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[Music] hi i’m rajiv and we are in the windy city of chicago today we’re doing something i love doing as a leisure activity going to junk shops thrift stores antique malls and looking for treasure [Music] ironstone always on the hunt for ironstone [Music] so i kind of have a method about doing this because it can be overwhelming so before i walked in here i had a mental list that i went through of some of the things that i’m looking for ironstone mason jars enamel containers glass refrigerator dishes and i’m primarily looking for those things but anything else that might catch my eye that’s kind of a bonus and then i’ll stop stop at a booth look around scanning is there anything in here that catches my eye no move on scanning scanning scanning look refrigerator dishes there’s two of them hey there’s more there’s and they’re 12 that’s a great price so here we go this is exactly what i was talking about so i had that in my head and here are a bunch of refrigerator dishes so these stack on each other and they’re like from the 1950s and 60s you put your leftover food in there and you put them in the fridge and because my little smeg fridge is kind of vintage looking i love the look of these in the fridge but even more than that it’s so that the food is not sitting in plastic i just i love these things and i really like these red ones and there are three of them yeah hi kathy okay the next thing i would do is look at them are they in good condition so these things are often chipped or cracked because they’re two pieces ah yeah see here there’s a chip there that would cut your finger so my personal policy is i don’t buy anything that isn’t in perfect condition i just don’t want it it’s a small apartment there’s too much stuff in there at all times i’m always getting rid of stuff so if i’m going to bring something into that space it has to be perfect and you can find perfect if you just keep looking so this is in very good condition it is 12 which is a very good price these are often 30 so but the top isn’t great on this one let’s look at the next one [Music] it’s in perfect condition no chips no cracks at all this this has been put through the dishwasher so this is what we’re gonna do we’re gonna put that lid on that one this perfect lid on this perfect bottom that’s going home let’s look at this brown one dude that’s nice yes perfect condition no chips or cracks the other great thing about buying old used things is you can often like negotiate with the dealer or with the vendor and sometimes they just give you a little discount you can’t do that when you’re buying new that also makes this kind of fun ever since i was a little kid i was really into old stuff buying old things is like bringing different characters in your life that already have a life and very often stuff that was made in this country was made with quality and care that just doesn’t exist anymore like this jar right here these are canning jars atlas mason jars they were making them in the early 1900s but all the way until the 1950s and 60s it has one of these zinc lids and on the inside of the zinc lid is a piece of glass i don’t like plastic and i have tried to rid my apartment of all plastic things by replacing the plastic with glass ceramic metal that’s what these atlas mason jars are for they’re great for storage and they’re beautiful opening up my pantry cupboard for things like nuts or flour or lentils and just seeing all these atlas mason jars lined up every single time it makes me happy seeing that it’s like looking at the shelf of an old general store and this is how it happens when i travel some of my leisure time is spent at places like this slowly picking up piece by piece things that i’m gonna put into my apartment and that i’m actually going to use on a regular basis so we are in a booth where i see a lot of things that i kind of really like this is like a horse hair brush it’s beautiful it says bears liver tablets the company that made this as a promotional item and this is either a shoe shining brush or a clothes brush so it was very common like for clothes to be brushed off especially woolen suits they look like this it’s like 48 too much it’s too much for me look at this so this is a yellow wear bowl and yellow wear was made in ohio from like the 1840s all the way up until the 1940s i think and this these yellower mixing bowls you see them all the time but they’re often in bad shape or they have cracks or chips and this yellower bowl is in very good condition and it’s a very good price at antique places in ontario a pool like this would be like 150 or 200 and this is 68. so let’s see if the bottom is marked it is not marked so it is early later they started being marked with ohio on them or usa and this has no marks on it so a bowl like this i also know because i know about pottery that there was lead in the early glaze and if you look at this you see how shiny it is it’s very shiny and there’s a very slight iridescence to it that is lead so it’s not food safe you wouldn’t want to be mixing cake batter in here especially you wouldn’t want to be putting vinegar or lemon juice or anything like that in here but as a decorative bowl or for putting apples or lemons just sitting on your counter great little bowl i have a wonderful collection of yellow bowls that’s on a shelf in my kitchen and i just love them so this is a treasure sometimes when you’re doing this you come across things that you might not necessarily buy but that are just so exciting to see almost like being at a museum where the things in the museum are actually for sale so this just makes my heart sing these little really old chinese bowls that are all hand thrown they’re about 250 150 i’m not gonna buy any of them but it’s a thrill to just see them and to look at them and if you wanted to you could pick them up and hold them which you couldn’t do at a museum so that’s fun i’m feeling things i’m feeling i’m feeling things [Music] look and this is that enamel aware that i was talking about and these are some plates there’s a tray there’s an enamel tray photographic tray oh it was used in a dark room so that’s a maybe refrigerated dish no lid yellow or bowls [Music] see you’re getting better at it here’s another example of one of those things that you might have to one day buy so you go out in the world and you buy the modern version of this so guys you have