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Three Stops You Cannot Miss While In Austin – Yoga With Adriene.

– Hey, everyone, and
welcome to Yoga with Adriene, I’m Adriene, and it’s
that time of year again, it’s South by Southwest in my
home town of Austin, Texas, and I thought it
might be fun to take you out for a little journey to
visit some of my favorite local spots so you know what
to try when you get here. (upbeat country music) Hey, how are you? – How ’bout yourself? – Really good, thanks. I think I’m gonna
have an originator today. – What size were you thinking? – I’ll do a medium. – Beautiful. – And, can I also
do a fireman shot? – Totally. – So, actually,
really love this location, it’s dear to me because
it’s in the neighborhood of the original
Yoga with Adriene house, so I used to
walk here all the time when we first started, but it actually wasn’t
a Juiceland then, it was a grocery store, a
little grocery store, and a lot of
our original photos, we used, you know, throughout
the first couple years were taken here,
so it’s kind of cool. There’s some history, some
Yoga with Adriene history here. Alright, so, the
thing is, they don’t call it a fireman shot for
nothing, so if you get your shot first, which you
probably will, you’ll want to want ’til you get your
smoothie so that you have a proper chaser. Alright, this is
important for South-by, but for every day, right, you
need a proper chaser, okay. So, you can use
this during the day here at Juiceland and
out at your music show or your South-by venue at night. So, here we go. Salud. I have to say,
originator is probably the best chaser because it
tastes like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich… Minus the bread. Alright, so now
we’re gonna pop into Practice Yoga Austin,
this is this studio that I teach at here in
Austin, Texas, currently, three times a week. This is kind of magical
because I first taught a class at Practice Yoga
during South by Southwest. Let’s check it out. This piece is
really special because it overlooks east 6th
street, which is pretty much in the center of it all. So, over the years,
things have really moved from downtown and
moved progressively east. That goes for festival
time and just every day in Austin with the rapid growth. But, it’s kind of fun,
like right now, this is definitely the
calm before the storm, but it will pick
up here pretty soon, and this is kind of a
safe haven to retreat to in the middle of it all. So, I want to invite you
to come take a class here at Practice Yoga Austin.
It’s right in the center of everything so you
don’t have to go too far, you can just pack
a pair of yoga pants, we have mat rentals
available, and I think it’s really cool how
in general Austin and, I think, South by
Southwest, I’ve noticed over the years, are
incorporating more wellness events into the festival
to kind of acknowledge that it’s a genuine work-hard,
play-hard sort of environment and a little goes a long
way, so I don’t know about you, but when I’m
on my feet all day, just a little bit
of legs up the wall or a little bit of massage
or a little bit of stretching really does help you
wake up the next morning and feel refreshed
and ready to go again, and I also don’t know
about you, but the older I get, the more I really need
to take time to restore, to refresh and hydrate
so that when South-by is over, I’m not
completely wrecked, I can jump right
back into my routine, whatever it may be,
and do my best. Alright, so you cannot
come to South by Southwest or visit Austin, Texas
without filling your belly and your soul with tacos. So we’re headed to
one of my favorite places, the one and the
only Tamale House East to meet my friend
Jeff and have some lunch. Long time no see. – I am hungry. – Me too. (guitar music) – [Jeff] Oh yes. – Alrighty, thank you so much. Made by the woman
herself, we’re very lucky today. – Yes, yes. – Doesn’t get
any better than that. – This is literally
as good as it gets. – This is your
roasted salsa, your jalapeno, that’s very hot, and
your traditional garden salsa. – Super fresh, awesome. Thank you so much. Cheers. – Cheers to you.
– Cheers, mate. I’m going in. Here we go. Mmmmmm. So, these tortillas
come from the tortillareia right down the road
just pretty much catty corner, haven’t used
that word in a while. – Or kitty-cornered
depending on which part of the country you’re from. – Just across the
street, basically, from Practice Yoga, so
that’s another cool joint. – Yes, yes. – What a beautiful day. Alright, everyone,
thanks so much for going on this journey with me.
Next time you’re in Austin, Texas, be sure
to check out these places and look a sister up. I’m off to the
convention center right now, so I’ll see you on the yoga mat. Namaste. (upbeat country music)
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