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These Valuable Treasures Were Almost Thrown Away

these treasures were thankfully saved from being trashed this find may inspire you to go dumpster diving that is so cool cheryl conroy warren says her dad pulled this piece of art from the trash at yale university in 1999. she kept it in her antique shop all these years not knowing much about it or even if it was worth anything she took it to where else antiques roadshow where she got some great news nowadays he’s one of the top chinese-born artists the piece was number 190 of 200 by artist xiaowu ki in 1951 and its estimated value was between 10 and thousand dollars which cheryl said would come in handy to renovate her mom’s kitchen my mother’s gonna be so happy one man saved a piece of history from going to a landfill i do believe that somebody probably just didn’t know what they had max brown was dumpster diving in nevada for a community service project when he came across these very old looking books he brought them home and opened them up to find they belonged to the library of thomas jefferson as in one of the founding fathers and authors of the declaration of independence the books were in very bad shape they had been wet from the rain and they started to develop a mold but that didn’t seem to matter when max tried to sell them he says an auction house paid him eight thousand dollars for them [Music] this find was a blast from the past who finds judy garland’s dress from the wizard of oz when they’re you know looking through a closet full of stuff after being missing for 50 years the original gingham dress that the dorothy actress wore in the classic film was found in a garbage bag at catholic university an old photo shows a priest proudly holding up the gift which was given to the university by garland’s friend actress mercedes mccain bridge but somewhere over the past five decades it was stored away and forgotten about until recently we thought it was either just a rumor or if it ever was here it was long gone no one’s ever gonna see it again that was until the school uncovered it while preparing for a renovation it turned out they had the dress all along how does it feel to be the ones to sort of unearth this thing it’s quite surprising honestly colleen dykman had a sinking feeling when she couldn’t find her wedding rings on her kitchen counter after she had finished cleaning up i knew in the instant i threw them out she says she and her husband jumped in their car and chased a garbage truck to their town’s dump in long island new york when she told the employees what happened they knew they had to help especially after seeing how determined she was to find the rings she was visibly upset you know she was ripping through garbage you know disgusting stuff eight employees helped colleen and her husband comb through the town’s trash but when they found her trash bags they couldn’t find the rings right away and almost gave up so i said you know i’m going to just double check and i double checked and i opened one up and wow the ring because of one determined employee colleen got her rings back i found him i just i started crying and hugging her she also bought the staff lunch the next day but just two months later this facility experienced deja vu i said you know what’s the odds of us really doing this two times in a row that’s because another resident of the town of babylon accidentally sent her rings to the dump as well it was horrible because i knew that they were irreplaceable this time vicky salzone and her husband joe had to hightail it to the local recycling center to find a needle in a haystack but they had luck on their side i found the brain [Music] what’s the chances of that happening while the staff at the dump was happy to help these couples they’re hoping people in town will be more careful with their jewelry it’s not fun it was pretty gross this woman also accidentally threw out her wedding bands that together are worth two hundred and fifty thousand dollars i said the trashman’s gone right he came five hours ago carlos squittier and her husband bernie donned hazmat suits and headed to their local waste management facility the very helpful manager joe evan performed a miracle by finding these diamonds in all this rough i was like yeah i found it and i took it right over to her and i opened it up and both pieces were just laying there it’s that oh feeling you know i could have hit the that was the lotto for me and this was a pretty hefty jackpot for inside edition digital i’m maro montelbano
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