a suit you’re going to a wedding you go out to buy a tie and the person at the clothing store says oh do you want a pocket square so usually they have this matching tie pocket square combo hideous hideous hideous hideous do not buy a tie and pocket square matching combo it is so tacky it is so garish and they’re awful historically a pocket square was a handkerchief it was not made from your tie fabric it was made to pull out and wipe your nose if you had to or wipe something off your hand and these they’re all embellished and embroidered by hand that’s needlework that was done by hand on this very fine linen handkerchief with a hand rolled edge two dollars you just pick it up by the middle like this gather it up and you stick it in like this and that’s what it should look like it should be a white fine linen hanky that’s your pocket square and look at this one this was something that someone made for a wedding it’s a wedding hanky this is all insane drawn work where they pull the threads of the linen and they cut them and then they leave certain threads in and they embroider the edges look at this thing can you imagine this folded up like this with just that fine work on the edge sticking out of a suit come on come on come on this is something to get excited about i’m just going to add these to my pile please [Music] storms are coming storms are coming when i’m in a new city i look around for shops that are kind of specialty shops like um places that might sell oddities and this is the perfect example of that let’s go inside [Music] we are at wooly mammoth and this shop is full of strange things some incredible things there’s a lot of taxidermy so in my apartment i have a little beetle under some glass that i bought in germany and the person who sold it to me told me his name was alexander this is alexander beetle and his name is still alexander beedle it was something i never thought i would want in my place and he’s lived there for six seven years now and i love him that’s what comes from just exploring and finding a shop like this you find something that you might have never known you’d fall in love with and then you do so uh [Music] they have some victorian hair wreaths over there we actually had victorian hair wreaths at black creek pioneer village where i worked for a long time it was a practice in the victorian era of taking the hair of dead people loved ones and weaving it into flowers or kind of braiding it into flowers and then making these wreaths and there are a few incredible examples over there [Music] i know you love me as long as you wanted and then someday you’d leave me for somebody new it is cold and i can’t think of anything cozier and toastier than to be inside an antique mall looking for treasure let’s go inside [Music] that snow has done wonders for my hair i’m having a great hair day [Music] oh look at this we’ve seen one of these today here’s another brush it’s almost like the other one storage moving banks and package shipping this brush is eight dollars you see this is the thrill of doing this you saw something somewhere it was nice it was 45 bucks no that was too expensive and now eight bucks it says lint brush so maybe that is what it was used for but i’d use that for shoes too a steel these are nice those are nice and they feel comfy and just like look at these details [Music] oh i need a few planters let’s go to ikea well you buy your planters at ikea and they’re the sort of thing that everybody has on their shelf in their home and here look at these two little planters vintage mccoy planters they’re this is in perfect condition perfect made in the usa and these two planters are 15 i would say probably that’s even cheaper than going to a big box store and they’re they’re unique you’re not going to see these everywhere hello they’re great i love these these little cast iron stove over there those were salesmen samples in the 1800s so a person that sold big cast iron stoves would take that around to show potential buyers what the actual stove would look like it was like a miniature model [Music] you see things that you never would have even thought of but that strike up an idea like those leather punches over there i’m looking at them and they have designs on the top they have letters on them could i use them for clay for my flower pots that i’ve been making with guy wolf like maybe that would be a cool thing to punch into the clay and sometimes it’s a great idea and you end up finding something like this at a at an odd place that you end up using for years and years and years i know guy has done exactly that a lot of his tools and things that he impresses into his flower pots he’s just picked up randomly without going out there and looking for that specifically so it’s just fun it’s fun to just keep your eyes open and look at everything and just see what happens so in my head i always think that eventually i’m gonna have a piece of taxidermy in my place and then when i see it i get really excited when i see something that’s kind of well done it makes me excited but then i stare at it and i wonder if i could actually live with it like whether i’m going to bring this home and within a couple of weeks the novelty is going to wear off and it’s going to start to scare me that’s kind of like what’s going on in my head right now with this fox he’s really nice but could i really love this thing or is it going to give me nightmares eventually you can’t look at everything because you’ll get exhausted and your brain will be overstimulated and then you won’t be able to look at anything it’s the same thing i do in museums when i go to a museum i feel like i get museum fatigue very quickly especially if i’m reading every single card so i go to a museum and i just look around the room and if something catches my eye i walk over if not i just walk right through that room and you will miss things sometimes sometimes i’m doing this with a friend that also loves doing this and a friend will spot something that i didn’t see and say hey did you see this iron stone bowl over here and i’ll go back over and i’m like no i missed that how did i miss that so that that happens the last booth of the last place that’s all there is there is no more i hope you learned some things about hunting for treasure if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and if you didn’t [Music] [Music]
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