactly. He did a great job. It does look great. So other than significantly
opening up the doorway, the kitchen before was just
this little U right here. And then you kind
of had the walkway with pretty low ceilings. So we just opened everything
up, including the ceiling. It looks amazing. It does look really good. This is the same spot
where the bathroom was. All right. Does it look the same? No. I love this subway tile. That is really pretty. And the biggest difference is
it was just a stall shower. We made that a tub shower,
a little bit longer. And then you had a single
vanity because there was an angle on this wall. So we got rid of that angle,
and we were able to do only a 48 inch, but to get
a double in here since it really does service
these back two bedrooms. It looks nice. Wow. Wow. This is nice. Look at the ceiling. The ceiling’s nice in here too. And that made it look big. It makes a big difference. So this was probably
considered the master bedroom. Yeah. In back then time, yeah. Just to come back and see the
chandeliers that my mom used to clean all the time, and the
same hardware on the cabinets, and the little things
like that, the hardwood floors, the wall switch plates,
they did a fantastic job. And they look brand new.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyvn2rzkX_Y

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