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The World’s Most Futuristic Police Car

this is the world’s most futuristic police car [Music] got thermal imaging cameras AI powered screens rescue drones and it’s got a few things that are going to blow your mind so on this channel we’ve had Dubai’s record-breaking police boat [Music] Dubai’s police supercars and today we’re filming the newest member of the fleet wow and you can read their faces yeah yeah wow watch what’s gonna happen [Music] this right here is a 360 degree retractable camera that was super cool because it’s got face recognition it reads license plates it can tilt it can pan and it streams live to the command center also when the car is actually stationary it can zoom 30 times in to whatever spot they want to zoom on that’s not just there for decoration the UAE has been ranked the safest country in the world four of the top seven safest cities in the world are in the UAE according to nambio with Abu Dhabi being the number one safest and Dubai coming in at number seven in fact the crime rate in Dubai if rounded to the nearest whole number is zero percent that’s calculated by measuring how many crimes are committed per 100 000 people and it always falls to 0.2 to 0.4 percent across the board over at the front what you have are five more front-facing cameras for your facial recognition to read license plates all of that at the front we’ve got the name of the car gear this car is actually made in the UAE by five base W Motors they came up with a car called the Lichen you can see that car jumping off a building in a little movie called Fast and the Furious 7. do you know where the name yath comes from the Crown Prince of Dubai had a pet falcon that responded fast and that’s where they got the name fund I want to show you a little feature on this car that I call the Heart Stopper you ready check this out imagine seeing that in your rear view mirror oh yeah you’re hard stopping trust me all right so let’s continue to the side yeah 30 of it is actually 3D printed the interior and exterior this car looks great it’s a police car but it looks awesome nice looking cars is a theme across Dubai’s police Fleet we’ve seen Dubai police Bugatti Veyrons Lamborghini Aventadors Lamborghini uruses Audi R8s McLarens Ferraris Supras Aston Martins Bentleys and they even have plants of incorporating a Dubai Police cyber truck safe to say this is the coolest police car Fleet on the planet but actually at the moment there’s only 10 of these cars on the road but they’ve ordered another 400. this is actually the wide angle side view camera so let’s go over to the back three cameras one two three they can flag you down if they’re looking for your license plate they can have face ID [Music] ready come here you have a drone and this is customized with thermal imaging it’s got a bunch of different features it can fly for up to 30 minutes but it’s also got a speaker and a microphone so like they can make announcements hey stop you’re under arrest now this is something that I have never seen in a police car before [Music] what is going on it looks like a spider web smart seat belt system let’s say we’ve got our criminal yeah he’s agitated he’s active I’m agitated I’m agitated we still need to be nice and seatbelt them right instead of me going over agitated criminal I can headbutt her knee her in the ribs I can bite her shoulder no more no more smart seat belt system done and she’s Out Of Reach he’s in okay now one of my favorite features is the passenger side screen super long super modern you hardly ever see this in any other cars now all the images you see are actually footage from all the cameras there’s massive monitor in the middle what’s cool about it is it actually links to this iPad if you check this out this is a driver’s monitor while being camera to make sure that the drivers are absolutely alert if they start falling asleep the control sensor can actually see it and extends a big alert for them this car has state-of-the-art technology and it all looks very impressive but we wanted to experience it firsthand so we hop into the car and took it for a drive all right so on today’s show we’re here with our friend Lieutenant safe the best name ever for a police officer it could not have been designed any more perfectly all right so right now we’re on the road and we have all the cameras sending information to the control center right yeah when you’re in the passenger seat you have this screen as well which shows like nine different cameras it’s it’s crazy to see what is the distance how far of a disc and even if I was on a highway I can go the people on the other Road and you can read their faces yeah yeah wow [Music]
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