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This Disaster Home Was COLLAPSING Before The Remodel | Flip Or Flop | HGTV

[MUSIC PLAYING] Well she’s a beauty. Oh my gosh. It’s just weird. It reminds me of a door to
enter an amusement park. Yeah, it does. You guys going to go
on without me or what? We’re just getting here.
What’s up, Jeffrey? How are you?
It’s very windy. It is.
It’s cold out. It is.
We got a lock box? Oh my God.
What are you doing? Dude. Are you OK? Good thing you got the
big puffy jacket on. Let me tell you about this. It’s like a parachute. It just saved me. Three bedroom, 2 and 1/2 bath. It’s about 2,500 square feet. The biggest problem here,
I talked to the owner. He said there is
foundation issues. So we’ve got to look around. One dark house. A lot of trash. You failed to mention
that it’s a hoarder zone. OMG. This is disgusting. Well wait a minute. This is a first. I don’t smell anything. There you go. Go in. Let’s check it out. You weren’t kidding
with foundation issues. Oh wow. Look, it’s cracked there,
it’s cracked there. Look at the hole
way up the stairs. Look at that. Oh, that’s awful. All right. So we have a decent
sized kitchen. The problem is the
ceilings are low. Right, well this should
be able to be raised too because it looks like
it’s just like a soffit to do that drop lighting. So what do you think it would
cost to raise the ceilings and just completely
got this kitchen? $12,000 to $13,000? The guy didn’t tell me
there was a pool here. Oh my God. It’s like separated
from the concrete. It’s completely
pulling away out here. The plaster has some
kind of cracking in it. It doesn’t look too bad. Replaster the pool is going to
cost us, $6,000 maybe $7,000. You’re going to
have to completely take this cover down too. OK, imagine all this cleared up. It has nice views, it
has a nice vibes here. It could be a really nice yard. Ew. Look at that carpet. OK, good news. I don’t know if anyone’s
realizing what’s going on. But we’re standing in a loft. We can make this a bedroom. Oh. All we have to do is add a
closet, close up the opening, and we have a four
bedroom, two bath house. All right, what do
you got over there? Come see for yourself? Wow. Do you guys feel this
on the floor right here? Right there, right? Right in here. The whole thing is
sloping this way. Oh. This is probably one of
the worst houses we’ve seen when it comes to structural. Ew. Look at that water
damage everywhere. Look. [MUSIC PLAYING] You guys are looking
at about $115,000. Yikes. OK. Does that include
foundation issues? Nothing structural. We’ve got to get the
foundation company in here to take a look at that. Right, which could be
$10,000, it could be $100,000. What do you want to do? If we can get an expert
out here tomorrow to check the foundation, we should. If not, there’s no way
we’re buying this house. This house scares
the crap out of me. I can get someone out tomorrow. All right, Jeff. Lock it up. All right. See you guys. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m all finished. All right. All right, do you have great
news, good news, or bad news? Oh man. This house is down
almost 5 inches. Geez. Oh, this is bad. Yeah. 5 inches, it might not
sound like a huge problem, but as far as foundations go,
even an inch and a half of movement is considered severe. This house has sunk more
than three times that. But we’ll be able to
get full recovery. What do you think
it’s going to cost? It’s probably going
to be about 75 grand. What? This is 10 times riskier
than any normal flip. So there should be a
benefit to us, right? So we should make money
for flipping the house. And I feel like we should get
a little bit of extra money because we’re doing way
more work than anybody else would be doing. So he wants $650,000. I don’t think anyone
else is going to be jumping to buy this house. So I feel like you
can offer much lower. I don’t know, 5 and 1/4. I mean it’s way under, but– Yeah, but look at this place. It’s falling over. All right.
