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Tight Space, Tighter Budget Room Makeover!

so easy it’s best all the top or it’s a like easy fast simple cheap rustic do-it-yourself leaves you a lot to do for this round we can do words today oh my god mother 1 hi guys my name is Becky and welcome back to the story girls today we’re doing a very exciting room makeover we are here in my sister-in-law’s house and we are going to be making over my nephew’s new bedroom so asel my sister-in-law who you might know from some wedding videos is having a new baby so I wouldn’t be moved out from the nursery into what is currently the playroom and we’ve got to turn this into a brand-new bedroom for him so the only thing tighter that in the budget today because we are in a little bit of a budget is the timeline because a blue baby is coming any day now and Elwood needs a new room so let’s get started ok so the plan for this room is to make the whole thing over for under $300 I’m confident we can do it so what we’re gonna want to do is go and thrift a lot of things for this room now the biggest problem is that well there’s a lot of children’s toys or house that needs stores we’re just kind of on the floor so we want to find a way to organize and sort all of this now the one thing that I love about this room is this dresser that is one made over it’s so beautiful and I love the blue so I’m kind of getting inspired by that that’s the picture frameless blue and white is so cute so I would love to do like a nautical theme in here because exactly so but the other thing is we’ve got to bring a bed in here as well for out what to sleep on so we’re gonna need to do some serious reorganizing to fit it that in here as well I think our first stop it’s gonna be the thrift store because we need to do a lot of doing for this round wish me luck let’s go shopping I wonder how many times of films us walking into here Oh criminy some all of these parts there’s so many people really nice they’re going in the car for now the artwork section is blessing us today a new things oh we got another one another the final ship to the puzzle it’s treasure chest we a toy chest we need to find it boy why do I have this exact thing that I brought back from Florida as a child I’d be devastated a globe it’s silver on theme and it’s like kind of kids the globe like cute is cute anesthesia Wow we love the thrift store [Music] okay so this cutler something that would look better without it lighter is somewhere in this vicinity maybe for lighter cuz if we want white to show up on it then yeah you don’t want to be too similar otherwise it’ll just kind of look like it’s the same thing yeah cuz now the one in the middle looks so blue like Kitty blue you gotta do the straight test oh yeah and then what the facing bucks for two shelves that’s really good a little crack in it so I’m gonna be picky okay so let’s say that this is how deep our desk is it’s just the bottom shelf which is like another shelf that looks good right yeah one so yeah I feel like everything over top well yeah yeah yeah okay good we’re good we just need validation that’s how I live my life we need to find one that fits this one’s too small this one is too big [Music] it’s like a teal but like a blue blue might be nice too it has to match or go with the blanket I think this is a serious vibe we are going on oh yeah okay so next I really need to find her a rug so a great place to search is online I’m checking Kijiji and I found this steel of a rug for $30 so obviously I’m going to pick that up yeah okay now we’re back in the office I’m gonna paint a lot of our thrifted finds white to help them match the overall color scheme of the room so one of my plans for this room is to make a tiny little table desk for Elwood so the table legs that I needed were really expensive so I decided to make my own so I cut down a bolt so that only the threading was left and then I drilled a hole into a two by two piece of lumber and threaded that bolt in with a little bit of wood glue voila DIY your own furniture legs alright we are back it is day two yesterday we bought everything that we need we did time T I’m lying at the office so I’m excited to throw this all together today but the first thing we need to do is clear out this space because we want to paint the walls and patch the top of these holes I can get your help layer behind the camera to clear all this stuff out and we can get to painting these shelves actually work perfect especially these buckets our syllabus for our theme and then this I think we can hang it this is so cute I love using things already in the room if we can that helps some budget okay it’s a lot of honey drive I wanted to take a look at that rub that you found online because I think it may need a little bit of work so since this rug was an online purchase I want to make sure I gave it a really good clean before putting it in this room so I’m just using some basic rug cleaner which you spray on and then you scrub in with a brush this honestly took out a lot of the stands that there was and made it smells so fresh and clean and new okay let’s dry so my overall plan for all of these walls is to have them blue with a white sailboat painted on since the color of the wall were already starting with is an off-white what I’m gonna do is use with painters tape to tape off roughly where my sailboat will be so that once I’m done the blue I don’t have to go over top of the blue with white to do the sails this saves me a lot of work smart oh I love it so much [Music] alright let’s retake wow that’s a crisp line oh my god that is so freakin you plus when we get the white button here that goes like this both these are the sales really started become GSM s okay so the other things that Allah mentioned to me when she wanted us to this room was that it gets quite hot in here so if we can figure out a solution to deal with that that’d be amazing and when I was looking at this room thinking about what I wanted to do I noticed the black chandelier it wasn’t my favorite I feel like it didn’t fit the vibe that I want to go for so my plan now is to fix both of those in one go I actually have this really basic ceiling fan with me that I was gifted when I was moving I never ended up using it so I’m passing it on which means it’s free for her we’re gonna install that in place of the chandelier to playschool and it’ll work a lot better I’ve never actually install a ceiling fan before only lights but this one actually wasn’t too hard at all and don’t worry we’re gonna finish it and make it look pretty before the final reveal [Laughter] so maybe the light bulb isn’t working yeah so yesterday I cut and sanded the wood for the shelves and also painted them white combined with our DIY table legs on the bottom to act as a tiny desk so cute we’re then putting two less deep shelves above for added storage with some simple white brackets okay it’s under elbow okay let’s bring back in that dresser yes I wouldn’t hang that chalkboard thing right here so easy and then the pictures – the pictures yeah Wow Wow are thrifted rug is going in here’s our thrifted blanket followed by the blue pillow that we purchased our striped floor basket is coming in and this is how our upcycle clothes rack turned out once it was painted white so cute the leg is essentially get the leg up there and then putting up these thermal blackout curtains to help with light and to help with heat I’m styling this table top with our thrifted table lamp and see shelf also our thrifted globe is going in the corner on the wall we’re hanging the thrifted map art this shelf unit she had already works so well with the room as well and then on top of putting our super cute little rifted treasure chest on the shelves were going some new baskets that we purchased as well as our up cycled white painted basket works so well as well and lastly is going up our gallery wall of vintage ship art we painted the frames of these white and they look so adorable I love the vintage touch that this gives the room the room is finally together it’s so cute like it’s even better than a nice picture in my head okay I think it’s time should I use my outlet and I’m so excited [Applause] I’m glad you kind of let us run with it you’re like do whatever you want look at all the storage thank you that’s your bed and now you have your thermal curtains and a ceiling fan so much all around here this is amazing what do you think I’ll wait I have a Huck do you say can I have a hug say Thank You Becky oh this is amazing like so so good ah I am so unbelievably happy with how that room turned out it’s so so cute and we were able to do it all for a grand total of three hundred and eight dollars now I know let’s slightly over a 300 goal but those taxes will get you think overall that’s pretty good if you guys want to see more room makeovers on a tight budget let me know in the comments and I will see you guys next time thank you so much for watching I’m gonna do this on my own this time feel like it like it if you love its of it shout out to this person who created the giant dot painted headboard this is something I did that I actually recreated off another Instagram account Tatiana’s world this is so beautiful thank you send in any of your photos inspired by us using the hashtag sword girl squad on Instagram
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjCa0UQAnqU

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