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CHRISTINA: My new clients
have three kids of their own, so I can definitely relate. And right now, what
they desperately need is a more functional kitchen. Hi. ANTHONY: This is Callie. CHRISTINA: Nice, high ceilings. JENNY: Yeah. CHRISTINA: A lot of brown. Let’s show you the
real problem child. OK. Yes, this kitchen was a hot
ticket about 10 years ago. Yes.
JENNY: Yeah. CHRISTINA: Yes. You know, it was in
to have dark wood– CHRISTINA: Yes. JENNY: –and dark granite. But we really did not
think about functionality when we designed it,
and it’s become really problematic over the years.
– What? Which parts, particularly? Here, something we
didn’t think about. We access this
drawer quite a bit. It’s our junk drawer. And that just happens. CHRISTINA: Yeah. I see this sometimes in flipping
houses when someone just, yep, is just– all these surprises. So if I want to get
anything in the drawer, I have to open this bad boy. CHRISTINA: Oh. Open it up, and then I
can access my junk drawer. – That’s definitely got to go.
– OK. OK. So in here– JENNY: The fireplace
becomes really problematic with where it is. CHRISTINA: Yeah, because
it sticks out pretty far. JENNY: It does. I don’t know, honey, if you
want to show her what happens– Yeah. –when people come
through the door. It’s, like, literally
a death trap. ANTHONY: I’ll show you. We have people coming
inside from outside. Uh-huh. ANTHONY: They walk in and the
first thing they want to do is walk over here, and then, oh. CHRISTINA: Oh, god. ANTHONY: Yeah, it’s taken out
quite a few of our guests. We’re going to change that. – Thank you.
– Yes. Appreciate that. And then what’s
this in the corner? [chuckles] ANTHONY: Oh, so
this is something that Jenny actually despises. That is my man
corner, and actually, the only part of the kitchen
that I’m allowed to have. CHRISTINA: This is
your spot right here. This is my spot.
That’s it right there. CHRISTINA: Well,
this is actually– this is pretty roomy. Right? It’s– I call it cozy. I know he loves to, you know,
showcase his barware and– look at all my cool
bottles of scotch. But I just– I want everything
to have a place and be behind a cupboard, and this just– ANTHONY: Me, not so much. JENNY: –doesn’t jive for me.
ANTHONY: I like to show it. – Yeah.
– I’m like, yeah. When people come in, oh,
yeah, what would you like? If you’d like something to
drink, hey, take your pick. Yeah.
ANTHONY: You know? That’s fair. ANTHONY: Yeah. Yeah. OK, so you need a man corner. Apparently. I would love one. OK, OK. [music playing] OK, so Jenny and
Anthony obviously have an idea of what their
new space looks like, but they haven’t seen it
with all the furniture and finishing touches. It looks amazing and I hope
they love it as much as I do. Are you– are you guys ready? Yes, please. I am so ready. CHRISTINA: OK. I’m really excited
about this one. Come on in. Oh. [chuckles] Oh, my gosh.
ANTHONY: Yes. JENNY: So happy with this. The white, the–
oh, my– that’s so– CHRISTINA: I know, right? Great job, guys. Oh, the flooring– everything is so bright. ANTHONY: Wow, yeah. So it went from really dark,
like different shades of brown. Taking down this
wall was so huge. Wow. It’s so beautiful. Great job, guys. And did you see your bar? – Oh, my gosh.
– This is so cool. I’m excited. [music playing] I know you lost on
a few things here– ANTHONY: Oh, my gosh. –but you won big on this one. ANTHONY: Oh, my gosh. This is so awesome. Oh, my gosh. CHRISTINA: So cool.
– Is that underlighting? CHRISTINA: Yes. And it’s still cute– ANTHONY: It’s,
like, super fancy. CHRISTINA: –so it still
looks good with your decor. ANTHONY: Oh, my gosh.
– I love– I mean, this was the
perfect spot for it. I love this. ANTHONY: I know. It’s, like, random.
Like– JENNY: This is way better.
– Yeah. We wanted to take out the entire
wall, but now that I see this and having the wall
there, I can’t believe it. This is awesome. I can’t believe
this is my house. And now for the money maker– kitchen.
– Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. [music playing] This kitchen is insane. ANTHONY: Look at
that island, babe. Oh, my gosh. CHRISTINA: It’s crazy how much
different it looks in here. Oh, my gosh.
Wow. I know. It doesn’t feel
like the same house. JENNY: No, not at all. It’s so open and there’s
so much more space. And that slide-in range– I know that the oven
broke and you guys weren’t too happy about that, but–
ANTHONY: Oh, my gosh. This range is amazing. JENNY: Yeah, but
honestly, like, look at how much space I have now. I have prep space here. Yep. JENNY: I mean, I was working
in this tiny little patch of countertop.
– Mm-hmm. You have all this.
ANTHONY: Yeah. JENNY: I know.
I know. ANTHONY: And then we had
that, like, long island. Or it wasn’t really an island,
it was– what do you call it? – Peninsula.
– Peninsula, yeah. Peninsula, and,
like, there was, like, this much counter space–
CHRISTINA: Yeah. ANTHONY: –to work with. And then everybody
was kind of just bunched up in that one area. And now, like, we have all this. It just opens up
the kitchen so much. JENNY: Moving the dishwasher
over there was the right call, just like having all of this– everything. ANTHONY: Oh, my gosh. JENNY: Everything works. I’m so happy. ANTHONY: Amazing. This is– I can’t
wait to cook in here. CHRISTINA: Jenny,
you wanted more, like, clean, light and
bright, nothing too modern, more timeless. And I know Anthony wanted
more, like, New York loft. So with the end result,
how do you guys feel? ANTHONY: It’s amazing. I mean, as long as she’s
completely happy, that’s– I’m totally solid. I love it. It’s light, it’s
bright, it’s airy. It totally exceeded
expectations. ANTHONY: You knocked it
out of the park, Christina. So all the torture
was worth it? It was totally worth it. Yeah. And it looks so amazing. I just can’t even believe
this is my house, honestly. Yeah.
It doesn’t feel like our house. I’m glad you guys love it. I’m going to take off. You guys can mix a drink. ANTHONY: Oh, my gosh. Sit down, relax,
enjoy your home. Thank you so much. My first project post-baby,
and I’m so happy that they love it and they
got exactly what they wanted for their family.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkRxn6rg3UQ

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