Let me know. I will. [MUSIC PLAYING] After some negotiations,
we settled at $550,000 for the house. Saving 100 grand
off the list price is really going to help
cover the cost of the massive foundation problems. Plus, the layout and
the large en suite here will definitely
attract buyers. But with the house
in this condition, it’s still really scary
because we never know what we’re going to uncover. Jeffrey. Yo. Is that water, Jeff? Yeah. Oh my God. You see it just
running down the wall? Yeah. This is a big problem. I’m going to need to
get somebody up there and see how bad is this roof. OK. Can we at least start on
demo while we’re waiting? Yeah, we could do that. [MUSIC PLAYING] So you remember the
last time we were here, I mean rain was just
coming through that roof. Yeah, the house
was being flooded. It was terrible. So what I had my buddy do
is he grabbed the drone and flew it up there to
see what was going on. I don’t want to put
anybody on the roof because with how bad
that’s coming through. There isn’t even a roof at all. It’s a sheeting. There’s nothing. And even the sheeting
is missing right here. We’ve got a tile on the front. And that’s it. All right. Well how much is
it going to cost? $18,000. This house is a mess. Dude, I don’t even know if I’m
going to make money on this. You didn’t want the
patio cover, right? No. Just when we thought we
tackled the worst issue with this house, Jeff got the
final word from the engineers on how to fix the pool. Everything from this
wall is pulling downhill. It feels– Yeah, we’re– Oh geez. OK, so how do we fix that? What the engineer is saying
is putting a bunch of piers under this thing,
retaining walls back here, and pushing all the soil
back up. $80,000 to $100,000. What? We cannot afford
another hit like this, especially after spending
$100,000 to fix the foundation, the roof, and the entry. Not to mention, we still have
to cover the regular cost of the remodel. How much is it to just
get rid of this pool? I would say somewhere
between $10,000 and $15,000. We still have to
add the concrete. We have to add the irrigation. We have to add the grass. I hate even saying this. Let’s just spend the 15
grand, get rid of the pool, fill in dirt, start
with a clean slate. OK.
Wow. This is some of the worst news– That’s some bad news, Jeff. [MUSIC PLAYING] What do you think
about this kitchen? Looks so much better. And this backsplash, so pretty. Want to talk about
the fireplace? Sure. I like the chevron. So I was thinking this. That’s fancy. Hold this, will you? That is a huge tile. Look how nicely it’s going
to match with the kitchen. When the light hits
it, you can actually see the rippling and the tile. You can see texture. You can see some movement.
So– Totally. Should we do this
in the bedroom too? All right.
That’ll be pretty. OK, done. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right. So we’ve got to talk about
the “Mission Viejo” house. We’ve owned that house
for seven months. Yeah, and everything that could
have gone wrong went wrong. We spent $247,000. Oh. So we paid $550,000 for the
house, put about $250,000 into it, puts us at $800,000.
$30,000 closing costs and commission, $830,000,
staging $835,000. We’re into this house
for almost $300,000? Yes. We are so lucky the
market saved us. The last seven months,
it has been kind of wild. It’s almost a
blessing in disguise. But the prices have
actually gone up. Right now, we have a house same
model, nowhere near as nice, asking $975,000. Is there a pool? It does have a pool. Oh. I feel like we can push it
and come in maybe at $979,000. I think that’s like,
that’s pretty fair. If we get anywhere near
list price, we did good. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s looking super cute. Paint colors look nice. I love the front door. Looks super modern. Moving the door
from here to here and doing the new door I think
came out really, really nice. Yeah this area sets a precedent
for a cool modern vibe, which it definitely
did not have before. Welcome home. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s so clean, and
bright, and modern. And the kitchen
is the wow factor. Oh, this looks good. Look at the backsplash.
I love it. I’m really glad we went
with the gray cabinets. Buyers are going to
love this kitchen. [MUSIC PLAYING] My favorite part, though,
is actually the fireplace. I like how we kind of did a
throwback to the old chevron but an updated version. We took out that
pool, but at least we have a good sized yard. It feels a lot bigger
than it did before. Remember the patio covers
that were falling over? Oh yeah.
Yeah. I mean, I wish it had a pool. But–
No pool. It’s still nice. But this was the loft, right? Yeah, remember there
was like, this was open. We added the closet. Still a nice sized bedroom. Yeah. This is cute. Braden would love this room. Totally. This is a nice little bedroom. Looks so nice. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh that looks great. This is a nice design. It’s perfect for this area. It’s timeless. All right. Remember what a hot
mess this room was? I do. Now I like how it has
two separate areas. Same fireplace
design that I love. It’s actually pretty nice. [MUSIC PLAYING] And the bathroom
design looks perfect. It’s nice. I love the picket tiles. I love the shower pan. This is my favorite part
of the shower actually. Well we spent a
ton of money here. Let’s sell this thing. [MUSIC PLAYING] Taking on this flip ended
up being a huge risk. Thankfully, all the money
we poured into this remodel paid off. We’re currently in escrow
at one million and $75,000.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfASnRAlgp8

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