The Worst Medical Takes On Twitter

– Besides, flat bellies are unhealthy. Our organs need space to work properly and fat gives that space. (blows raspberry) What do you mean they need space? I’ve seen a ton of bad
medical takes on Twitter but Sam here has compiled a full list for me to pop my blood vessels over. Huge thanks to Audible
for sponsoring this video. (imitates beeping) If you were almost healthy,
you’d like how your pee tastes. If you were actually healthy,
you wouldn’t be peeing at all. Bro.
(circus music) My head is level 10, about to explode. First of all, what is almost healthy? And no, you shouldn’t
like how your pee tastes. That is not something that is ideal here for any reason whatsoever. If you’re not peeing at
all, that is not healthy. That means there’s something going on. Dehydration, kidney failure,
something else happening. Where do I even begin? Yeah, did my guy draw, see, someone could be judging this unfairly. They might think this is the hu, no, no. They thought their arm
had a rib cage. (laughs) They’re just a humerus, ulna, radius. Cold showers resets your vitals. If it resets your vital, that’s
basically a defibrillator. That’s a problem. Imagine every time you hop in the shower and you accidentally had it cold, you just shock yourself. (laughs) Even though those that
are suffering hypertension are advice to take cold
showers, great medication. Intelligent use of water can eliminate 80% of all lifestyle diseases, I dare say all. You dare say? Because imagine you came into
my office and in 80% of cases, I just told you to go and take a cold shower.
(water drips) You’d not be very happy with me. In fact, you wouldn’t
even pay for my services. They just have showers
in the emergency room. A few years ago, a guy
I’ve known for years, a marathon runner, told me
he couldn’t get Lyme disease when running through the
woods because he ran too fast (laughs) for the ticks to bite him. All it takes is for one of the ticks to grab onto your clothes
and then later in the day start leaching on and feeding. According to TikTok, rings
will leave a dark line if you have anemia. (loading bar gurgles) What? Okay, you’re anemic if
you have low hemoglobin, low hematocrit, low iron,
not if your jewelry is cheap. Myth, you should drink a
glass of juice in the morning. Fact, you shouldn’t drink
it on an empty stomach because the acid acts
aggressively on. (laughs) I love that this page
is called rhinos_gains. Do they look at rhinos and what they do and they’re like,
(bell dings) “Oh, we gotta make this happen.” I don’t even know what this advice is, but drink a glass of water in the morning. It’s important. You can absorb the
vitamin D from midday sun, like 12 to two, generally. Kind of misinformation ’cause you don’t actually
absorb the vitamin. Your body with the UV rays
can transform the vitamin within you to be a usable form. ‘Cause it’s not like
you’re photosynthesis. Actually, I guess it’s
kinda like photosynthesis. Sugar keeps your energy
up and your appetite down. Nibble on a cookie an hour before lunch. Is this, no, no, no. I was about to lose my mind on this, but I’m 90% sure that this is fake. It looks so Photoshopped
that I refuse to give it any of my energy right now. 96% total, that’s almost
everybody, but get your clicks. Wait, whoa, whoa. CDC says only 31% of men and 65% of women wash their hands after using the restroom. (laughs) Oh, yeah, you don’t add up the percentages together. But yeah, a lot of people
don’t wash their hands after the restroom. My charitable thinking is that
they’re using hand sanitizer, but I don’t think that
holds true for everybody. Back to the tweets in just a second, but first I wanna thank Audible
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video will take you straight to my interview with Lori Gottlieb. All right, let’s get back to these tweets. Veganism makes you age faster because your cells are mostly
made up of fat and protein, the two things vegans don’t eat. Well, they don’t eat animal
fat. They could still eat fat. Coconut oil has a ton of fat. And protein, there’s a ton
of protein that vegans eat. Beans. I love beans. Black beans. (gasps) Black beans, so good, so rich in fiber. Why are you running? Do you compete in some
sort of running event? If not, stop running. It can’t even be regarded as exercise. Running is a very unhealthy catabolic and destructive physical activity. No. If this person really
thought to themselves at what rate we have
obesity in this country and how it’s detrimental to human health, that if we can even get a small percentage of people to run and
exercise how many lives would be improved and saved, they would probably delete this tweet. That’s my charitable thinking. New Zealand is making period products free in all schools. All this is gonna do is encourage girls to have their periods at school. I don’t think this is a good idea. I hope that’s a sick joke because you don’t decide
