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This Is What To Do If You’re On Holiday And There’s A Terror Attack

firearms and weapons attacks are thankfully rare however in the unlikely event of an attack at your workplace or elsewhere being prepared and knowing how to respond is important and may save lives hotel guests and tourists may look to you for help so this film will give you simple and straightforward advice on what to do if an attack occurs it’s an opportunity for you and your colleagues to plan your response minimize the risk and help you to stay safe if you hear gunshots think about your safest option if there is a safe route run this is the best option think about your escape route act quickly leave belongs behind and insist others go with you don’t let their indecision slow you down ensure people move away from gunfire not towards it once you identify a safe route run make sure your route doesn’t put you in the line of fire consider your exits and escape routes if your escape route is no longer safe find an alternative avoid dead ends and bottlenecks if you can’t move to safety then hide the best places to hide with protection from gunfire will have a solid physical barrier between you and the attacker lock yourself in and move away from the door barricade yourself in if you can turn your mobile phone to silent and switch off vibrate stays quiet as possible don’t shout or do anything that could give away your hiding place if your escape route is still safe get as far away from the danger area as you can only when you are safe call the police make sure you have the correct number for them on your phone tell them clearly where the attack is happening where you are how many attackers you have seen describe the attackers their clothing weapons direction of travel casualties and anything else you think is important try to stop others entering the danger area but only if this won’t put you in danger when the police arrive they will be armed they will deal with the immediate threat first to prevent further casualties this could take some time the police may be unable to distinguish between you and an attacker they may treat you firmly do everything they tell you to don’t make any sudden movements or gestures that could be seen as a threat stay calm don’t shout or wave and keep your hands visible so they can see that you’re unarmed the police may ask for details about the building the attackers any hostages and casualties only when the threats has been neutralized will you be evacuated to safety you can plan possible escape routes and hiding places in advance and take time to become familiar with your environment where would you run where would you hide [Music] these kinds of attacks are rare but having a plan knowing how to respond and being prepared will help you stay safe and could save your life [Music] you
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