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These Are The Smartest Kids Ever

these might be the brainiest kids ever fourteen-year-old elena glassler won first place at a national science fair along with 25 000 her invention could save lives and change the way people drive the idea came to her since her mom didn’t really like driving her family’s suv around town it had a lot of blind spots it had the common one when you are trying to change lanes and you have to look back over your shoulder to make sure things are okay it also had this huge passenger side blind spot that made me really nervous pulling up to intersections worried that it might hit bikers the blind spot she’s referring to is caused by this car frame these blind spots even though they don’t look very big they can block out entire cars here’s steven fabian to explain elena’s idea she mounted a webcam on the outside of the car sending back live video of what’s being blocked by the blind spot to a projector mounted right above the driver’s head it was like right about here and it projected the image onto the blind spot and check this out no more blind spot a car or could save them an injury that really it really touched me i discovered a planet seventeen-year-old wolf cookier discovered a planet that’s 1300 light years away while interning at nasa when i went into the program i expected to do something but i didn’t expect to actually find a planet the planet is seven times larger than earth and has two sunsets from its two stars just like tatooine in star wars wolf’s mom as expected is over the moon we’ve always known he was going to do something amazing and we’re thrilled that it’s happened so soon the planet’s been named toi 1388b but wolf has a better idea my family is gunning for wolftopia at 14 years old carson huey eu was the youngest person to graduate from texas christian university with a bachelor’s of science degree in physics the first day of class i was very nervous about kind of what i was walking into carson was homeschooled at 10 he graduated from high school as co-valedictorian his mom wasn’t nervous about the transition and i sat right outside the classroom door the whole time so it wasn’t like i was scared or uncomfortable professors were also impressed with his knowledge he’s not some abrasive kid that thinks he’s smarter than everyone else but actually he is smarter than everyone else at 17 carson also earned a master’s degree in physics i’m building a methoxy seven-year-old romanio golfing jr is so smart he is being called the next einstein he talks about this copper statue at the brooklyn museum in new york i also know the the electron configuration for copper which is 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s1 3d 10. you are 100 correct and yes feel free to fact check him on wikipedia under electron configuration his parents knew early on their son was special at 2 he talked chemistry at the kitchen table what atom has eight electrons all right not only does he excel at science but the arts as well what’s the top note of this chord a seventh grader developed a device that tests water for dangerous chemicals like lead clean water always makes you feel good gatanjali rayo is 11 years old i like finding solutions to real problems she’s america’s top young scientist imagine living day in and day out drinking contaminated water with dangerous substances like lead her invention called tethys after the greek goddess of fresh water can be used through an app on your phone her idea stems after studying major water crises like what happened in flint michigan she was one of nine finalists to enter a national competition and she won we can’t wait to see what these kids think up next this is inside edition digital
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