when you have your period. This person must not know
much about female anatomy. Happy Valentine’s Day,
I’m swearing off men. I’m vaccinated if that’s a concern and I heard the vaccine can
be sexually transmitted. Like I could pass it on to you. (laughs) If you get that on a dating
app, you should panic. And on a dating app, you
probably wanna know what types of vaccine that person received. Did they just get a COVID vaccine or did they also get an HPV vaccine? ‘Cause that matters too and
actually prevents cancers. That’s right, it prevents HPV, which is one of the leading
causes of cervical cancer and preventable cases of cervical cancer. Acne should not be normalized. It is a reflection of error
in diet and-or lifestyle. Terrible medical take. Terrible, terrible. – Terrible. – A huge percentage of acne has nothing to do with lifestyle habits. It has a lot to do with genetic
factors, hormonal factors, things essentially
outside of your control. So please don’t blame
people when they have acne as if it was a choice. Elon Musk, Adderall is an anger amplifier. Avoid at all costs. I hate statements like this! Even if you’re an individual who thinks that we are over-prescribing
medications like Adderall, which is a medication used
for ADHD, as an example, you don’t voice it like this. This lacks nuance, Elon. Imagine you’re a child who
truly needs and benefits from Adderall and as a result, you are now deathly afraid to take it ’cause you’re a fan of Elon Musk. Way to go, bro. Please reconsider saying you’re burnt or you must burn easily. That is an unhelpful
invocation that can make an unconscious mind feel
vulnerable and fearful of the sun. This is not a burn.
This is light nutrition. I haven’t had one unpleasant
sensation for my skin because I don’t wish to separate from it. I welcome this color. What? You have UV radiation burn on your skin. In fact, if you stayed
out a little bit longer, what may happen is you’d form blisters, very painful blisters. Anyone who’s had a sunburn
will tell you that. Having even a few of these
throughout your lifetime increases your risk for
serious skin cancer. If daughter has diabetes,
then it’s incredibly likely that you are at fault. Be a better parent and provide your child with a healthy diet. Um, hold on one second. There are two types of diabetes out there, type two diabetic largely
occurring later in life, potentially as a result of
a specific type of diet. But type one diabetic is
an autoimmune condition that you have little to no
control over its development. What are you talking about? If a child is born with
an autoimmune condition where the immune system attacks
it’s insulin-releasing cells how is that the child’s fault? Or the parent’s fault? Or
anyone’s fault, for that matter? If you can find a blood doctor, he can help you clean your blood. It may take up to six
months, but well worth it. I know a man who’s doing
it right now. (laughs) Okay, a blood doctor’s a hematologist and I promise you hematologists aren’t going around cleaning blood. The only way that you can
really clean your blood is to do like a dialysis. If you’re going through dialysis, that means your kidneys have failed. And that could also make sense if you’re following some kinda weird, unhealthy, health regimen. Germs do not cause disease. Is that a hill you wanna die on? (laughs) I’m just curious. Are you gonna say germs
don’t cause disease but germs causing some kind of dysfunction in your body lead to disease? No. Germs cause disease. But at the same time, there are some germs that could help our
bodies, that are symbiotic with our bodies, that we
need to function well, that we used to derive
nutrients from certain foods. So not all germs cause
disease is a fair statement, but do not cause disease
is misinformation. Actually, smoking is pretty healthy. The tar, come on, bro. This is a joke. It says the tar coats
your lungs and serves as a shield against real
pollutants like asbestos. Bro, real pollutants? Did you ever see the ingredients list of what’s in a cigarette? Check this out. Muscle generated from plants
as opposed to lean meat will be lost much faster. Bro, show me a study! And not something that you just said while you were eating food. HIV does not cause AIDS. Biggest cause of aids is malnutrition, then substance abuse
with burnout lifestyle. What is, what happens on Twitter? Check out my interview
with psychotherapist and bestselling author,
Lori Gottlieb, right here. Super interesting conversation.
I really enjoyed it. I know you will too. As always, stay happy and healthy.
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